The Best Hair Clips for Updos


Do you like wearing your hair up in a bun or ponytail?

Here’s the thing: rubber elastics just won’t do if you prefer a more secure hold. You should use hair clips, too.

However, not all clips are great for buns and ponytails. That’s why we’re here to show you the best hair clips for updos.

Our Pick: RC Roche Ornament Pumpkin Hair Clips

Whether you’re going for a partial updo or a full bun, RC Roche Ornament Pumpkin Hair Clips will surely hold your strands for hours. Despite their secure grip, they’re quite flexible to prevent hurting your scalp. They’re less likely to pull your hair when you remove them.

Aside from updos, these clips are also great for sectioning hair when you use a blowdryer or a flatiron. They have very strong springs that can hold a thick lock of hair.

Meanwhile, have you noticed the wide teeth of these hair clips? That’s actually for versatility. These clips can be used for long hair – even if it’s wet.

Despite the capabilities of these hair claws, they’re still small enough for travel. They can easily fit purses and crowded bags.

As a plus, these accessories have this elegant pumpkin color that can easily complement blondes, brunettes, and redheads.

Runner Up: Goody Large Updo Claw Hair Clip

If you’re particular about comfort, Goody Large Updo Claw Hair Clip is a great choice. It is very lightweight to avoid pulling your hair down.

This hair clip looks really simple. So, it’s a no-brainer that’s it’s super-easy to use. It is perfect for quick styling.

Don’t underestimate this small plastic hair clip. It can hold long, thick hair for hours even if you won’t apply hair products like pomade.

Also Great: Beauty Angelbella Hair Bun Updo Clip

Want to have a thicker bun? If you have thin fine hair, you should resort to clever alternatives. One of which is Beauty Angelbella Hair Bun Updo Clip.

This unique hair clip has a built-in synthetic bun. It has a wavy chignon look for a more elegant style, which is perfect for weddings, proms, and other formal events.

If you’re doubtful of the synthetic hair’s quality, we’re happy to explain to you its best features. First, the material is extremely soft – just like real hair. That means it won’t irritate your skin.

More importantly, the artificial bun is very realistic. In fact, it has a healthy appearance to enhance your hairstyle. However, make sure you’ll choose the right color for your hair.

Speaking of color, this product has three options. It can complement most hair colors, especially darker shades.

Also Great: Fascigirl 5Pcs Vintage Jaw Hair Clips

Ideal for casual and semi-formal settings, Fascigirl 5Pcs Vintage Jaw Hair Clips can be used every single day. Aside from being great accessories when you dress up, they can also be helpful at home. You can wear them while sectioning hair for blow drying, applying makeup, or doing chores.

Despite the wide gaps, these hair clips are non-slip because of their interlocking teeth. They will secure your hair with their tight yet comfortable grip.

Regarding the material, this product is composed of high-quality acrylic. It can maintain durability for years even with constant use.

Also Great: Annie 3 Pieces Updo Claw Hair Clips

A common problem with hair clips is sharp teeth that can cause pain on the scalp. Good thing that Annie 3 Pieces Updo Claw Hair Clips have a comfortable design. Each has a flat bottom that will glide easily on your scalp.

Since these hair clips are painless, you can wear them all day. That’s why they’re great for school or work.

This product is also great for lounging and driving. Car seats and some types of chairs have headrests to keep you relaxed – unless you’re wearing a bulky clip. With a flat design like this one, you can maintain your normal posture even while seated.

Budget Pick: Scunci No-Slip Grip Hair Clip

Because of the butterfly design of Scunci No-Slip Grip Hair Clip, the wider top part can easily free your hair even if it’s an updo. The result is a bouncy mini ponytail that can enhance your casual look. You will also have a taller hairdo for a bolder effect.

When it comes to comfort, this product won’t pinch your hair to avoid hurting your scalp. And, the best part, it can support thick waist-long hair. That’s how effective the design is.

How to Select the Best Hair Clips for Updos

Jaw clips and headpieces are the best hair clips for updos. They’re both beautiful when attached to a bun or ponytail. And, of course, they secure updos perfectly.

Let’s learn more about jaw clips and headpieces so you’ll know which is right for your hair type.

  • Jaw Clips

    This type of hair clip will always be the ideal one for long hair. It is the perfect alternative for elastics, which makes it a favorite accessory for women who always wear a ponytail or bun. It can either have big prongs or a flat structure.

    However, you can’t just choose any jaw clip. You have to think about the size, too. Mini versions are obviously not enough for thick updos.

    You should choose bigger jaw clips. In addition, make sure they will complement your hair well. A lot of jaw clips are brown to easily match light and dark hair colors.

    Think about the jaw clip’s teeth as well. If you have fine hair, don’t choose clips with wide gaps. The closer the teeth are, the better.

    On the other hand, thick hair can only be handled with wide gapped teeth. That’s why be careful when you choose a clip for your hair type.

    For a good-looking updo with jaw clips, we suggest the following steps:

    1. Brush your hair back until you form a ponytail.
    2. Tightly grasp the ponytail with one hand.
    3. Work both of your hands together to twist your hair.
    4. Lift the twist upward (bend the end part downward if you don’t want hair cascading over the clip).
    5. Attach the jaw clip along the twist (including the bent part if you want a tidier bun).
  • Headpiece

    Some hair clips have flowers, feathers, and synthetic hair. That’s great for formal hairstyles.

    Just make sure that you won’t overwhelm your hairstyle with added accessories. Be mindful of your outfit before you choose a headpiece. You don’t want to wear something with peacock feathers if you’re wearing a classy long gown.

    The best headpiece for updos will always be the one with synthetic hair. It is the safest option. As long as you pay attention to color and quality, people will be amazed at how healthy your hair looks in a bun.


Out of all the best hair clips for updos, RC Roche Ornament Pumpkin Hair Clips are the most suitable for different occasions. They’re versatile and comfortable. Even if they’re not as big as other clips, they can secure thick long hair.

Despite the convenience of hair clips, you can’t just rely on them forever. You should buy a lot of elastics, too, just in case. To avoid making a mess, learn how to store hair ties.