Best Hair Dryers with Comb or Brush


Taking a slightly different route from standard hair dryers, brush or comb hair dryers function more like hair straighteners rather than hair dryers. They do use heat and a motor to blow hot air but the brush attachments give it a totally different purpose. Many people use a hair dryer with a brush or a comb directly as well (the norm is to use a standard hair dryer and then switch to a brush dryer). Read on to find out what features make for the best hair dryer with comb or brush.

Best Hair Dryers with Comb or Brush Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperatingModesSpecial Feature
John Frieda Salon Shape 1.5 Inch 4$$500 watts13Enhanced titanium, 50% more ions, precise air control
Infiniti Pro by Conair Spin Air4$$500 watts1.4 pounds3Voluminizer, tangle free bristles, 3 year warranty
Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Air Brush4$$500 watts1.7 pounds3Nano Titanium, push button controls
Conair BC171NCS Ceramic Ionic Hot Air Brush4$$1,000 watts1.4 pounds2Multiple attachments, swivel core, ceramic plate
Conair Supreme 2-In-1 Hot Air Styling Brush4$$500 watts1 pound2Dual voltage, can be used on wet hair, two attachments, aluminium barrel for better heat retention and dissipation, bolt lock attachment

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer with Comb or Brush

The features have been listed below. Once you’ve gone through them you’ll automatically know what to look for in your next hair dryer comb or brush.

  • Multi-Directional Barrel

    Starting off comes a rotating, multi-directional barrel. The earlier on brush dryer models came without a rotating barrel. One had to manually twist and twist to get the desired results. Now manufacturers have added a motor for the brush barrel to rotate as well, in both directions. The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium Hot Air Brush is an example of a dryer with multi-directional barrel functionality. Make sure your dryer has this feature as it’ll help with inward or outward finishing touch at the tips of your hair.

  • Metal Barrel

    Come over to the build of the barrel, a heat conducting metal is best preferred. Of course, dryers come with ceramic and even tourmaline technology so you if you’re getting a better option then why not. Ensure that the dryer distributes heat properly. A metal barrel such as the one found on the Conair Supreme gives the added advantage of retaining heat so the dryer doubles up as a mild curling iron as well.

  • Multiple Operating Modes

    You won’t be using the same speed settings for every use. When operating on a big section you might need intense settings. However, for specific regions, you’ll need low heat/speed settings. Your device should have at least 2-3 speed/heat settings.

  • Strong Tipped Bristles

    The bristles of the brush should be made of boar or similar materials. Furthermore, ensure that the bristles are tipped with some non-conducting material. You don’t want your scalp being scorched unnecessarily. Metal bristles are a big no as the can get very hot instantly. Moreover, the bristles should be strong and not prone to breakage easily. The purpose of a brush dryer is to straighten hair and therefore it is natural for it to encounter rough hair; strong bristles will work the best here.

  • Powerful Motor

    A powerful motor, while not an immediate priority, can help in striking certain styling combinations. That plus you get to dry your hair faster.

  • Ceramic Technology

    Avoid chrome plates. Choose either ceramic technology or tourmaline; based on your budget. Tourmaline is the best as it employs natural gemstones to emit negative ions and infrared rays. Ceramic plates also ionize but furthermore they ensure balanced heat distribution which is very necessary since the dryer will be directly in contact with your hair and hot spots can severely damage hair.

  • Long Cord with Swivel

    A brush dryer is moved around a lot more in comparison to standard hair dryers. Furthermore, it is brought right next to the hair rather than being used at a distance so a long cord ensures zero reduction in mobility. A cord which can swivel, such as the one found on the John Frieda Salon Shape, will also be greatly helpful as you won’t have to rotate the device to avoid bends in the cord.

  • Brush Attachments

    Unlike standard hair dryers, not every brush dryer comes with attachments as part of the package. However, if you can get one with attachments then you’ll find great use for these while styling. Different brushes of varying lengths and widths can help you get numerous styles. The Conair BC171NCS comes standard with multiple attachments.

  • Ergonomic

    The handle is where you will be holding the blower. So make sure the device is easy to hold, that the weight is balanced and that you can firmly grip it without unnecessarily straining your wrist and arms muscles. If you’re not able to grip it firmly your fingers will grip tighter which will result in fatigue quite fast.


The best results from a brush hair dryer depend on the points mentioned above. Once you meet the requisites then it all comes down to your hair type and technique. Make section of your hair, engage your fingers, free your hair of water to leave it only damp and you’re good to go.

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