Best Hair Straighteners with Comb


Are there Hair Straighteners with Comb

There are many types of hair straighteners; the most common and also most efficient of which, are the flat irons. But there are flat iron type of straighteners that are designed with combs or sometimes brush. Usually, the metal plate is on the top part and the brush is on the lower, in between a thinner plate.

How effective are these? Are they better than the other flat irons? Of course, they have their own advantages and lacking features but in this guide, we will take a closer look at what they are best used for. There are other types of hair straighteners and curlers. One of them is the rotating iron; which, instead of a flat metal plate or brush, there is a rotating rod that you press against your hair with the flat iron on the bottom. But for this guide, we will focus on the the ones with brushes and combs.

Best Hair Straighteners with Comb Comparison Table 2017

Scalpmaster Ceramic 4$Straightening brush
Diane Hair Straightener4$Straightening brush
InStyler Original Rotating4$$$$Rotating
InStyler Hot Brush 3.8$$$$Straightening brush
  • Flat Irons

    Before we explore the hair straighteners that come have integrated brushes and combs, it will be helpful to know how the usual flat iron works in general.

    A flat iron hair straightener is the simplest one to use. It is designed like a tong with a metal plate attached to each side which you use to press on your hair, to straighten or curl it. Yes, they are also used to style hair with curls and waves.

    Here are some types of flat iron hair straighteners that also apply to the ones with comb or brush.

  • Ceramic Hair Straightener

    A type of the flat iron are the ones that are designed with ceramic plates, instead of simple metals. Ceramic plates are great because they distribute heat evenly and they heat up really fast.

  • Titanium Hair Straightener

    An even more advanced technology than ceramic, is the titanium, which is quite lightweight so it’s great for travel and it also heats up faster. The titanium plates allow the natural moisture of the hair be retained so you get silky smooth straight hair.

  • Tourmaline

    The newest innovation yet is the tourmaline, which produces heat that is negatively charged. These negative ions help in reducing frizz and static so you get a more natural look. It also straightens or curls your hair without needing too much heat to avoid damages.

    Those are just some of the common types of straighteners in the flat iron category which are also found in the hair straighteners with comb.

How to Choose the Best Hair Straightener with Comb

Now that you have a better idea of how the usual flat iron works, here are some of the important factors to consider when choosing a hair straightener that comes with combs or brushes.

  • Outside Brush

    Some of these straighteners have the brush either inside; which means they are integrated with the metal plate, or outside. If you look at the InStyler Ionic Styler Pro Ionic Hot Brush and Ceramic Flat Iron, Purple, you will see that the metal plates or flat iron has been retained inside; maintaining the classic flat iron hair straightener design. The brush or comb, has been added outside right on the housing. The advantage of an outside brush is you can still style your hair the same way as you would using a traditional flat iron and only use the brush when necessary.

    An obvious flaw of this design is that the brush can interfere when ironing your hair, or might get caught up accidentally since it cannot be removed from the unit. So this is only advisable if you have a relatively thinner hair with average length.

  • Straightening Brush

    Compared to the first type we discussed, other straighteners have the brush inside. Two brushes, one on each end, top and bottom. Heat is generated from both ends so it’s technically like brushing or combing your hair with heat. This is another way of straightening your hair. And it is a gentler tool since you don’t directly heat up the hair with the irons.

    This will give your hair a more natural look. But it is only enough to remove those frizz and it cannot be used to effectively curl hair. So if you are fond of curls and waves, you might want to stick to the flat iron type.

  • Hot Air Brush

    Another kind of hair straightener with comb is the hot air brush. It is more like the curling iron. A rod that has either an integrated brush or can be attached with one. This is great for fine touches or creating stylish waves on the edges. An example of this is the Rowenta CF8011 Hot Air Brush Wave Volume Curl Hair Rotating Dryer 600W.


Alternatively, you can also go for the rotating iron that has a bottom brush, like the InStyler Original Rotating Hot Iron. All these are great for those with relatively easy to manage hair. It is not recommended for styling difficult hair types and those who have coarser hair.

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