The Best Hand Creams for Dry Hands and Cuticles


Tired of having dry, cracked hands and cuticles? If yes, then you should highly consider getting a good hand cream. It won’t just restore your hand’s natural moisture but it can also prevent further dryness.

To help you pick the right product for you, here are our top picks for the best hand cream for dry hands and cuticles category:

Our Pick: Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set

Our pick as the best hand cream for dry hands and cuticles is pretty interesting. It’s actually a set which you can use to nourish and take care of your hands and nails whenever you need to.

Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set has an almond and milk hand cream, a shea butter hand repair cream, and a lemon butter cuticle cream to help you achieve that really soft hands. It smells really nice so you won’t have issues it applying it frequently. It’s non-greasy, too.

And to make sure that you get the best results from using the products, you’ll also get a pair of cotton gloves with it. You can wear them at night to really get the creams to work. Plus, the gloves also ensure that the creams don’t end up on your linens and pillowcases.

Runner Up: O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream

O’Keeffe’s Working Hands Hand Cream is a really great product for anyone struggling with extremely dry and cracked hands. It’s formulated to act as a protective layer on the surface of your skin, providing an instant boost of moisture and preventing further loss of moisture. It’s quite concentrated and that enables it to deliver dramatic results in just days.

For best results, however, you need to apply the product consistently. Do it after washing your hands, taking a bath, and before bedtime. The cream isn’t that greasy so don’t worry about feeling sticky after.

The product comes in a small tub which is both good and bad. It’s good because the packaging is compact. You can put it inside your purse or bag and apply anytime you need to. It’s bad because the packaging is prone to contamination. Unless you’re using a clean spatula each time you take some of it out, you’re at risk of introducing bacteria into the cream.

Also Great: Pre de Provence 20% Natural Shea Butter Hand Cream

Pre de Provence 20% Natural Shea Butter Hand Cream, on the other hand, has a good amount of shea butter. This ingredient is something dry skin and cuticles will surely love. It’s because it has a high concentration of fatty acids which help soften the skin. Additionally, it also possesses healing and anti-inflammatory properties. Shea butter has anti-aging benefits, too.

The cream comes in a squeeze tube which makes it convenient to use on the go. Just make sure to tightly close its cap to avoid accidentally squeezing the entire product to your purse or bag.

As for the scent, this product is a treat to the senses. And for your skin’s safety, the cream has no colorants, ethyl alcohol, parabens, and phenoxyethanol. People with sensitive skin can use this cream safely.

The cream has this unique texture. It starts off as a silky cream and transforms into a really fine oil. It’s the way it releases its active ingredient so that it can penetrate the deeper layers of your skin.

Budget Pick: Cutemol Emollient Cream

For our budget pick, we made sure to choose a product that won’t fall short in terms of performance despite having a low price. Cutemol Emollient Cream might be cheap but it offers a really long lasting result.

The cream is formulated to treat dry skin on both hands and feet, particularly those affected by psoriasis. It also works really well in nourishing dry cuticles and brittle nails. And if you frequently wash your hands, this product is a must-have for you.

It’s formulated with a heavy emollient called Cutemol. It’s an ingredient that offers a longer lasting relief to people with skin that doesn’t respond well to ordinary lotions and creams.

Despite being a heavy emollient, the cream is actually not that hard to spread. With some rubbing, it’ll leave you with really moist skin. The only downside is that it can make your hands feel a bit greasy and sticky after. That’s why it’s best used at night and with a pair of hand gloves.

How to Choose the Best Hand Cream for Dry Hands and Cuticles

Picking the right product that can keep your hands and cuticles soft and healthy isn’t hard. For this list, we used the following criteria:

  • Ingredients

    Since your hands are extra dry, you need ingredients that can provide long-lasting moisture and prevent further moisture loss. The good news is that there are actually a handful of ingredients that can do that. The list includes shea butter, hyaluronic acid, glycerin, ceramides, and urea.

  • Absorption

    For daytime use, you’ll need a cream that gets absorbed easily and doesn’t require a lot of rubbing just to sink in. Additionally, you need to go for creams that don’t leave any sticky or greasy feeling after application. The last thing you want to happen is to get all your important papers at work stained by your oily hands.

    If you plan on using your cream at night, find out if it’s greasy or oily. That way, you’ll be able to wear a pair of gloves at night. A good pair of gloves can also help magnify the effects of your cream by allowing the product to really get into the deeper layers and stay there for a longer time.

  • Scent

    This will depend on your preference and tolerance. Some creams smell stronger than others while there are creams that carry no scent at all. If you are very particular with fragrances, we suggest you go with something light so as not to irritate your sense of smell. Additionally, fragrances also have the potential to cause allergies.


For us,┬áthe best hand cream for dry hands and cuticles is Burt’s Bees Hand Repair Gift Set. It comes with three different creams that can nourish your dry hands and cuticles. It even comes with a pair of gloves you can use to really get great results.

For more products, you can use to care for your hands, find out the best moisturizing hand soap you can use. And for your feet, we have a really good list of the best foot creams for dry skin you can check out.