Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair


Fine hair is well known for being easy on different styles. While this may be true, there are downsides to it as well. Fine hair is more prone to breakage in comparison to thick, curly, wavy hair, etc. If we talk in specific reference to hair dryers; the heat from hair dryers can have a devastating effect on it. So what do you do? This guide will help you take into consideration the different points which will help you choose the right hair dryer for your hair. Different styles have different requirements; fine hair has some rather finicky requirements considering how delicate it can be.

Best Hair Dryers for Fine Hair Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Feature
Andis Professional Black Chrome 820054$$1,875 watts1 pound5attachments10 ft. cord with shock protection
Conair 1875 Tourmaline4.5$$1,875 watts1.5 pounds6Tourmaline, hinged filter, attachments, high torque motor
Andis Micro Turbo4.5$$1,600 watts1 pound4 Small size, dual voltage, quiet operation, shock protection
Super Solano 232RB4.5$$1,875 watts1 pound6 Low EMF, multiple attachments, weight balanced motor
Revlon 544PKF4.5$$1,875 watts 1.7 pounds4Cool shot, attachments, triple baked ceramic plate

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Fine Hair

Getting straight to the point; fine hair means fragile hair. While thick hair can withstand the blistering heat even from a high powered hair dryer; the same cannot be said for fine hair. So consider a hair dryer with different settings, a powerful motor, features such as an ionizer and tourmaline infrared rays and last but not least; a ceramic heating plate. Read on below about the functions of each of these features in detail.

Points to Consider

  • Multiple Speed Settings

    While having thick hair can mean a serious battle lasting close to an hour with a hair dryer; fine hair is totally another story. A hair dryer with different speed and heat settings will allow you to lower the heat when needed, change to high heat low speed when styling and lowering heat and maxing speed when casually blow drying. It’s not just about ‘lowering’ and/or ‘increasing’ speed. Most hair dryers come with a single button which only offers ‘high’ or ‘low’ operation; avoid these ones. You’ll be using different combinations of heat and speed for your delicate, fine hair.

  • Cool Shot

    The cool shot feature deserves a noteworthy mention here. Fine hair can be styled to almost any way you want, of course, all types of hair can be styled but fine hair offers the most flexibility. Cool shot means you can get an instant burst of cool air which will seal your cuticles and allow your hair to retain the style it has been put in; a function performed well by the Revlon RV544PKF. So not only does it make styling easier but it also improves shine by retaining natural oils.

  • Tourmaline Far Infrared

    Tourmaline, a gemstone, is a natural source of infrared. When hot air crosses a tourmaline plate (inside the dryer), it activates it which leads to the release of infrared rays. As in the Solano Top Power; these rays gently heat your hair by heating the air around it. You can compare far infrared heating to natural drying as if in a room with a space heater.

  • Diffuser

    By diffusing air and channeling it throughout the hair region your hair gets to dry quicker. Not only that but also your style is retained. The Remington AC2015 comes with 2 add-ons, a diffuser, and concentrator. A diffuser attachment basically modifies the flow of air and makes it more ‘mild’. Attaching a diffuser might take more time but it’s a good option if you have fine hair and don’t want your hair’s natural texture disrupted.

  • High Power Motor Low Heat

    While you may come across many people suggesting a low powered device for fine hair; consider this alternate suggestion. Get a dryer with a powerful motor and use it at higher speed and lower heat settings. Basically, it’s the heat which damages fine hair. A higher speed with lower heat settings will balance the equation altogether.

  • Ionizer On/Off

    Ionizer technology ‘tames’ your hair by reducing frizz. Negative ions balance the charge in your hair so that they don’t ‘stand out’ and ruin a style. However, if you use an ionizer on fine hair; you won’t be able to go for those ‘voluminous’ styles. This issue can be resolved if you buy a device an option to turn off the ionizer as well.

  • Removable Filter

    Ensure that the hair dryer you purchase comes with a removable filter as for the Goody Heat Smart Temp Blower. This filter should be strong and, if possible, made of steel. Your fine hair may, every now and then, end up on the wrong side of the tracks and find its way inside the dryer. When the motor is blowing air through the outlet, it is also sucking through the rear vent. Stray hair strands are particularly prone to end up here. Be careful of this and practice keeping the hair dryer straight so you don’t introduce the rear to your hair.


Getting a good dryer for fine hair is half the story. You have to learn to use it at safe settings to ensure that you’re not damaging your hair. Companies provide different options; it is up to the user to ensure that these features are not damaging for their hair. Our Remington AC2015 review can you give an idea about what an ideal dryer for you should look like.

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