Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Curly Hair


Can a Hair Straightener Handle Thick Curly Hair

Personal heat styling tools are designed to straighten or curl hair without having to use chemicals and big apparatus, and also to shorten the time spent on styling hair; like using rollers overnight to achieve lasting curls. Straightening hair at home was made quite simple now because of these flat iron straighteners. They are pretty small and can be used with just one hand.

The question now is, is it enough to style and straighten thick curly hair? It’s a matter of choosing the right model, that offers the right features and applying a few techniques which we will discuss in this guide. If you want to know more about the most trusted brands of hair straighteners and some basic information on the different types of straighteners, you can read our article on the Best Hair Straightener Brands.

Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Curly Hair Comparison Table 2017

ghd Classic 14$$$$Ceramic
Remington Wet 2 Straight4$$Ceramic, Tourmaline
CHI Air Expert Classic4$$$Ceramic, Flat iron
SHI Professional 1 Ceramic4$Tourmaline, Flat iron
BaByliss PRO Nano 14$Titanium

How to Choose the Best Hair Straighteners for Thick Curly Hair

When choosing a straightener for someone with thicker, coarse hair, it is important that the straightener comes with reliable features such as heat control and good quality plates. Here are some of the important factors to consider.

  • Temperature Control

    In general, high heat is recommended when using flat irons or even curlers for thicker and coarse hair. So naturally, if you have thick curly hair, it would be best to use high heat settings. But of course, you don’t want to overdo it and damage your hair. Having the option to turn the heat up or down would help as high heat would really allow the hair to get relaxed. Put it up to at least 410 degrees up to about 450, which is the standard in salons and professional styling.

  • Plates

    When using a flat iron, it is important that the metal plates used are not flimsy or it might affect the way it interacts with your hair, especially if you have thick curls. It is advisable to use plates that do not tend to stick to the hair or get tangled easily because coarse hair has a tendency to be frizzy, thus getting stuck to the plates.

    Today, there are a lot of plates that would apply heat gently to the hair while still being efficient. Ceramic plates are great because they distribute heat evenly, but if you have thicker hair, those ceramic plates must come with high heat settings. So it is always a combination of good features

  • Tourmaline

    The newest innovation yet is the tourmaline, which produces heat that is negatively charged. These negative ions help in reducing frizz and static so you get a more natural look. It also straightens or curls your hair without needing too much heat to avoid damages.

  • Width

    Flatiron type of straighteners come in different width and length. Some are thicker and others are really slim and thin. The width is important, especially when you want to use it for styling because it will be quite difficult to twist your hair around if you’re using a very thick or wide straightener.

    However, if you’re main concern is really straightening and you have thick curly hair, it would be best to get something wider, or at least two inches thick for greater coverage and easier handling.

Tips on Straightening Thick Curly Hair

Here are some basic useful tips that you might find helpful when styling thick curly hair.

  • Use Protective Oil

    There are oils that you can use to get your hair to become more responsive to the heat and at the same time, protect it from damage. These can also be in the form of sprays. Simply apply a small amount from the tips to the ends of your strands before using the straightener to make it a little softer. Do not put too much oil or spray as it may then become less workable, being too soft and thus, difficult to style.

  • Use Conditioner

    Before styling your hair if you have an important event, it would be advisable to shower and use hair conditioner so that the hair is less frizzy and would be easier to straighten.

  • Dry Your Hair

    Dry hair is easier to style because it is difficult to control wet hair. It would also be inconsistent. Straightening wet hair might work after a few passes but the effects won’t last as long as it would on dry hair, and might go back to being curly in a matter of hours.


The most important thing in using hair straighteners on thick curly hair is that it is hot enough but also gentle enough so as not to aggravate the coarseness of the hair as it might get it to be stubborn and not want to yield to the heat. It might also lead to damages. Below is a list of some of our recommended products for this type of hair.

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