Best Hair Trimmer for Bald Heads


So you’ve decided taking the tough guy’s hairdo. This route is considered by many for a number of reasons. Some are faced with a receding hairline, others are facing thinning hair or looking after your hair is a hassle. Or it may simply be that you want to try a new look and wish to define yourself with a new persona altogether.

Best Hair Trimmer for Bald Heads Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceMultiple attachmentsTypeSpecial Feature
Wahl Balder Ultra Close4$$13 piece kitCorded• Complete kit of attachments
• SC Clipper with zero-overlap
• High carbon precision steel blades
Wahl Pro 5 Star Series Balding Clipper4.4$$2 cutting guidesCorded• High speed motor
• Surgical blades
• Included balding kit
Remington Short Cut Cordless Clipper3.5$$YesCordless• Light weight
• 2 year warranty
• Multiple lengths
Philips Norelco3.9$$YesCordless• 180 degree rotating head
• Balder attachment
• 1 hour charge=1 hour use
• Fully washable

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Hair Trimmer for Bald Heads

  • Precision Blades

    It is not that strong, high quality blades do not matter; when it comes to balding, it is the blade that is doing all the work. In other applications, the guide and the motor also play a vital role; however in balding; hair needs to be cut with precision and that too; fine, minute hair. Therefore a strong carbon reinforced blade should be considered as found in the Oster Pro 76076 Classic.

  • Motor

    A strong motor will see you through to the finish line in time. If you plan on keeping it ‘shiny’, your use of the trimmer might become a part of routine. A strong motor will make the whole process quicker and less cumbersome by reducing ‘skipping’ (when a blade fails to cut hair due to low torque) and cutting faster. Consider a trimmer with a motor which is balanced between torque and speed rather than one which leans towards a particular side. Of course this doesn’t necessarily have to spell out ‘rotary motor’. You can go for a trimmer such as the Wahl Pro 5-Star Series with fast motor but then be sure to run the trimmer around at an easy pace to get the job done through and thorough.

  • Easy Handling

    When going for a complete wipe out with a trimmer, you usually lay the device on its flat side and ‘mow the whole lawn’. However despite this ‘bolt on fit’ procedure, an ergonomic device such as the Remington Short Cut Cordless Clipper can help immensely. See that the blade is tilted at an angle (a feature found in most devices) and that the handle isn’t too big that your hand tires out from gripping it.

  • Detachable Blades

    Having multiple blades to choose from can be helpful. You can use a standard or large size blade for the open regions and use a small precision blade when you are outlining or working on some constricted area like behind the ears and so on. The Oster 76076 Classic comes with detachable blades using CryogenX technology.

  • Service and Maintenance

    Of all the settings a trimmer can be applied to, balding is the most taxing of them all on a trimmer. How so? When balding, all the hair has to be cut and therefore the blade and motor see heavy use. Furthermore owing to the minute size of hair; most of it finds its way in the housing of the blade. You do not want anything stuck in there. Therefore purchase a device which either:

    • a) comes with a servicing kit and has detachable parts or
    • b) is fully washable and/or otherwise has a hassle free and easy servicing procedure or
    • c) requires little to no servicing (but these would be priced on the higher side).

    A device such as the Philips Norelco Do It Yourself Pro is a good option for easy use combined with easy maintenance.

  • Corded vs. Cordless

    This depends mainly on you and your hair level length and growth. If you are going through balding for the first time or after a long time and your hair has grown to a certain extent then you are better off with a corded trimmer. You’ll need that power and continuous operation here. But on the whole a cordless trimmer can work just as well since you’ll already be bald and just need to give your head and hair a two or three minute run. A cordless trimmer is also easier to handle and use. Lastly, consider how many people are using the trimmer; if it is just you then cordless such as the Philips Norelco wins over any corded trimmer hands down.


After going through the above points; several issues stand out among the rest. Among these the main one is the quality and precision of the blades. If your trimmer can cut well with speed and precision (meaning it doesn’t tug on hair and actually cuts right through) then the rest is all a matter of personal preferences.

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