Best Infant Car Seats For Small Car


Car seat is necessity for your baby. You always want to buy comfortable and safe seat for your child as your child grow with the passage of time. So the question must arise in your mind that which car seat is best? Small cars are being admired among parents due to increase in gas prices these days.

So it sometimes happen that the standard-sized car seats do not fit into the small cars, even when you try to fit them in certain positions. At the same time parents also want certain space for their other children to pass by the fitted car seat. So you need a car seat which is smallest and fits according to length and width.

You need consider this factor on top before making a wrong decision of buying a car seat that doesn’t fits and even require the front seat to be moved forward causing difficulty for a driver.

Best Infant Car Seats For Small Car Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpriceWeight (pounds)FeaturesBest For
Britax Marathon Convertible 70-G3 Car Seat4.7$$$$19.5 pounds·100% polyester
·Energy absorbing.
·Durable cover easily washable
Graco Affix Backless Youth Booster Seat4.6$7 pounds·Storage compartment
·Safe for a ''big child''
·Removable, machine,washable
Diono RadianR1004.6$$$23 pounds·Energy absorbing harness system.
·Side impact protection
·Comfortable washable cover
Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Base and Car Seat4.5$$$21 pounds·Made of Nylon
·Thickly cushioned seats
Graco Smart Seat Car Seat4.3$$$42 pounds·Seats convertible
·Properly secured car seats
·Machine washable covers

Things to Consider

Apart from primary attribute, there are some more factors to be considered before buying a car seat adjustable with small car for your child.

  • System of Harness and Features Giving Comfort

    The first thing to be considered is that car seat must be comfortable. It must have five point harness and adjustable. It must have two buckle positions making your child fits comfortably as he grows. The seat’s harness holders are important so that you can put your child easily on a seat without straps getting in your way. Moreover it should have 100 percent polyester.

    It should be of imported quality. It should be made in USA. It must have energy absorption system to reduce the impact of crash. Forward movement of child should be stopped during crash. High density foam cushions makes your child feel relax just like Britax Marathon Convertible 70-G3 Car Seat having pads for comfort.

  • Installation is Easy and Design is Airline Approved

    Easy Installation and suitable for air shipping is another important feature to be consider. Car seats must be able to installed and uninstalled easily just by pushing button. Car seat should not scratch the vehicle seat while installing or uninstalling. Seat cover should also be durable and can be removed easily without uninstalling the car seat just like Britax Marathon Convertible 70-G3 Car Seat which is also compatible to do air shipping.

  • Easy Clean-Up

    The next important feature to be considered is that car seat covers must be easy to clean. They should be able to get attached easily with vehicle seat. It should have storage compartments to place toys and other accessories. It should have cup holders also. It should be safe for a big kid. There are easily removable, machine-washable seat covers just like Graco Affix Backless Youth Booster Seat.

  • Safety Features Protect Your Child from Injury

    Car seats must be safe and secure that protects your child from injuries. It should be strong having steel frame foundation. Seat must not rotate during the crash. Moreover seats must be convertible and booster which increase their safety. Energy absorbing feature helps to reduce the impact on your child. Side walls should be protected well and cover with Aluminum absorbing the harness. Just like Diono RadianR100 Convertible Car Seat, Stone. that has beaten the Federal Crash test standards

  • Easy to Install

    Car seat should be easy to install. And it must be installed properly in order to make your child safe. It must have removable newborn insert that hold the baby from four to thirty pounds. It should be made up of Nylon. It should be imported in quality. Thickly cushioned seat has five-point safety harness easy to adjust. Just like Chicco Keyfit 30 Infant Base and Car Seat that has center pull latch adjustment

  • Strong & Durable

    Last important thing to consider is that car seat must have extra strength, safety and durability. For that purpose seat must be made up of plastic and metal. Car seat frame must be steel reinforces. 5-40 pounds of infant should be able to get fit in the rear position easily. 20-65 pounds of infant should get fit easily in forward position. 30-100 pounds of infant should fit easily in belt position. Just like Graco SmartSeat Car Seat All-in-One giving quality steel reinforced and extra durability.


Car Seat should be user friendly. It should be able to get fit easily in your vehicle without putting scratches on your vehicle. It must be safe and secure that fits your child and prevents him from moving forward during crash.

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