The Best Indoor Plant for Your Home


Having a small space shouldn’t stop you from getting the best indoor plant. After all, it’s not that easy to take care of as long as you have the right plant.

Most indoor plants are grown in homes, as well as in offices. These plants add beauty to the room by giving a more relaxing ambiance. They also purify the air.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving you the best indoor plant in today’s market.

Our Pick: JM Bamboo Terrarium & Fairy Garden Plants

JM Bamboo Terrarium & Fairy Garden Plants comes with eight kinds that are placed in various pots because of their differences in height. With just one purchase, you will already have a collection of houseplants. These terrarium plants can last different seasons.

These indoor plants are more beautiful to look at if you make a terrarium for them. Terrariums can be built in just 10 to 20 minutes, so you will still be free to do other stuff for the day. If it is your first time in taking care of plants, the product includes comprehensive instructions.

Runner Up: Aquatic Arts 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit

Aquatic Arts 12 Air Plant Terrarium Kit is also perfect for people who want to collect houseplants with just one purchase. It comes with a variety of live air plants and a fertilizer bottle. The sizes range from two to eight inches. These indoor plants do not demand attention because all are low-maintenance.  They only need a small amount of sunlight. They can also thrive without soil. You can water these plants only once every week. This product can be a housewarming gift.

Also Great: Emeritus Gardens Four Best Clean Air Plants Collection

Emeritus Gardens Four Best Clean Air Plants Collection has less quantity of plants for people who prefer a smaller set. It is composed of Flowering Peace Lily, Mother in Laws Tongue, Golden Pothos, and Parlor Palm. Its plants are bigger compared to other collections to emphasize decor and beauty inside a room. They filter toxins inside homes and offices aside from adding oxygen.

Also Great: Brussel’s Bonsai Money Tree

Brussel’s Bonsai Money Tree is included in the most saleable bonsai trees. It is authentic because it is imported all the way from Southern China. Its tall trunks are braided together beautifully.

Also Great: Delray Plants Aloe Vera in Pot

Delray Plants Aloe Vera in Pot is perfect for sunny places. However, it is still meant to be indoors because too much sunlight damages it. It is highly recommended to place this in the kitchen, specifically on the spot where the sun always shines for just a while. If you put this in your home’s public quarters, guests, children, and pets might destroy this useful plant. Aloe vera has healing abilities.

Budget Pick: Hirt’s Gardens Golden Devil’s Ivy

Hirt’s Gardens Golden Devil’s Ivy is one of the most favorite houseplants because it does not need much attention. It only needs indirect sunlight and minimal water. It is a lot cheaper than other houseplant products. People who are not ready to collect indoor plants will surely like this one.

How to Select the Best Indoor Plant

Here are important factors to consider before purchasing the best indoor plant for your home or office:

  • Type

    There are plenty of indoor plants to choose from. Some of the most common and easy-to-grow plants are aloe, English ivy, rubber tree, pothos, snake plant and spider plant. Aloe plants, with their natural healing properties, do not only soothe your skin but also help purify air quality in your home. They can grow as high as three feet. However, they also have smaller varieties for more compact indoor spaces.

    Another easy to grow plant is the English ivy. It is commonly present in homes as a decorative piece because it can be grown hanging on windows or standing on the floor and furniture. It is considered to be one of the best air-filtering houseplants, according to NASA scientists. English ivy is the most effective plant in absorbing formaldehyde, a type of organic compound considered to be dangerous to human health.

    The rubber tree is also a good air purifier and toxin eliminator. It can grow up to eight feet. It can also have a shrub shape by trimming any long stems around it. This indoor plant has shiny, dark green leaves and usually grows well at room temperature.

    Pothos is also a good formaldehyde filter or air purifier. It has trailing stems which can look good when placed in a basket or pot, and leave it hanging inside the kitchen or living room. Pothos thrives well in normal room temperature.

    A snake plant, on the other hand, absorbs carbon dioxide and releases oxygen during the night. It is a type of succulent that has thick, waxy leaves, and do not need much water or light to survive.

    Lastly, the spider plant is an easy-to-grow plant with good air purifier qualities. It works well as a hanging plant, which adds more beauty to a boring room. It also produces small spider-like plants that dangle down to its tips when it reaches maturity.

  • Smell & Color

    If you prefer blooming indoor plants, there are several types that are easy to find. They do not only purify air but also possess different colors and scents. One example is the peace lily. It is low-maintenance and grows well in shade or cooler temperatures. It is usually white.

    Red-edged dracaena is another vibrant indoor plant that blooms white fragrant flowers. Most red-edged dracaenas do not bloom but their long green, red and yellow leaves are enough to make an attractive houseplant.

    If you are a flower enthusiast, you have probably heard of Arabian Jasmine. This type of indoor plant loves to be in a sunny room and blooms pure white flowers that are very fragrant and can be used in making tea.

    The popular orchid is also on the list. Some orchids bloom beautiful, fragrant flowers. If you want to grow orchids with colorful and sweet-scented flowers, Oncidium is the right kind for you.

  • Location

    If you are planning to put your plant right beside a window or on top of your study desk, make sure that you are getting the right type for these specific areas.  For table tops, pick smaller plants that do not require lots of water such as aloe, jade plant, snake plant and cactus.

    If you prefer hanging or placing your plant beside a window, get one that requires medium to bright light but does not require direct sunlight. Plants that need minimal watering such as jade, English ivy, and spider plant are also best for this spot.

    For people who are looking for indoor plants that can survive inside a room with a cooler temperature due to less sunlight and cold climate, try growing some potho, rubber tree or peace lily to brighten up that corner.

    Flowering plants usually need sunlight in order to bloom, so better place your orchids and Arabian jasmine in a well-lit area.


Some indoor plants may survive with little attention while some require more time and a good amount of TLC. But overall, most plants need proper care in order to grow. Growing indoor plants is enjoyable but needs dedication and affection. It is better to do more research on how to properly take care of your chosen indoor plant because there are other factors that might affect its growth.

Taking things up a notch, find out how to grow a weed plant in your own home and even in your closet! Just make sure that it is legal in your area. Meanwhile, for other ways to purify air inside a room aside from houseplants, take a look at the best air purifiers.