6 Best Hair Waver Tools for That Perfect Beachy Waves


Looking forward to channel your inner beach babe? Complete your summer look by sporting beautiful wavy hair!

You can’t rely on curlers and curling irons too much if you want beachy waves. If you prefer wavy hair, you should start considering styling tools specially designed for that purpose.

Here, we recommend the best hair waver tool. This device specializes in styling wavy hair for that irresistible girl-next-door look. Find out more about this type of styling tool and what products you need to go for.

Our Pick: Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver

To improve shine and reduce frizz, Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver uses plates that have tourmaline ceramic technology. That feature is also the reason why this device can handle temperatures of up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

More about the product’s heat feature, it has multiple settings for different intensities of waves. It also has the Instant Heat Recovery feature for consistency.

Meanwhile, to create waves for that beach bum look, this hair waver tool has deep barrels. It won’t be a hassle to control this device, thanks to its tangle-free swivel cord.

Runner Up: Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Style Set

If you prefer rollers instead of plates, then you might like the Calista Tools Ion Hot Rollers Style Set. This styling kit has ionic heat rollers to create soft waves as well as strong curls. It is a versatile tool, giving you salon-quality hairstyles without requiring too much effort on your part.

These heated rollers can be adjusted with their temperature settings. They even have three sizes available: long, short, and body wavers. Each roller has a heating element so it can heat up faster and maintain the temperature longer.

Included in the set are butterfly clips and a travel case for convenience and portability.

Also Great: Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver

Taking heat up a notch, the maximum temperature of Hot Tools 2179 Deep Waver is 430 degrees Fahrenheit. It uses Pulse Technology to get hot quickly and stay that way for a sufficient amount of time.

You won’t have to worry about burning your fingers with this product because of its cool tips. For easier storage, it has a locking switch to keep the plates together. It also has a tangle-free swivel cord for smoother control.

Also Great: Revlon Salon Beach Waver

Also using tourmaline ceramic technology, Revlon Salon Beach Waver keeps your hair safe from over styling. It promotes even distribution of heat. It is ideal for all hair types since it has 30 heat settings.

Just like other convenient hair waver tools, this one has a cool tip, locking switch, and tangle-free swivel cord.

Also Great: Bluetop Professional Hair Waver

With its PTC heater, Bluetop Professional Hair Waver generates heat real fast. To help you adjust the temperature easily, it has an LCD display. You just need to press the plus or minus sign to choose a temperature from 80 to 230 degrees Celsius.

If you’ll be able to utilize the right level of heat, your hair will have beautiful silky waves. This product can even handle long, thick hair. It is perfect for casual styling as well as special occasions like weddings.

Budget Pick: Accellorize 4 in 1 Curling Iron

Ironically, the most affordable product here is the most versatile. Accellorize 4 in 1 Curling Iron is not only ideal for wavy hair. It can also straighten or curl strands.

There are several possible results with this product based on your settings. You may use it if you want smooth, straight hair. Additionally, you can also have polished curls or infinite-looking waves with this tool.

This hair waver tool uses negative ion technology for silkier results. It also has tourmaline ceramic technology for even heat distribution. You won’t have to worry about frying your hair.

How to Select the Best Hair Waver Tool

If you’d like to search for more options aside from the best hair waver tool and other top choices on our list, allow us to teach you how to choose the right one for your hair type and lifestyle.

  • Size

    As expected, different barrel or plate sizes lead to different looks. Beachy waves look more natural because of loose curls. To ensure that the waves won’t look too intense, choose hair waver tools with medium or big barrels – a couple of inches is enough.

    Meanwhile, vintage waves are tighter despite your hair cascading to your shoulders. In order to achieve this look, smaller barrels or plates are your go-to styling buddies. Go for measurements up to a half inch only.

  • Material

    Again, consider the barrel or plate. This time, however, look at the material closely. The material affects versatility and hair safety.

    For fine or normal hair, ceramic is ideal. Be careful in choosing this material because some hair waver tools only use a ceramic coating. What you need is pure ceramic to prevent chipping.

    Meanwhile, for thick rough hair, titanium is best. Styling coarse hair is tricky since you’ll need hotter temperatures. Fortunately, titanium can withstand intense heat.

    Surely you’ve noticed that several products on our list have tourmaline ceramic barrels. It turns out that it is also possible for a barrel or plate to have tourmaline titanium. Tourmaline is more of a top layer; ceramic and titanium stay as base materials.

    More about tourmaline, it is the reason why many hair waver tools are effective at reducing frizz and static. It won’t fry your hair because strands will just come and go from the barrel. Frizz is more likely to happen if your hair sticks to the material.

  • Settings

    If a waver tool only has one temperature setting, it has a higher chance of damaging your hair. Your hair type might not complement the tool’s level of heat, leading to frizz.

    Thankfully, most hair waver tools nowadays have a wide range of settings. In fact, three settings are already enough. Low temperatures are for thin hair or fine strands while medium and high temperatures will make it easier for you to style coarse, thick hair.


We selected Bed Head Wave Artist Deep Waver as the best hair waver tool. It uses tourmaline ceramic, a material that can guarantee smoother and shinier hair. And of course, it has different heat settings to ensure safety and versatility.

For other tools that can help you achieve wavy hair, find out the best rotating hot airbrushes. In case you’ll need tips on how to use one, feel free to check them here. If you prefer using traditional styling tools, don’t hesitate to use a round brush.