Best Hair Trimmers for Buzz Cut


Buzz cuts are getting more and more popular these days. With famous sports personalities to top business executives wearing them, a lot of people can’t help but want the same style. If you are one of those people, then consider yourself in luck.

Below, we’re sharing with you the very best hair trimmers for buzz cut you can get your hands on today:

Best Hair Trimmers for Buzz Cut Comparison Table 2018

NAMERATINGPRICETypeWeightAccessoriesSpecial Feature
Wahl 79524 Deluxe4.5$$Corded2.6 pounds• Neck duster
• Hair clips
• Scissor
• comb
• High speed power drive motor
• Permanently aligned carbon blades
• Instructional DVDs
Wahl Professional 8500 Senior4.3$$Corded2.6 pounds• Combs
• Hair clips
• Scissor
• Instruction DVD
• 3 cutting guides
• Side level allows adjustments
• High speed motor
Oster Pro 76076 Classic4.6$$$Corded2 pounds• Cleaning brush,
• Clipper grease
• Servicing kit
• Multiple blade attachments
• Cryogen-X blade system
• Valox housing
Andis Excel 2-speed4.5$$$Corded2 pounds N/A• Break resistant housing
• Compatible with different blades
• Heavy duty motor
Philips Norelco4.2$$Cordless6.4 ounces• Cleaning brush• Usable by different age groups
• Easy maintenance

Things to Consider When Purchasing the Best Hair Trimmer for Buzz cut

  • Blade

    There are many different varieties of blades available with trimmers on the market. Some are self-cleanin while others are detachable. Some are fixed and self-sharpening and so on. When it comes to buzz cuts, you don’t need any special blade. However, if your hair is thick or tough on trimmers, you might need to consider something reinforced. In general, a fixed, permanently aligned blade which is self sharpening would get preference over other types since it has applications beyond buzz cuts alone.

  • Motor

    Just as for blades, you can choose among different motor types depending on how fast you want the process to be. Also, your hair type will help you determine the necessity of a high level motor. Another point to consider is strokes. A balanced motor (power vs. speed) will allow for longer strokes, meaning you can trim your hair with lesser effort. A stroke is one complete motion you do while cutting your hair. Bigger strokes equals lesser effort while smaller strokes equals more effort and time).

  • Multiple Attachments/Guards

    A buzz cut is different from balding. You don’t run the same guide all over as for balding. Get a trimmer with at least 3 to 4 attachments, including the #1, #2 and #3 size guards such as the Wahl 79524 Deluxe. These will be used for the overall crown, the edges, and the taper. Another thing to note is that the attachments should have been manufactured by the same company. You don’t want the attachments to be incompatible with the device and coming off right in the middle of the process, you’ll get a bald patch faster than you could says ‘oops’.

  • Brand

    Brand name really counts here. Buzz cut or any cut for that matter, choose a reputed brand over some random company. The money you spend will show in terms of long run product durability and quality. Consider something by Andis or Wahl or Remington.

  • Maintenance and Servicing

    An easy to maintain and service trimmer will be really helpful. Especially if you are planning on maintaining a buzz cut (which means you’ll be using the trimmer quite often, close to 2-3 times a month). You’ll find options such as self-cleaning blades, self-lubricating blades and so on. However it is best to get a servicing kit as well as a trimmer which can be easily serviced.

  • Corded vs. Cordless

    While a buzz cut can take a toll on the battery of some cordless trimmers, you can check out the Wahl Professional 8500 Senior which provides you with superior performance trimming without any hassle of low power or battery timing. Of course, personal preferences also come into play here. If you like the high powered feel of a corded trimmer, then you can go for that as well.


While the quality and type of trimmer you use for your buzz cut will definitely affect the outcome, your experience plays the pivotal role. If you can handle a heavy device such as the Wahl Professional 810 5-star with its high powered motor, then you can go for the best of the best. Similarly, if you cannot handle it, then not only will you regret buying an expensive device but also there are chances that you might end up with a bald patch or two.

It is best to start according to your expertise. Start with a mild cordless model and then get the hang of the whole procedure. Once you are familiar with the whole process, then you’ll automatically feel the lacking features of your current device and this’ll be the time to upgrade. A buzz cut is all about technique; run the trimmer right and the results will speak for themselves.

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