Best Portable Standing Desks


A very common question is, “If I can work in a sitting position, why do I work in a standing and purchase a standing desk?” Science has proved that sitting all the time is bad for your health. You need to work in a standing position for a part of your day.

By standing, blood circulation improves, more oxygen goes to your brain, food gets digested quickly, and you feel more energy which increases your productivity. The second reason is that via a portable standing desk, you have a mobile workplace. You don’t need to carry your laptop or files every now and then. Just take the table, do the work and go back to your place.

Best Portable Standing Desks Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceFeaturesBrand NameWeight
Adjustable Vented Desk Portable Bed Tray4$It’s made from aluminum and comes with an air-vented design to prevent your laptop, tablet, ultra-book, or notebook from overheating. It comes pre-assembled and you can customize it in any angle you wish, whether you want to work from a sofa, standing at a table, or from your bed. You just need to push the button and adjust the position as per your need and release the button to fix the table on that position. The top of table comes with a special unevenness so your laptop doesn’t slip from it. It can support up to 30 lbs and you can adjust the height between 11.25” to 22”. You can work on laptops having screen size up to 17”. It has a strong and elegant look and is available in a variety of colors including silver, purple, pink, and black. You can also fold the frame to store it in a small area and move it around easily. Furinno4.5 lbs
FlexTop Portable Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand4.5$It comes with a direct manufacturer 18 months warranty and money bank guarantee within 30 days. The top of table and its legs is very flexible. Through the help of joints – having special feature of auto-locking – it can rotate to utmost 360 degrees providing maximum comfort possible. You can fold it and make it very compact to store and carry around easily. You can work on as small as 7” net-book to medium sized 15” laptop. Pwr+®4 lbs
Wood Alden Lap Desk4$Having an antique walnut finish on a made of solid wood, it’s one of its kind. The top can be flipped and a drawer can be pulled out. You can not only work while standing but it’s also very good to work while sitting on your sofa or lying in your bed. It’s also portable as you can fold the legs and move it around. The size of the flip is 13.78” x 13.96”. The inside shelf is 6.3 x 5.57 x 1.10”.Winsome6 lbs
Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk5$$Speedy Stand, the lowest price portable desk available, comes in cocoa red finish. You can fold it and use at wherever you want to. The tabletop size is 36”, more than enough to keep your laptop, stationary items and files. It can easily be placed and removed from your main desk so you can work while standing as well as sitting to have an even balance. It has a sturdy surface and is also resistant to coffee spills and different types of dirt. If you’re newly trying to work while standing, then speedy stand is the best to try with.Home Concept17 lbs
Adjustable Vented Black Table Portable Bed Tray 3$If you need a standing desk for multiple uses, WXBUY portable bed try is for you. You can adjust the height as well as the angle – by 15 degrees from vertical to flat and vice-versa – of the table through the push-button joints mechanism. The stand has 360 degree adjustability so the stand can become fully flat. It works as a desk on bed, riser on the table, and as a standing desk to work while standing.
The panel is made up of aluminum in anodized form and has holes drilled-in to keep your machine cool. It can handle all popular size laptops. The legs are composed of three parts interconnected with push-button joints. They enable the flexibility of changing the height of your desk ground level to very tall.
WXBUY3.75 lbs

Things to Consider

A portable standing desk is the one which you need to move around, need to put your things on it, and is the one for which you don’t need a large space to store. A part from this, adjustments of height and flexibility in table top are additional qualities which some people need and some not.

  • Adjustable Height

    The variation in height enables to work in standing and sitting positions in tandem to maintain a good balance as continuous standing also burns too much energy. Also, the height should be adjusted so you don’t have to bend yourself as it causes pain in the back. The Pwr+® FlexTop Portable Folding Laptop Table Desk Tray Stand is an ideal desk if you’re looking for maximum flexibility.

  • Storage Area

    You always need space to put stationary, files and an area to write on your pads a part from the area to keep your laptop. This area can either be in the form of shelves, draws, or the panel itself should be wide enough to accommodate these things. For instance, Home Concept Speedy Stand Up Portable Desk has a very large tabletop to keep things.

  • Portable and Easy to Keep

    As the name of the desk itself suggest, it should be mobile. This feature enables you to increase productivity as you can easily move your workplace to your home or any environment you need to.

    Also, it’s very helpful if you work involves a lot of meetings and presentations. A portable desk is the one which is light weight and can be folded so can be moved with ease. This also enables to keep the table, when not needed, in a small area.


The portable desk is very demanding as firms themselves have observed the advantages of it. It’s very simple, the healthier your employ is the healthier will be your company.

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