Best Hair Straightener Brands


Why Hair Straighteners

Women today rely on home styling tools to look good for work, daily activities and important events. Personal stylers such as curlers and straighteners have become quite handy. They are practical and would save you hundreds of dollars from salons and professional hair stylers. They are also very easy to use and gives you a lot of option as to how you want to style your hair. They can be used to straighten and sometimes, curl your hair as well. They come in different styles, designs and sizes. They range from about $50 to a hundred, sometimes more, for other more sophisticated features.

Best Hair Straightener Brands Comparison Table 2017

HSI PROFESSIONAL 1 4$Flat iron, tourmaline
Remington Wet 2 Straight4$$Flat iron, wet to dry
BaByliss PRO Nano4$Flat iron, Titanium
GHD Classic 1-inch 4$$$$Flat iron, Ceramic
Chi Air Expert4$$$Flat iron, tourmaline

How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener Brands

There are a lot of manufacturers of these hair straighteners. Some produce more expensive products and others offer them at half the price, with similar features. There is no one brand that is the absolute best when it comes to hair straighteners. But there are certain brands that you can consider more preferable than others and that will be based on the your needs, hair type and preferences.

Types of Hair Straighteners

Before we discuss which brands could be the best for you and your hair type, here is a short list of the type of hair straighteners that you might encounter and what they’re best for.

  • Flat Iron

    The most popular one and also the simplest one to use is the flat iron. It is designed like a tong with a metal plate attached to each side which you use to press on your hair, to straighten or curl it.

  • Ceramic Hair Straightener

    A type of the flat iron are the ones that are designed with ceramic plates, instead of simple metals. Ceramic plates are great because they distribute heat evenly and they heat up really fast.

  • Titanium Hair Straightener

    An even more advanced technology than ceramic, is the titanium, which is quite lightweight so it’s great for travel and it also heats up faster. The titanium plates allow the natural moisture of the hair be retained so you get silky smooth straight hair.

  • Tourmaline

    The newest innovation yet is the tourmaline, which produces heat that is negatively charged. These negative ions help in reducing frizz and static so you get a more natural look. It also straightens or curls your hair without needing too much heat to avoid damages.Often, they combine these features to make a really efficient and less damaging straightener. If you read our HSI Professional 1 CERAMIC TOURMALINE IONIC FLAT IRON HAIR STRAIGHTENER FREE GLOVE + POUCH Review, you will see that it uses both tourmaline technology and ceramic plates.

  • Rotating Iron

    A rather unique type of hair straightener is the one with the rotating iron, better known as curler but, with a flat iron and brush on the base. So it’s like a combination of the classic curler and flat iron in one. This is unconventional but offers a lot of advantages, such as faster straightening and more body on the hair. The InStyler Original Rotating Hot Iron is one of those.

  • Wet to Straight

    Another interesting type of straightener is the wet to straight, like the Remington Wet 2 Straight 2 Inch Straightener. It features steam vents which allow you to dry your hair as you style it to eliminate time taken by blow drying.There are other types that are not so common but above are the best ones you can choose from. As for the brands, some have more focus on certain features. Others are more devoted to creating more affordable items. Look at some of the qualities of hair straightener products offered by the most trusted brands, below.

  • HSI Professional

    This brand is quite famous for using the latest in advanced technology, particularly the tourmaline and ceramic combination. Their products are a lot more expensive than other brands but they offer advanced features and professional design.

  • BaByliss PRO

    They are a little on the expensive side but they also have relatively affordable products. They also use ceramic and tourmaline technology, but they also feature porcelain plates on some of their lower priced items.

  • Chi

    A choice of some professional stylers. They are also a bit pricey but they are known to be efficient and the design is simple and elegant.

  • Remington

    Offers more affordable models and have a wide selection of styles. They offer slim straighteners as well the thicker ones, to accommodate different types of hair.

  • Revlon

    another common brand and they can be found in most malls or department stores. They offer standard features and are also less expensive.

  • Ghd Stylers

    Some may refer to them as luxury items. They are also priced higher than average. But they do have a professional touch on the hair and the designs are quite chic so women love to collect them.


There are more brands out there and they are also quite reputable, but above are the ones that customers mention and compare their straighteners to. On the table below is a comparison chart of some straighteners according to brand.

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