Best Infant Car Seats For Twins


Look after the twins is a tough job. You can make your life easy when your babies are twins just by getting lightweight stroller frame, which can carry 2 babies at a time in their car seats. In this way you can take good care of your babies in their early days.

Best Infant Car Seats for Twins Comparison Table 2017

nameratingpriceWeight (pounds)Features
Joovy Twin Roo4.7$$21.6 pounds·Easy access to children
·Alternate seat's direction
·One hand easily foldable
Baby Trend Universal Double Snap-N-Go4.4$20.3 pounds·Rear wheels
·Seats arranged in Stadium seating
·2 cup holder tray
Baby Trend Sit and Stand Double4.1$$39 pounds·5 point safety harness
·Removable cup holder, trays
Baby Trend Expedition4.1$$30 pounds·Comfortable and luxurious
·Rotatable front wheel
BOB Revolution SE4.6$$$$34 pounds·Strong with aluminum alloy
·Get fold easily
·Easy to transport

Things to Consider

These things are necessities for your children in their initial days. You will always wonder if your child is comfortable or not, if they are happy or not. Choose a car seat that grows with your child and make them feel comfortable while traveling longer distances.

  • Made for Twins

    The first thing to consider is that infant car seat should be made for twins and it should be able to get mount giving you ease to access your children. Sometimes parents of twins have to give independent attention to their each baby. So car seat’s direction should be alternate easily so that you can give attention to one twin keeping other undisturbed. Car seat must be able to provide maximum strength to your children just like Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller.

  • Convenient

    The next thing to consider is that infant car seat must be convenient to use. It should be able to get fold efficiently with on handed fold. It should be able to release easily. It must have a tray kind of thing to place drinks and avoid the risk of spilling. Car seat must have cup holders for drinks and bottles. Basket is very important it should be attached to the carrier and it should be big in size to place diaper bags and other accessories of your children. It should be light in weight with efficient folding. Just like Joovy Twin Roo Car Seat Stroller

    There must be some storage compartment. It should be easy to transport and fold with one hand. Storage basket is necessary to place children accessories. Cup holder tray is also important. Just like Baby Trend Universal Stroller Frame having rear wheels with brakes.

  • Safety First

    Safety of your children comes first. Infant car seat must have 5 point safety harness. Foot activated rear brakes are very important. Cup holder and tray are removable. Moreover it should be made up of plastic and metal. Your children should fit easily into it and feel comfortable for that purpose it must have large cradle frame. Just like Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double, Carbon that converts the baby carriage to a traditional Sit N Stand.

  • Comfortable

    The next thing to consider is that it must be comfortable and luxurious. It must be durable. Versatility is important. It should be attractive and takes you anywhere with comfort and ease. Jog could be easy with rotatable front wheel. Just like Baby Trend Expedition Double Jogging Stroller, Skylar good for families who are always on the move.

  • Compact, Easy-to-Fold Frame

    The other thing to consider is that it stroller must be strong with aluminum alloy. It should get fold easily making it easy to transport for busy parents and caretakers. It’s frame should be light weight which can get fold efficiently for transport and storage purposes. It should be easy to clean. It should be anti-stain. Just like BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Black which always suits your style.

  • Multiple Adjustment and Storage Options

    The next thing to consider is that the stroller should have multiple adjustment and storage options. In this way it will make your life easy. You don’t have to carry the bags of your children in your hands all the time. Like if you are in a walk and you children fall asleep, they will remain undisturbed with adjustable seats that can recline and tilt back making your children sleep comfortable.

    Strollers must have multi position covers which protect your children from outside elements. They should have windows also so that you can keep eyes on your children. Storage options should also be multiple like all other things. It must have pockets and basket. Just like BOB Revolution SE Duallie Stroller, Black having various storage options.


So you might be thinking that one double car seat frame stroller is better than others or not? You get confuse when there are so many products being offered. And every product has almost similar features and results so you always want to buy the best. For your ease we have given you the review of the best product so that you can make the right decision for your twins.

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