Best Infant Car Seats And Stroller Combo


Mulch-purpose travel systems allow your young ones to be with you from the starting. Convenience beyond expectation, Seamless integration and moving baby with ideal calmness from seat to car to home are the differentiating features car seat and stroller combo.

Best Infant Car Seats And Stroller Combo Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpriceWeight (pounds)Features
Chicco Keyfit Caddy4.8$11.2 pounds·Sound of click when attached
·Folds by one hand
·Frame is of anodized aluminum
The First Years Ignite Stroller4.5$14 pounds·Made from Polyester
·Handles are tall
·Baskets for storage
Peg Perego4.6$$$11 pounds·Use for both rear and forward facing· ·Adjustable Side ·Impact Protection
·EPS foam throughout the seat
Graco Fastaction4.3$25 pounds·Able to stand 50 lbs. child
·Energy absorbing foam on car seat
·Infant head can be removed
Graco SnugRider4.6$15.5 pounds·Portable and ideal for travel
·Compatible with all infant car seats of Graco.

Things to Consider

If you are a new parent, travel system is on top of your to-buy list. Regardless if you are tight in budget or like stylish things, small coordinated with color infant car seat and stroller will definitely grab your attention. But in order to save your money and time from getting vain, always think about what are your requirements when purchasing a travel system.

If you go through a proper thought process then you will definitely not complain and it would work perfectly for you.

  • Convenient

    The car seat needs to be convenient and can easily be moved around. In order to move this it needs to be lightweight. The material also needs to be so that it is durable and can easily be moved around. The folding and unfolding procedure also needs to be easy. As the baby grows faster, you also need the car seat to fit the baby at various heights.

    Also, as it is a stroller as well then tight brakes, good suspension and parent control features are must. The Chicco Keyfit Caddy Stroller Frame is a very convenient combo with this regard as it is made of aluminum, can be folded by one hand and adjustable to 4 heights. The Graco SnugRider Elite Stroller and Car Seat Carrier, Black gives you additional convenience swivel wheels at front, basket for storage, and a tray with 2 holders for cup for parents.

  • Comfortable

    A car seat to be comfortable is of utmost importance as its user is a cute little baby. In order to keep the baby in comfort zone, the seat belt needs to be wide, the wheels need to be large to slide on various surfaces, the canopy should be removed easily for different weathers and the seat should recline so baby can easily sleep on it. The comfort should not only be for babies but for the mother as well.

    There should be storage area on top so parents can keep their belongings on it. Also, a large storage below seat would be an added bonus as bulky things could also be moved around with baby which can be needed at any time like diapers. The forward and rear brakes and easy folding procedure would give parents much relief and will make this hard time a bit easy. The First Years Ignite Stroller, City Chic is a very good example for a comfortable and secure combo.

  • Secure

    The security of baby in car seat is a very crucial factor. This attribute alone can make you buy or not buy an infant car seat. The security of baby is best assured when EPS side foam is used in the head panels and the shell. It gives a better Side Impact Protection (SIP). Moreover, it should easily be adjustable.

    The seat should also have a cushion as an added prevention and fast release safety harness. The most important thing is that it should be fastened to your car very well either by latch connector and tether straps, shoulder lap or by standard lap. Peg Perego Convertible Car Seat is well known for being a highly secure infant car seat.

  • Quick to Fold

    This is purely a luxury but is much preferred on products being secure, convenient and comfortable. It is directly related with time a mother needs to engage for folding and unfolding the car seat. Graco Fastaction Travel System is famous for its one second fold. It also have basket for storage as well and is very light weight.


After discussing above features, we come to the conclusion there is no one perfect infant car seat and stroller combo for everyone. Every one product is different from other and is targeted to a specific customer group.

The choosing factors for each is different, some focus convenience, some style and some are price conscious. The crucial factors which are necessary when buying a combo of car seat and stroller are safety and comfort of baby. The baby is dependent and needs a secure and relaxing hand in the form of combo.

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