Best Hair Dryers for Natural Hair


Making a purchase is one thing, making a purchase of something which happens to be related to technology is totally another thing. In today’s world, you can find dozens of products for virtually the same purpose as, at most, a difference of 19 and 20 between the two different products.

However, it all boils down to that very difference. Coming over to hair dryers for natural hair, the points which apply do not vary much from those points which apply when purchasing a professional hair dryer. But of course, if you do not wish to overstep a calculated budget, you can read on and find out what things matter more than others. This way you can fine-tune your search to some specific products.

Best Hair Dryers for Natural Hair Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Features
Andis Professional Black Chrome 820054$$1,875 watts1 pound5Even ceramic plate3 attachments10 ft. cord with shock protection
Conair 1875 Tourmaline4.5$1,875 watts1.5 pounds6Tourmaline, hinged filter, attachments, high torque motor
T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i4$$$1,800 watts2.9 pounds4Softaire technology, T3 tourmaline, volume enchancer
Conair Infiniti Hair Designer4$$1,875 watts2.4 pounds4Straightener attachment, 5 year warranty, tension control
Conair Collapsible Hard Hat4$$1,200 watts8.6 pounds2Extra large hood attachment, collapsible

How to Choose The Best Hair Dryer for Natural Hair

While fine and straight hair isn’t as rough, hardy and resistant; natural hair can put up quite a challenge. Simply pointing a hair dryer and blowing at natural hair and expecting it to dry is like expecting thick hair to air dry on its own in a couple of minutes. Therefore when getting a getting a hair dryer for natural hair, consider one which allows for attachments.

Attachments will help to improve by speeding up the whole drying process. A powerful motor will ensure strong air flow and adequate drying. A filter with a properly designed mesh can also prove helpful. Finally, come ergonomics; when you’re dealing with natural hair you know you’ll be in for the ride for the next half an hour at the very least. Therefore a device which taxes your arm and wrist the least is the best.

  • Attachments

    Natural hair requires some above average ‘persuasion’ in order to get it styled. Therefore attachments can be quite handy here. Not only do they reduce hassles of positioning the hair dryer in different ways but also reduce on the time spent to achieve the same results.

    Get a hair dryer with at least two attachments coming in with the package, namely; a diffuser and a concentrator. Basically, you’ll be dividing your hair into sections while styling or even drying them. So an attachment can better channel the air flow from the dryer. The Andis Professional Black Chrome comes with an excellent set of attachments; making it a very viable option for natural hair.

  • Ionizer

    While ionizers generally work well for most types of hair; when it comes to natural hair ionizers get a special mention. This is because of ionizers, not only aid in retaining moisture and keeping the hair free of frizz but also help in the overall drying process by speeding up drying and allowing you to move to another section of your hair. A dryer with an ionizer such as the Andis 82075 Tourmaline will reduce the time spent drying meaning your hair will be less exposed to heat and therefore be healthier with shine.

  • Speed

    The motor should be powerful enough to blow high-speed air. This is necessary for two reasons. The first is that a stronger gush of air will penetrate natural hair better. Secondly, the whole process will be sped up and the total time your hair will spend under the hair dryer will be lessened. A powerful motor, such as the 1900w motor found on the Turbo Power 3200, can greatly add to your drying routine.

  • Ergonomics

    Not a very noticeable feature at first, but once you find yourself using a drying daily you’ll note that a lighter dryer is much better. This feeling usually creeps up when you’ve gotten to use two different dryers. Some people even prefer a lightweight and easy to use the dryer if they have to let go and sacrifice on a few features. However, the lacking of lightweight can be countered by a well-designed hair dryer. E.g. the T3 Featherweight Luxe 2i weighs close to 3 pounds. But due to having a well-designed handle and grip, the weight is barely felt.


You won’t find much difference between hair dryers. The key lies in identifying which areas of your hair need attention. Is it slow drying that is an issue? Is it lack of shine? Is the breakage? According you can choose a hair dryer. Find a device which has the perfect mix of the above features and there you have it; the best hair dryer for natural hair

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