6 Best Humidifier and Oil Diffusers for Your Daily Relaxation


Planning to change the whole ambiance of your home?

Feel free to humidify your room to increase its moisture. Or, you can also fill the space with a refreshing scent from essential oils.

Get the best of both worlds by owning the best humidifier and oil diffuser in just one device. Here are our top picks:

Our Pick: URPOWER Oil Diffuser & Humidifier

The improved version of URPOWER Oil Diffuser & Humidifier releases more mist than usual. That’s why it is ideal for hotel rooms and offices.

Rest assured that this product will only give you fresh mist since it preserves all the ingredients of essential oils. You will finally have clearer sinuses, moisturized lips, and a softer skin.

Be proud to show off this device to your house guests because of its stylish look. In fact, it even has seven lamps that can change colors. This makes an exciting nightlight when you place it on your bedside table.

Runner Up: InnoGear Oil Diffuser & Humidifier

For a long-lasting mist, InnoGear Oil Diffuser & Humidifier has a 150-milliliter capacity. It will surely be your go-to device whenever you want to relax all day. Its mist is so powerful that it can conceal different kinds of odors, especially from smoking and pets.

Expect total relaxation with this product since it doesn’t make any noise. It uses the feature called Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Operation.

Save energy with this device since it can automatically shut off once it runs out of water. It can continuously work for nine hours. You can also take it anywhere so you can relax anytime.

Also Great: ASAKUKI Oil Diffuser & Humidifier

Taking water capacity up a notch, ASAKUKI Oil Diffuser & Humidifier uses a 500-milliliter tank. With its nebulizer modes, you can control the quality and amount of mist. It will never overheat because of its automatic switch.

This product is made of safe and environment-friendly PP materials. Its quality is comparable to the high safety standards of baby bottles.

You can choose this device as a gift to your loved ones on special occasions. Aside from its functionality, it has a really nice look.

Also Great: SimpleTaste Humidifier & Oil Diffuser

Aiming to give you a more peaceful sleep, SimpleTaste Humidifier & Oil Diffuser only produces not more than 35 decibels of noise.

This product has a much bigger water capacity. It can contain a whopping amount of 1.06 gallon. Since it has a massive tank, it can work nonstop for 13 hours.

Despite its huge size, it can still serve as an adorable nightlight. It can present seven vibrant colors. It even has an LCD display for easier adjustments.

Also Great: iTvanila Humidifier & Oil Diffuser

Discussion about water capacity just gets better and better. iTvanila Humidifier & Oil Diffuser is so huge that it can contain 1.32 gallon of water. To paint you a picture of the capacity, this device can store five litres of liquid.

Because of the tank’s size, this product can continuously work for at least 30 hours. Amazing, right? It is perfect for spas and other establishments.

This device is so powerful that it can change the whole ambience of a big room in only a few minutes. One factor is its high-quality filter that can catch all impurities from the water tank. Cleaner air is much easier to release.

Budget Pick: Syntus Oil Diffuser & Aroma Humidifier

From large models, let’s proceed to a really small one. Syntus Oil Diffuser & Aroma Humidifier is an excellent alternative to a car purifier. It even does a better job since it releases cleaner air.

To activate this device inside your car, just connect it to a car adapter, power bank, or laptop. You can literally use it anywhere.

Of course, let’s not forget about its beautiful appearance. It can still be used as a nightlight.

How to Select the Best Humidifier and Oil Diffuser

We didn’t choose the best humidifier and oil diffuser as one device. What we did is to set our standards based on the specific features of a humidifier and an oil diffuser. Learn more about our selection process below:

  • Humidifier

    Compared to other variations of humidifiers – specifically the evaporative, air washer, and vaporizer – we believe that the ultrasonic cool mist type is the best. All of these variations are too similar to one another, but it all comes down to which type is more convenient.

    The ultrasonic humidifier instantly converts water into a mist, preventing a damp indoor environment. It keeps the floor from getting wet just because of increased humidity. That’s actually an issue for other humidifier types.

    A good humidifier must also be able to release a lot of mist. This quickly changes the ambience of the room to make it a healthier living space or work area.

    When it comes to size, we prefer portable humidifiers. They’re perfect for tabletops or bedside tables since they don’t occupy too much space. They’re also great as nightlights.

  • Oil Diffuser

    Focusing on the oil diffuser feature, we think that the ultrasonic type is ideal. This variation uses water to include the oils in the mist. It is gentler than other types since it has a lighter concentration.

    You may choose nebulizing and heat diffusers if you want more power for a stronger scent, but they don’t process oil with water. They’re expensive to maintain since they consume pure oil too quickly.

    Meanwhile, evaporative diffusers are simple and travel-friendly, but you’ll need to change their pads all the time. They’re also not good at retaining the healthy ingredients of essential oils.

    Additionally, a good oil diffuser must have a timer so it can automatically shut off. This feature will let you leave the device unattended. Without it, the risk of overheating is high because of the remaining oil.


After considering the important features of humidifiers and oil diffusers separately, we managed to pick the best humidifier and oil diffuser as a single device. This innovation intensifies the improvement of your room’s ambience. It makes the air cleaner to keep you and your family safe from airborne microorganisms.

For us, the top spot for this category goes to URPOWER Oil Diffuser & Humidifier.

If you prefer a humidifier that only needs minimal maintenance, you might want to consider buying a filter-free one. Check out some high-quality options here.