The Best Hair Dryers for Travel You Need to Own This Year


Traveling shouldn’t get in the way of you styling your hair. By investing in the right tools, you’ll be able to straighten, curl or blow dry your hair even when you’re on the go.

If you are unsure about which blower to get, you’re in luck. We did the hard work of finding the best hair dryers for travel and put them together in this list so you wouldn’t have to test products after products.

Check out our top picks below:

Best Hair Dryers for Travel Comparison Table 2018

NameRatingPriceMotor PowerWeightOperating ModesSpecial Feature
Andis RC-2 Ionic4$$1,000 watts1.6 pounds3Folding handle, removable filter, dual voltage, retractable cord
Conair Travel Smart4$$1,875 watts1 pound4Folding handle, removable filter, dual voltage
Babyliss Pro BABNT053T4$$1,000 watts1.4 pounds2Foldable, Nano Titanium, dual voltage
Conair 1875 Folding4$$1,875 watts1.2 pounds4Long cord, dual voltage, ionizer, folding handle

How to Choose the Best Hair Dryers for Travel

When you travel, it’s ideal to travel light. It’s not just for comfort but for practical reasons, too. So, before you actually leave the house, make sure that you have the right styling tools. Below are the top criteria we used in determining the best hair dryers for travel:

  • Portability

    A portable hair dryer will lessen the time spent on preparing and using the device. Many models such as the Andis RC2 Review come with a folding handle. It folds inwards, reducing the ‘footprint’ of the device and the total space it is occupying. However, there are some things to note with folding handles. The hinges and folding mechanism must be of good quality and strong materials. A folding handle is prone to breakage. If it is forced to fold in the opposite direction or if accidental pressure is applied, the handle will snap apart right away, rendering the device useless.

  • Retractable Cord

    While many people may fail to understand the need for a retractable cord, travelers know a blessing when they see one. When you’re on the go and time is precious, simple things like winding and unwinding a power cord can sap away your time. A hairdryer with a retractable cord such as the YOU Reel by Conair Review greatly reduces these hassles.

  • Long Power Cord

    More important than a retracting function is having a long power cord since you can never be sure what to expect when traveling. You can think of a long power cord as a built-in extension feature. You’ll never need to worry about being ‘shackled’ to the nearest power outlet again, an especially helpful feature in public areas.

  • Manageable Dimensions

    You can check out dimensions of different hair dryers. Professional hair dryers come with big dimensions because they have scientifically designed nozzles and passages for better air flow. Large dimensions on standard hair dryers, on the other hand, should not be inferred as better performance. These are mostly just for show. Consider a small build such as that of the Travel Smart by Conair so that storage is easier and if you’re limited to a small bag then your dryer doesn’t get left out because of a bulky body.

  • Dual Voltage

    Your hair dryer should be able to run at both 110v and 220-240v settings. Many devices such as the Babyliss Pro TT Travel Review come with an option to switch between the two; make sure the one you purchase does.

  • Powerful Motor

    Get a high powered device with a powerful motor so you can get your hair dried fast. Consider the Babyliss Pro TT Travel Review for a powerful motor enclosed in a miniature design. While it is not necessary that wattage needs to be high; the feature is quite valuable nonetheless. Many companies provide high air pressure using ingenuously designed nozzles as well.


A travel hair dryer should not be inferred as a sacrifice on features for portability. Although many devices are made this way, you can still find a product which performs as well as standard devices while providing functionality at par or even exceeding those devices.

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