Best Hair Dryers with Diffuser


People rarely bother with the diffuser and concentrator attachments that come packaged with their hair dryers. A hairdryer is a hair dryer, simply needed for bringing one’s hair to a state in which it is ‘not wet’. So if you’ve looked up this article and are reading it you probably have some knowledge about diffusers and the functions they serve.

Coming over to the features which make the best hair dryer with a diffuser, there isn’t much to the diffuser as there is to the hair dryer. The device should be built to the particular specifications which can easily provide the versatile functionality required by the addition of a diffuser.

Best Hair Dryers with Diffuser Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Feature
Revlon RV544PKF 4.5$$1,875 watts1.7 pounds5Concentrator and diffuser, ionizer, triple baked ceramic plate
Conair 1875 Tourmaline4.5$$1,875 watts1.5 pounds6Tourmaline, hinged filter, attachments, high torque motor
Remington Ac2015 Tstudio Salon Collection4.5$$1,875 watts1 pound6Ionizer, attachments, patent (pending) ceramic pearl technology
Conair Infiniti Hair Designer4$$1,875 watts2.4 pounds4Straightener attachment, 5 year warranty, tension control
DevaCurl DevaFuser 4$$-1 pound4Diffuser provides 360 degree air flow, dual temperature, increases volume

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer with Diffuser

Certain points for you to take into consideration have been listed below. While you may feel tempted to focus on the diffuser itself; more importance should be placed on the device and how well it performs.

Powerful Motor  When you’re using a diffuser, additional pressure is required to ensure a uniform or high powered flow of air. This is because the diffuser is bottlenecking the air. This means that the dryer should have a high powered motor. Basically, the diffuser is used with a low heat high-speed combination. So a motor matters more than the heating element; it can be said the motor plays the primary role here. However, power is not the only requirement here. The Benross Group Red Hot Professional is an example of an extremely powerful motor.

An obstruction of air flow means an obstruction on the motor itself. A high-quality motor with ensured life and warranty is a must. The faster a motor runs the more prone it becomes to wear and tear especially when used with a diffuser or concentrator.

Ceramic Heating  A diffuser attachment being used while hair drying means the dryer will be in close contact with your hair. Therefore a proper heating system such as a ceramic heating plate should be considered in place of traditional an iron heating element. Ceramic plates emit non-damaging infrared rays which dry your hair by surrounding it with charged hot air. Rather than blowing your hair to dry it, this charged hot air ‘naturally’ dries it; allowing you to maintain your style. Check out the Babyliss 5541CU Pro Speed for exceptional ceramic performance.

Multiple Heat Settings  A hair dryer with a diffuser will only perform as well as the number of operating modes it has. If it is limited to an extremity of ‘high’ and ‘low’ only then you’ll find it quite limited in its applications. Different styling methods require different heat and speed settings.

If you’re styling for curly hair you’ll need a low heat and high-speed setting, the low heat will ensure your hair does not get too hot and turn to frizz while the correct speed setting will ensure a warm current of air. Similarly, if you’re using a concentrator; you’ll need a high heat, low-speed setting. The concept of fixed speeds and high/low speed/heat applies only to hair dryers used for the purpose of quickly drying hair and being done with.

Purpose Built Nozzle  As mentioned earlier; almost every hair dryer comes packaged with attachments such as diffusers and concentrators. However, manufacturers make these additions simply for the purpose of marketing. Most of the people who actually do use these attachments find that they miserably ‘pop off’ the device the moment you increase the speed.

Some even come off the moment you turn the device on. Therefore the nozzle (where the device fits in) should be well designed. A locking mechanism of some kind such as a ‘click in place’ system or latch will help prevent such issues. You don’t want your hair dryer to fail you at the one thing you purchased it for.

High Quality Materials  Diffusers which come with dryers are made from varying grades of materials. This means not all are made the same. Some professional hair dryers such as the Andis Professional Black Chrome come with stainless steel attachments. If you are going to invest in a hair dryer with a diffuser, be thorough so that you can cherish it for years to come.


The thing to keep in mind here is not what to look for but rather what to avoid. Avoid a cheap hair dryer with a low-quality nozzle. Not only will these kinds of hair dryers perform poorly but also have the diffuser attachment coming off every few seconds. Apart from that, it all comes down to a powerful motor for easy drying and a ergonomic design so you can work on sections without your hand tiring out any time soon. Consider the Babyliss Pro BAB2000 as a point for comparison.

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