Best Hair Straightener and Curler Set: Which Brand Should You Buy This Year?


Heat styling tools, such as flat irons and curlers, can be used both to straighten and curl hair. Usually, one function works better than the other but most of the time, they can work both ways.

But are there stylers that are made specifically for both curling and straightening?

Yes, some are specially designed for both. And in this guide, we will also look at ordinary curling and flat irons that can work wonders for styling your hair in different ways.

Best Hair Straightener and Curler Set Comparison Table 2018

BaByliss PRO Nano4$$$$Flat iron, slim
BaByliss PRO Mini4$Flat iron, portable
InStyler Original Rotating 4$$$Rotating
Ghd Classic 1-inch4$$$$Flat iron

How They Work

Before we look at how they function together, let us take a quick look at how they work individually.

  • Flat Irons

    Flat irons are usually designed like tongs with metal plates attached to each side. You press and slide them down the sections of your hair to straighten and curl them. For curling hair using a flat iron, all you have to do is get a section of hair in the straightened and slide it down as you would to straighten it. You will end up with some nice definite curls at the ends of your hair.

    So yes, most flat irons can work as curlers. Only, some are easier to use for this function, like those with a circular or barrel design.

  • Curling Iron

    This tool is basically a metal rod which you use to wrap strands of hair around, allowing the heat to get the hair to take its shape. Today’s technology makes use of different materials for the metal, such as tourmaline and ceramic, as with the flat irons. Now, can these be used to straighten hair? Initially, no. Because nothing would hold the hair in place to get it heated and straightened. But there are new models today that have made this possible and we will look at some examples in a bit.

Factors to Consider

Now that you have a better idea of how each tool works, here are some important things to consider when choosing a hair straightener and curler combo.

  • Width

    Flat iron type of straighteners come in different width and length. Some are thicker while others are really slim and thin. The width is important, especially when you want to use it for curling because it will be quite difficult to twist your hair around if you’re using a very thick or wide straightener. If you expect to be doing a lot of curling, then better stick to slimmer models. They offer greater versatility and control.

  • Plates

    The plates or the metal used in the tool is important because it is used to bring heat into your hair. You want something that gets as hot as you need it to be, without the risk of damaging or burning some areas of your hair. Today, most brands use ceramic plates because they distribute the heat evenly. Titanium is another great material because it reduces static and frizzes in the hair.

  • Edges

    As mentioned above, it would be an advantage for curling hair if the edges were round, instead of sharp.

  • Tip

    When choosing a rod type curler, there are some types that feature a heat-free tip, so you can hold it as you style your hair and not get hurt.

  • Cord

    A swivel cord will work wonders when styling, even though it seems quite unimportant.

Special Types

Given those factors, here are some types of straighteners and curlers that would be incredibly useful.

  • Rotating Straighteners

    If you look at our InStyler Original Rotating Hot Iron Review, you will see that it is actually a curling iron uniquely designed with a flat iron on the base. So, in a way, it is both. The rotating iron applies heat to your hair against the flat iron. And it is good for both curling and straightening. One thing to note here is that it doesn’t make a perfectly straight or stiff straight finish. The hair comes out just naturally straight, without frizz and waves.

  • Interchangeable

    Others, like the Remington Ultimate Stylist 3 in 1, allow the main tool to be removed as attachments. It has a flat iron and a curling iron and you can use them one at a time.


In the end, try to weigh how much curling or straightening you think you will do. It is always nice to have something versatile. But if you think you will benefit more from a more specialized product and you won’t really maximize the other feature, it might be more practical to choose the less versatile one.

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