Best Hair Trimmers for Barbers


Basically hair trimmers emerged on the market for personal use. As technology advanced and life became fast paced; everything saw innovations. The hair trimmer has manufactured to save time and greatly reduce the hassle involved in shaving, cutting or simply grooming hair. So of course one can understand why a trimmer will be found in almost every other man’s house.

However nowadays hair trimmers are found and used in barber shops as well. While many may be of the impression that an automated trimmer sees the same use in a barber shop as at one’s home; reality is quite ahead of this notion. A barber shop sees hundreds of customers coming and going daily. Therefore something more than a standard trimmer is required. Read on to find out about the best hair trimmers for barbers.

Best Hair Trimmers for Barbers Comparison Table 2017

Wahl 795244.5$$Corded2.6 pounds• Comb
• Hair clip
• Neck duster
• High speed power drive motor
• Permanently aligned carbon blades
• Instructional DVDs
Wahl Professional 85004.3$$Corded1.7 pounds• Cleaning brush and oil• 3 cutting guides
• Side level allows adjustments
• High speed motor
Oster Pro 760764.6$$$Corded2 pounds• Detachable blades
• Cleaning brush and oil
• Servicing kit
• Multiple blade attachments
• Cryogen-X blade system
• Valox housing
Wahl Pro 54.4$$Corded1.9 pounds• Pre shave and post shave brushes and oil • 2 cutting guides
• High speed motor
• Surgical blades
• Included balding kit

Things to Consider when Purchasing the Best Hair Trimmer for Barbers

As a barber, experienced or amateur; there are several things you might have come across in your daily hair cutting adventures. Along the way you might have come across certain issues or faced the lacking of certain tools or features in tools. This guide has been designed to help you chose the best hair trimmer and overcome the issues you may face in its context.

  • Motor

    First of all is the motor. Forget what kind of customers you may have. It doesn’t matter if they have smooth hair or rough hair or thick hair or curly hair, etc. A good strong motor is necessary. This is something where you cannot compromise. Not on price, not in lieu of other features, not ever. Of course some may consider getting different trimmers for different hair but then if one has that much money to spend than they’d seldom be reading this guide. Choose a trimmer with a rotary motor which can withstand hours of use without heating up or withering out. The rotary motor provides a nice balance of torque and speed allowing it to be ideal for all types of hair (aka. all types of customers).

  • Multiple Speed Settings

    While you can use the best of motors to cater to all types of hair, you cannot use one (or a top) speed to cover different hair styling methods. Consider getting a trimmer such as the Oster Classic 76 Outlaw Turbo which allows dual speed operation. This feature will increase the functionality and applicability of your trimmer by making it usable on soft hair, thick hair as well as for different fashions.

  • Blades

    The blades and the motor are basically all there is to a trimmer. So therefore, just like for the motor, there is no compromise on blade quality. The only thing which can entice you into not purchasing a trimmer with good blade quality is low price. If you consider the fact that a blade stops cutting or goes blunt; not only will you lose on business but you might also lose on customers if the blunt blade tugs or pulls hair or damages it; especially if you’re running the trimmer on a sensitive area. Therefore consider high quality carbon blades which can be replaced as well.

  • Ease of Use

    There is not much to ergonomics when it comes to trimmers. As long as your palm is big enough to completely grasp trimmer; you’re good to go. Of course you can take this a step further by making sure that the trimmer is of a cylindrical shape and is weighing evenly on your entire hand, you can consider the cordless Philips Norelco here.

  • Maintenance

    While domestic use trimmers don’t need to be heavy duty, a trimmer seeing commercial use should have easily removable blades, attachments, etc; in short it should be very easy to service. A servicing kit should come with the device or one should be easy to source on the market such as the Oster Pro 76076 Classic.

  • Corded vs. Cordless

    A corded trimmer will keep on going use after use. With no battery limitations; a cordless device is the best way to go. A cordless trimmer may offer some portability but then again a barber is buying a device for daily use. An easily accessible socket will make a corded trimmer equal to a cordless one.


Ultimately it all comes down to a trimmer which is, in two words, heavy duty. A barber doesn’t put a trimmer through any extraordinary process; they cut hair just the same. However they cut ALOT of hair. As long as the motor and blades are strong; the rest doesn’t matter as much. Even the design can be gotten used to within a few days of use.

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