6 Best Home Deep Fryers for Your Kitchen Needs


Craving for that irresistible crunch you usually get from comfort foods such as French fries and potato chips? Satiate that desire in your own kitchen with the best home deep fryer!

Our Pick: Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer

Usual complaints about deep fryers revolve around the use of oil. Most fryers require huge amounts of oil just to cook food for one family. With Presto 05420 FryDaddy Electric Deep Fryer, however, it only needs four cups of oil to serve four people.

When it comes to quality, the built-in preset thermostat of this product helps you achieve perfect results. It can give you restaurant-quality onion rings, tempura, French fries, and other fried dishes you see in cookbooks.

Another issue about deep fryers is the greasy aftermath. Luckily for you, both the interior and exterior surfaces of this fryer is nonstick. Not only that, this product is so compact for a hassle-free storage.

Runner Up: Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer

If you’re up for a good plate of fish and chips on a regular basis, then Secura 1700-Watt Deep Fryer is what you need. It can cook two fry baskets at the same time. It even has an extra basket for more servings.

In general, achieving the perfect crunch can be time-consuming. Fortunately, this product has an immersion element with 1,700 watts of power to easily preheat and increase the oil temperature.

You can easily adjust the heat of this home deep fryer. You won’t even have to closely monitor the cooking process anymore, thanks to its automatic timer.

Also Great: T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Deep Fryer

Cooking fried food can be scary because of the ultra-hot oil. So, T-fal FR8000 Oil Filtration Deep Fryer has handles that won’t conduct heat.

This product uses a unique EZ Clean filtration system to ensure frying convenience, cost efficiency, and easier storage of oil. It is also easy to clean. Just put it in the dishwasher!

Also Great: Chefman Deep Fryer

Sometimes, you have to cover the fryer especially when the food triggers splashes. You have to keep yourself safe from burns. Thank goodness Chefman Deep Fryer has a cover but with a viewing window for easier monitoring.

Another safety feature of this product is the magnetic breakaway power cord. It can prevent electrocution and spills. To prevent spills even more so, its basket clips to the side to drain oil without making a mess.

Also Great: Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer

A home fryer can also be huge like Hamilton Beach (35021) Deep Fryer to serve more people in dinner parties. It can fry up to six cups of chicken fillets or French fries in a single turn. To prevent burns in case you’d touch its sides accidentally, this product has a Cool-Touch exterior.

Budget Pick: Proctor Silex (35041) Deep Fryer

It can be a hassle to purchase a big fryer if you’re always alone at home. That’s a waste of oil. Good thing that we’re finally discussing Proctor Silex (35041) Deep Fryer.

This product’s specialty is cooking single servings. However, it can cook up to four portions, perfect if you’re having guests inside the house. Because of its small size, it is very affordable.

How to Select the Best Home Deep Fryer

Aren’t you curious how we chose the best home deep fryer as well as other high-quality choices? Check out the following factors we considered before coming up with our top selections:

  • Size

    When you consider size, you also take into account storage convenience as well as the amount of food and oil. Obviously, smaller home deep fryers are easier to store in cupboards but can only cook less food in a single process. They need less oil though, so that’s a plus.

    Bigger fryers are clearly ideal for families or households that always throw parties. However, they require large amounts of oil.

    We think that a good fryer for most homes should only have a serving capacity of one to four persons. That way, you’ll ace cost efficiency, frying convenience, and easier storage at the same time. Our top product has a good ratio of 4:4 – four cups of oil for four servings.

  • Quality

    Deep frying may appear too simple but you’ll rely on interior heat. If a fryer has a low-quality heating system, you’ll need a longer cooking time just to make your dish crunchy. A built-in thermostat is an ideal way to regulate the temperature inside the fryer.

    Boiling oil is not enough to produce crispy dishes. The thermostat will set the interior temperature to cook the food inside and out while making its coating or wrapper crunchy.

  • Cleaning Convenience

    A home deep fryer should be easy to clean. Just imagine if the texture and odor of greasy oil stay on the surface despite proper cleaning. A fryer should have nonstick surfaces so you can easily wash it with soap and water.

    Cleaning a fryer also means removing the oil. A smart filtration system is needed to ensure that the oil has no bits and crumbs. This preserves the oil’s quality for the next frying sessions.

  • Safety

    The factors that make deep fryers dangerous are boiling oil, accidental burns, and electrocution. We’re giving you the features that can prevent these hazards.

    First, find out if a fryer comes with a lid or cover. Aside from helping you regulate the temperature inside, it will protect you from splatters. A drop of super-hot oil can already burn your skin, so make sure to use a cover.

    It is also essential for the basket and sides to have insulators – not conductors. The basket’s handle should not conduct heat to let you cook without any fuss. Sometimes, you can’t avoid touching the fryer, so the exterior should stay cool or warm even with boiling oil inside.

    Lastly, the power cord should be extremely easy to disconnect. If not, you might spill hot oil from the shaking motion you produce after disconnecting the cord. The cord must also be designed to protect your fingers from electrocution.


After much deliberation, we selected Presto 05420 FryDaddy as the best home deep fryer. It aces the ideal size, quality, convenience, and safety factors most home cooks are looking for.

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