Best Hiking Backpack


One of the most basic essentials for hikers is, of course, the hiking backpack. A wise hiker knows the importance of having a safe haven for belongings, especially when the trail gets rough. Hiking backpacks must be able to secure all kinds of stuff, even the tiniest ones. They should also have features that ensure even distribution of weight to keep you from experiencing discomfort like back pain during and after hiking. With all these factors in mind, we are giving the best hiking backpack in today’s market after careful research and product testing.

Our Pick: HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Durable Waterproof Hiking Day Backpack

HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Durable Waterproof Hiking Day Backpack will motivate you to properly organize your things because of its generous quantity of compartments and pockets. That actually contributes to equal weight distribution. This hiking backpack has three zippered compartments: the biggest pocket for bulky objects, a smaller pocket inside, and another small pocket outside. It has bonus pockets made of mesh, one for each side.

Because of its extremely light weight whenever it is empty, this hiking daypack is still light enough to keep your back comfy even if it gets full. Its wide straps made of breathable mesh also contribute to the zero discomfort experience. Regarding the material, it is thin enough so you can fold the bag when not in use. Fold the backpack two or three times, and it will surely fit inside another bag. However, do not underestimate this thin material. It is actually composed of high-quality nylon that is resistant to tear and water. Meanwhile, the zippers are made of metal that is scratch-resistant. Overall, this product is totally functional and tough while acing comfort.

Runner Up: Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Hiking Day Backpack

Venture Pal Lightweight Packable Durable Hiking Day Backpack has zippers on both sides for standard convenience. Its straps contain a lot of padding to completely avoid triggering pain around the shoulders. They are also adjustable to ensure that you can carry the bag based on your preference. Another strap is meant for the chest. It keeps the bag in place because of its whistle buckle. Even if this hiking backpack is actually a daypack, it can still store many essentials for week-long trips.

Also Great: Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack

Teton Sports Scout 3400 Internal Frame Hiking Backpack is perfect for beginners. Why? Internal frame backpacks are kind of complicated to use because you really have to consider the distribution of weight from top to bottom. This one, however, is lighter, simpler and smaller than the real deal. It is ideal for teenagers and young adults. Regarding the torso strap, it can be adjusted into different heights until it matches the upper length of your body. It can also be adjusted to fit your circumference. That is why this product is useful for all body types and genders. Lastly, this hiking backpack has a special compartment for one camping hammocksleeping bag or pad.

Also Great: OutdoorMaster 50L Waterproof Rain Cover Weekend Hiking Backpack

OutdoorMaster 50L Waterproof Rain Cover Weekend Hiking Backpack has a separate compartment for one laptop of any size to keep it secure from bumps and scratches. It also has several attachment points that can hold trekking poles, a backpacking tent, and a hydration reservoir similar to what typical running backpacks have.

Also Great: Mountaintop 40 Liter Rain Cover Hiking Backpack

Mountaintop 40 Liter Rain Cover Hiking Backpack has six straps that can hold tripods, outdoor hammocks, mats, and other gears. These straps are adjustable to securely hold bulky essentials.

Budget Pick: ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Hiking Day Backpack

ZOMAKE Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Hiking Day Backpack is smaller than most outdoor bags but still edgy to look at. That is actually a good thing since you can use it as a regular schoolbag as well. No more spending money just to have two backpacks for different uses.

How to Select the Best Hiking Backpack

Now, let’s talk about how to select the best hiking backpack for your body type, needs, and lifestyle. It should be the right type of backpack so you will totally enjoy your future hikes.

  • Volume

    Before you proceed buying a certain hiking backpack, it is best to determine first the volume of all the essentials you tend to bring on hikes. Good thing that most hiking backpacks in the market indicate their volume. In this case, volume refers to how much space there is inside the backpack. For example, bags that have a 20- to the 35-liter volume are best for day hikes and school. Next, 40 to 50 liters of volume is good for weekend travel. For more than three nights, you will definitely need more than 50 liters of volume.

  • Frame

    Hiking backpacks have a different type of frames namely external and internal. First of all, though, we should talk about frameless backpacks to learn their purpose.

    Frameless hiking backpacks are the most typical. They are commonly used by high school and college students. They have shoulder straps but no sturdy back support usually. These normal backpacks are always used for short trips since they are the most lightweight.

    Finally, let’s proceed to the two types of frames. External frame hiking backpacks are actually becoming “extinct” these days. Nonetheless, some experienced hikers still prefer this type of backpack because of its stiff back support. External frame backpacks are the heaviest, but they will keep your posture straight. How? Their frame which is usually made of metal effectively guides your back. These backpacks are the best choices for carrying heavy objects while hiking.

    Lastly, internal frame backpacks are the most popular nowadays for advanced hikers. This type is probably the most ideal for hiking since it provides the right amount of weight and support. It always has padded shoulder straps and a waist belt to balance the load. It is best for hiking through terrains, mountains, and forests.

  • Rain Cover

    In every hike, there is always a chance of rain. It is important to choose a hiking backpack with a rain cover to protect your essentials inside. Remember that not all hiking backpacks are waterproof. This means you really have to know the product details first before purchase.

  • Torso Belt

    A good hiking backpack should have a sturdy chest, waist and/or hip belt. Hip belts, in particular, already support 80 percent of the backpack’s weight. This is extremely necessary to unload extra strain on your shoulders and back.


We selected HIKPRO 20L Ultra Lightweight Packable Durable Waterproof Hiking Day Backpack because it is an excellent organizer, a lightweight companion, and a reliable buddy that will never give you discomfort. In choosing the best hiking backpack for your outdoor needs, assess the product’s volume, frame, water resistance, and additional straps. Make sure that these factors coincide with your preferences, lifestyle, and budget.