Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine: The Top 4 Brands That Won’t Disappoint


You’re a true coffee enthusiast. You differentiate yourself from the rest by your love of authentic espresso. That’s why finding the best fully automatic espresso machine can mean serious business.

A fully automatic model has a significant difference from a semi-automatic espresso machine. Just like a macchiato is notably different from a latte.

So, how do you pick the right espresso maker? Take a look at our top choices.

Our Pick: Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine

Number one on our list is the Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine, Platinum. With this mean machine, all you have to do is turn, press, and enjoy a rich cup of coffee. It features a one-switch operation using the rotary knob to make your mornings bright and happy.

This fully automatic espresso machine is designed with a high-performance conical grinder to ensure that your coffee beans are ground to the right size and consistency each time. This is crucial to making great-tasting coffee.

What’s more is that it comes in an elegant black design that would look fabulous on your countertop! It’s compact so it can fit into tight spaces. It features simple operation and is extremely easy to clean.

The coffee spouts are height-adjustable so it can accommodate various cup sizes. That means you can make anything from regular espresso shots to lattes and tall cappuccinos.

Runner Up: KRUPS Barista One Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Machine

Next on our list is the KRUPS Barista One Touch Cappuccino Super Automatic Machine. True to its name, this espresso maker allows you to make up to 17 specialty coffee with just a touch of a button.

It features an advanced 2-step frothing technology so you don’t have to deal with steaming your milk. The machine does it for you using the automatic steam nozzle which is also self-cleaning. It really does take away all the dirty work from your hands.

The unit is designed with a one-touch digital screen so you can easily customize your drinks or simply select from the presets. You can program your favorites and add profiles so you and other members of your family have a personalized menu.

Inside is a metal conical burr grinder that accurately grinds your coffee beans so it’s the right consistency for the specific type of drink that you choose. It features 15-bar of pressure, so your coffee always comes out in the right temperature.

Also Great: Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine

If you do enjoy steaming the milk and creating latte art, the Delonghi Super Automatic Espresso, Latte and Cappuccino Machine, Black is right for you. This fully automatic model features simple operation but allows for some manual control.

It comes with a compact design and the power of a full-sized espresso maker. The manual frother lets you steam your milk so you can create rich and creamy froth for your favorite drinks. Best of all, there’s no waiting in between making the espresso shot and frothing the milk.

Each cup of espresso that you pull is automatically brewed to the perfect temperature. This guarantees the richness and right density for your coffee. It has a simple and intuitive control panel which lets you save your preferences.

Budget Pick: Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine in Black

The best affordable model is the Gaggia Brera Super Automatic Espresso Machine in Black. It automatically grinds and brews fresh Italian espresso with just a touch of a button. This fully automatic espresso machine allows you to customize your drinks so it’s perfect every time.

It has an integrated Panarello wand which makes frothing a breeze for your favorite lattes and cappuccinos. The brewing is programmable and you can easily adjust the settings in the digital front panel.

The unit is made of stainless steel so it’s durable and would look great in your kitchen. The water reservoir, as well as the dreg box, is on the front for easy access. It’s easy to clean and requires little maintenance.

How to Choose the Best Fully Automatic Espresso Machine

As a coffee enthusiast, brewing the perfect cup of coffee is crucial. Below, are the most important considerations in choosing the best fully automatic espresso machine for your home.

  • Ease of Use

    The most important factor to consider when choosing a fully automatic espresso machine is the ease of use. If the machine is not intuitive and requires a lot of adjustments, it defeats the purpose of choosing a fully automatic.

    Check if the controls are easily accessible and easy to understand. Most models feature a digital display and control panel that allows you to make your selection. Look for features such as presets and customization that lets you choose your favorite drinks with a touch of a button.

  • Milk Frother

    Some models that are super automatic don’t include a frother because it steams the milk automatically. If you want to steam milk yourself, choose one that has a milk frother or steam wand. It also allows you to make beautiful latte art for your coffee.

    One of the things you should look for in a milk frother is that it should be easy to clean. Some units feature self-cleaning nozzles.

  • Adjustable Spout

    You may want to make different types of coffee in different sized cups and mugs. An adjustable spout lets you use small and big cups for various drinks.

  • Grinder

    It’s best to have a conical burr grinder integrated inside the machine. It’s much more accurate and efficient so you can make sure that your beans are ground to the right size and consistency each time.


The type of fully automatic espresso machine you choose can either make or ruin your mornings. Without the right features, espresso making can be a pain. Consider the factors we’ve noted above and try to compare the features listed in our selection.

The Jura IMPRESSA C65 Automatic Coffee Machine wins the number one spot in our review but your best choice would still depend on your preferences, needs, and budget so be sure to choose wisely.