Best Hair Trimmers for Pets


So you’re considering investing into a little something for your furry friends? Of course they are furry or hairy or you wouldn’t need a ‘trimmer’. While many people consider it ‘unjust’ to ‘deprive’ their pets of the ‘salon experience’; others prefer to groom their pets themselves rather than getting it done by a stranger and that too; paying almost half of a good trimmer’s price in the form of grooming charges per visit or two. In case you’re thinking trimmers used on people and on pets are the same; think again.

Best Hair Trimmers for Pets Comparison Table 2017

nameRATINGPRICEStrokes Per Minute
TypeSpecial Feature
Oster A5 Turbo Pro Animal Clipper4.1$$$4,000Corded
Can be operated at 3k or 4k strokes setting
Cyrogen X blade with AgION anti-bacterial coating
Detachable blades
Wahl 8786 ARCO SE Pro 4.4$$$5,500CordLessBest for dogs with thick fur
Rotary high quality motor
Quiet operation
Multiple attachments
Oster Variable Speed Clip4.2$$$700-3,000CordedMaintenance free
Dedicated cooler for motor

Things to Consider When Choosing Among the Best Hair Trimmers for Pets

Your pets are important and if you are making the switch to grooming them yourself rather than take them into a parlour then make sure you are at least patient if not experienced enough to keep things from going south. The features below will assist you in the trimming process so read each one in detail and choose a device accordingly.

  • Motor

    All things aside, you need a trimmer which can easily cut through hair or fur. When it comes to pets you simply cannot afford a misstep or slip. If your motor doesn’t run the blades fast enough; several things could happen. The blades won’t be running fast enough or with enough torque to properly cut the fur. Rather it might pull it. This could seriously hurt your pet and give it second thoughts about patiently waiting for a good grooming session. Consider a trimmer with a rotary motor and high strokes; preferably 3000 or more per minute.

  • Blades

    Strong blades are a must not only for the sake of more cutting power but also durability. Sometimes you are up against fur as for a cat but other times you might be up against a dog with hair. In nutshell it is better to be prepared and be on top.

  • Attachments

    Having guiding attachments can help as well. Whether it is grooming or an overall cut; attachments not only ensure that perfect finishing touch but also help avoid going wrong as well as having to concentrate too much. An attachment is best for those sensitive regions as well to keep the running blades well out of the way. Wahl 8786 ARCO SE Pro comes with multiple attachments. It has five adjustable blades of varying sizes.

  • Quiet Operation

    Although this depends from situation to situation; on the whole a quieter device means a more comfortable pet. Having your pet relaxed during the procedure is of paramount importance and the ominous sound of a running motor doesn’t work well for all of them.

  • Dual Speed

    Multiple speed settings can be helpful. While more is good in this case; having flexibility is even better. You can switch between two (or more) speeds depending on whether you’re taking down mounds of hair or simply taking that finishing run.

  • Ease of Use

    An ergonomic design will help minimise stress towards the user (you). A few minutes of use may not be an issue but for longer operation times you should consider a device with a properly designed handle so that a good result isn’t marred by an issue so trivial such as a tired hand. Oster A5 Turbo Pro Animal Clipper is good in this regard as it is easy to use.

  • Cooler for Motor

    While standard trimmers used for humans don’t require a cooler (since they aren’t run for half an hour to an end); animal trimmers are another story.

  • Corded vs. Cordless

    This depends on the size of the pet. Got a large dog? Forget cordless. Otherwise if you have a small pet and/or prefer the portability and freedom of a cordless trimmer then there are many options for that as well such as the Andis Super AGR Plus and so on.


Choose the trimmer which not only you but also your pet is comfortable with. Just as a sharp knife cuts through butter with ease, similarly a trimmer with a strong motor and blades will trim through fur or hair with ease. This will leave your pet barely feeling anything happening. Furthermore a quiet trimmer might be needed if your pet is a pampered cat. Apart from that the attachments and other features you can choose as per your needs.

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