Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair


When it comes to thick hair, you want a hair dryer with an above average power rating. Thick hair is a big blessing; hey, just because something is difficult to manage, that doesn’t make it a curse. Think of all those luxury cars which turn heads by the dozen; thick, luxurious hair is exactly like that; a celebrity. While different hair styling tools play a role in taming your thick hair, the hair dryer gets more weight here. Read on below about the different points to take into consideration when purchasing a hair dryer to style/dry your thick hair.

Best Hair Dryers for Thick Hair Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Features
Onei MK-II Air Ionique Hair Dryer4.5$$$1,800 watts2 pounds5Far-infrared, lightweight body, 3m cord, 4 year warranty
Andis Professional Black Chrome 820054$$1,875 watts1 pound5Even ceramic plate 3 attachments 10 ft. cord with shock protection
Conair 1875 Tourmaline4.5$1,875 watts1.5 pounds6Tourmaline, hinged filter, attachments, high torque motor
Elchim 2001HP4.5$$2,000 watts1.1 pounds6Allure Best Award, attachments, custom nozzle
Turbo Power 3200 Twin Turbo4.5$$1,900 watts2.3 pounds8Anti-heat up
Babyliss Pro BABP28004.5$$2,000 watts2.5 pounds6Extended motor life, high quality porcelain ceramic plate

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryer for Thick Hair

You can do the math yourself for the essentials. Thick hair means your dryer will face a tougher time drying your hair. When the going gets tough; it’s time to get a tougher motor. So the first thing is a strong AC or DC motor with higher wattage (power). Next up is heating; a good heating element will not radiate strong heat but also in a balanced and well-distributed way. After heating and blowing come, side by side; ease of use, add-ons for focused styling and additional features. These points have been discussed separately and in detail below.

Points to Consider

Powerful Motor

  • Getting a hair dryer with a powerful motor is present on every hair dryer buyer’s priority list but at different levels. While one buyer may be considering a dryer for short hair, another may be considering a dryer for traveling. However, for the thick hair, you need a dryer with a really powerful and strong motor, one that can last for hours and hours of use as well as a blowhard. Consider a dryer such as the Turbo 3200 with wattage above 1700-1800w; it’ll blow air right to the scalp of your hair.

Far-infrared Technology

  • This technology heats hair in a manner which is different from the traditional style. Rather than directly drying your hair by blowing hot air onto it; far infrared technology emits rays which surround your hair and create a ‘hot atmosphere’. Imagine you’re sitting out in the sun; your hair is being dried naturally. Not only is this technology more efficient but also easier on your hair since it doesn’t have the ‘burning’ effect of direct hot air on your hair. Babyliss’s Tourmaline TT dryer is an excellent example of an infrared-enabled hair dryer.

Ease of Use

  • Not a noticeable point at first but deeply considered by pros. A hair dryer is only good for how long you can use it in one go. If it’s too heavy or uncomfortable to hold; there goes its worth down the drain. When you buy a hair dryer; look for one with a well-designed handle. Well designed in the sense that it fits perfectly in your hand and is easy to grasp. The buttons should be easily accessible or at least positioned in a way that you don’t find yourself having to reposition your fingers every now and then. A well-balanced hair dryer will focus its weight on the handle mainly and won’t lean forward like a heavy power tool such as a drilling machine.

Ionizer Technology

  • Thick hair means waves. Waves mean more frizz. An ionizer will reduce frizz drastically and make your hair more manageable. Try getting a dryer with an on/off function for the ionizer; this will help you go for volume as well when you want to try those kinds of styles; rather than being limited to more modest styles only.

Concentrators and Other Add-ons

  • A proper attachment such as a concentrator will help you focus on specific areas more easily and hence speeding up the whole drying process altogether. Different attachments are available as a package with hair dryers such as for the Andis Professional in the form of steel attachments.

Ceramic Heating

  • Ceramic heat is balanced and therefore a lot less harsh than heating elements. Thick hair gets prolonged exposure to dryers so proper and balanced heat is necessary to not only ensure quick drying but also minimal damage to hair. The Remington Salon Ac2015 comes with a Pearl Ceramic plate; the top of its class.


  • If you’ve made a purchase which meets your criteria then chances are you invested some serious money for a hair dryer. Know that with more power you get excessive wear and tear. So try to choose a brand which offers a warranty on the motor in particular. Many companies offer warranties of different types. Mainly there are two types of warranties; full and limited. While full warranty definitely covers the motor; limited warranty may or may not protect you from any motor damage you may incur. Be sure to call up their helpline and ask if the specific model you wish to buy covers the motor in the warranty even if it is limited. Thick hair naturally requires prolonged usage; you’re better off being protected in case your device gives any trouble.


A powerful motor, easy to hold and use and long lasting dryer is what you need for thick hair. Consider the above points while focusing on these three in particular and there you have it.

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