Best Hooded Dryer for Black Hair: The 4 Products That Are Worth The Money


Your black hair is naturally beautiful but it can be tricky to style. It gets dry and tangled easily.

One of the best ways to care for your African American hair and ensure that it shows its natural shine is by using a hooded dryer for black hair.

Of course, there is the option to use an ordinary hand-held dryer but if you really want silky smooth hair, it might be a good idea to invest in more advanced hair styling systems such as a sit-under dryer or hands-free dryer.

But among all these options, we’ve found that the hooded dryer works best for black hair. Here are our top picks.

Our Pick: Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic Portable Salon Dryer

We’ve chosen the Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic Portable Salon Dryer as our best-hooded dryer for black hair. It uses direct-ion technology to soften your hair and smoothen it as it dries.

Your hair is also exposed to less heat because it dries up to 50% faster, preventing any significant damage. The tourmaline Nanoparticles naturally produce far-infrared energy that deeply penetrates even through thick hair.

This means that the dryer can effectively dry your hair without burning it. Your black hair will be protected from brittleness and cracking so it stays shiny and soft. After putting your hair under this ionic dryer, it will be much easier to style.

With regular use, the softness can be permanent, too.

Runner Up: Laila Ali Salon Ionic Dryer

Our second best choice is the Laila Ali Salon Ionic Dryer, Purple, and Black. It also uses ionic technology that helps your hair retain its natural moisture, preventing breakage. This hooded dryer can help you achieve healthier-looking and shinier hair.

It features a balanced airflow design so the heat is evenly distributed throughout your hair. You can choose from 2 heat settings and speeds to accommodate different types of hair. After drying, you can shift to the cool setting so you can easily style your hair.

It has a large round hood so you can fit jumbo rollers in if you like curling your hair. The design is collapsible so it’s great for travel.

Also Great: DevLon Northwest Hooded Hair Dryer with Stand

Another excellent alternative if you’re willing to invest a few extra bucks is the DevLon Northwest Hooded Hair Dryer with Stand, Hands-Free. It’s a deluxe hooded dryer that works wonders for black hair.

It stands on the floor so you can comfortably sit on a chair under it. The bonnet is adjustable and has up to 3 fan speed settings to suit different hairstyles. It features 800W power so it efficiently dries thick hair.

The base has 5 wheels so you can easily move the dryer around your house.

Budget Pick: Conair Pro Styler Bonnet Hair Dryer

This Conair Pro Styler Bonnet Hair Dryer, White is a really popular choice because of its affordable price. It’s a compact unit but has shown quite an impressive performance. This is great for those who travel a lot since it’s convenient to bring around.

The bonnet is large enough to fit jumbo rollers so you can easily curl your hair under the heat. It evenly distributes the airflow to make sure it doesn’t over-dry parts of your hair. You can also adjust the airflow settings so you can style your hair according to your preferences.

The dryer is designed with a carry handle so you can easily transport it from one room to another and has a long cord that can be stored in the base.

How to Choose the Best Hooded Dryer for Black Hair

A hooded dryer is a big investment so it’s important that you know what to look for before you decide which model to buy. If you want to achieve professional results at home, consider these factors when choosing a hooded dryer for black hair.

  • Heat Capacity

    First, know the heat capacity of the dryer. The higher the wattage, the faster your hair will dry under the hood. This is crucial to avoid damages to your hair because prolonged exposure to heat can cause dryness and crack. Worse, it could cause injuries.

    So, take some time to inspect the heat capacity and remember to choose a higher wattage, preferably with adjustable heat settings. The recommended capacity is at least 900 watts for home use.

  • Hood Size

    Your hooded dryer should be able to accommodate the size of your head and hair. A larger hood allows you to fit in jumbo rollers so if you like curling your hair under the heat, choose a hood that is big enough to fit the type of rollers that you use.

    Consider the size of the hood especially if there are other people who would be using it that have afro hair or braids.

  • Coating

    If you know that you would be using hair products while drying your hair, you should check the interior of the hood if it comes with an anti-staining coat. Some chemicals in hair products could stain the interior part so this is a necessary precaution.

  • Heat Adjustment

    If you want to use the hooded dryer for various hairstyles, the option to adjust the heat is very important. Ideally, the dryer should allow you to adjust the heat in increments so you can gradually increase or decrease as necessary.

  • Height Adjustment

    You should also consider the height of the dryer. If you’re planning to let other people in your home use the dryer, choose a model that is height-adjustable. Check where the adjustment lever is located and how easy it is to operate.

    Other factors that you might want to consider are portability and cord length.


Using a hooded dryer for black hair is a great solution to bring out your hair’s natural luster and beauty. It may be a big investment initially but it can save you a lot of money for hair repair costs in the long run.

The Hot Tools Professional Tourmaline Ionic Portable Salon Dryer has taken the number one spot on our list but you should make your purchasing decision based on the above-listed considerations.