The 5 Best Hot Air Brushes for Frizzy Hair


Even if you’re really particular about saying goodbye to frizz, don’t let that stop you from enjoying the benefits of a hot air brush.

Hot air brushes can contribute to frizz, sure, but we’re only talking about low-quality models. As soon as you get your hands on the best hot air brush for frizzy hair, there’s no need to worry about dry flyaway strands anymore.

Allow us to introduce to you the ideal hot air brushes that can combat frizz.

Our Pick: Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Brush

With its two tourmaline ceramic attachments, Conair Infiniti Pro Hot Air Brush is versatile. It is also innovative because of its spinning or rotating barrel. More importantly, it has a generator that can release 100% more concentrated ions to stop frizz.

The two-inch brush is perfect for creating full, thick curls. Meanwhile, the 1 1/2-inch attachment is for natural-looking small curls and waves. Despite their differences, they’re both excellent at making your hair shiny while drying your strands.

Regarding the ceramic technology of this hair styling tool, it promotes safety to maintain healthy strands. It evenly distributes heat to prevent hot spots that are damaging to your hair. Ceramic is also an in-demand material for other styling tools just because of this factor.

Runner Up: John Frieda 1 1/2 Inch Hot Air Brush

To guarantee ultimate shine and safety, John Frieda 1 1/2 Inch Hot Air Brush can give 50% more ions than standard products because of its enhanced ionic technology. This feature gets even better with the improved air control factor.

Meanwhile, since intense heat can make your hair frizzy, this product has three settings: two for high temperatures and one for the cool mode. With these options, you can easily adjust the temperature that’s perfect for your hair type.

When it comes to durability and convenience, this hot air brush is a must-have. Its grille is made of titanium with a ceramic coating. Plus, the swivel cord will make it easier for you to store and use this hair styling tool.

Also Great: MHU Pro Hot Air Brush

Another great option with ionic technology, MHU Pro Hot Air Brush has a ceramic tourmaline barrel that can release a lot of ions to reduce frizz. It can also provide more shine and volume because of its standard size of 1.25 inches.

Additionally, this product is powerful with its 1,000 watts of power. It can dry and style your hair faster than most of its competitors. As a plus, it stays safe by keeping its tip cool.

Feel free to move around while using this hair styling tool. It has a nine-feet swivel cord.

Also Great: Lescolton Hot Air Paddle Brush

If you want straighter hair, then don’t hesitate to use Lescolton Hot Air Paddle Brush. You don’t have to use expensive hair products to keep your strands straight with this tool. Aside from straighter locks, they also become softer, smoother, shinier, and healthier.

This product can help you style your hair fast because you may use it while your locks are still wet. Its dryer function is super-effective.

Don’t forget to put this tool in your bag when you travel since it is so compact and lightweight. That means you can keep your hair gorgeous no matter where you go.

Budget Pick: Vidal Sassoon VS433C Hot Air Brush

Don’t worry about tangling your hair with a hot air brush. With Vidal Sassoon VS433C Hot Air Brush, its one-inch barrel has soft bristles that can prevent tangles.

Aside from the bristles, this product has a barrel switch. When you lock it, it can increase your hair’s volume. On the other hand, when you unlock the switch, you can easily release your hair which leads to a tangle-free styling session.

No matter how high your heat setting is, this hair styling tool will not burn your skin. Its tip maintains a cool temperature to prevent accidents.

How to Select the Best Hot Air Brush for Frizzy Hair

Choosing the best hot air brush for frizzy hair is definitely not an easy task. We considered the following factors before coming up with a decision:

  • Ionic Technology

    When it comes to reducing frizz, ionic technology is hard to beat. Ions are effective in breaking down water molecules for faster drying. When you dry your hair faster, there’s less exposure to heat which also leads to less frizz.

  • Hair Type

    If your hair is just thick and frizzy, choosing a hot air brush with an ion generator is enough. However, if you have fine or damaged strands, you need to look for more features.

    Come to think of it, hot air brushes are already designed to improve fine hair. They can lift the roots as they get close to the scalp. The result is thicker-looking hair.

    However, you still need to consider soft bristles if you have fine strands. This type of bristles will reduce tangles and breakage.

    Meanwhile, if you have damaged hair, the ideal hot air brush for you should have a ceramic heater. Ceramic is good at distributing heat evenly which is an in-demand safety feature.

    Additionally, the brush must have multiple temperature adjustments so you can choose the lowest setting. Damaged hair becomes worse with intense heat.

    Regarding thin hair, you may use any hot air brush. However, it is better to apply a small amount of volumizing mousse before the process. The mousse will give you volume fast, resulting in a shorter exposure to heat.

  • Material

    Barrels made of titanium and ceramic guarantee less frizzy hair. That’s why most of our products here are using these types of barrels.

    On the other hand, don’t ever choose plastic hot air brushes. Plastic never goes well with heat. It is cheaper, sure, but it is not as durable and safe as titanium and ceramic.


Because of its ionic technology and high-quality material, we selected Conair Infiniti Pro as the best hot air brush for frizzy hair. It can also be a great option if your frizzy hair is fine or damaged since it has different temperature settings.