Best Interdental Brush for Braces: 4 Great Products to Buy


While brushing your teeth can help remove plaque and food debris, it isn’t enough most of the time. This is why you need to have a good interdental brush, particularly if you have braces. It can help you thoroughly clean the spaces in between your teeth and braces, preventing cavities from forming there.

And to help you pick the best interdental brush for braces, we’re sharing with you four great products you can use to keep your teeth and gums healthy and clean.

Our Pick: PRO-SYS® Interdental Brush Narrow Spaces

PRO-SYS® Interdental Brush Narrow Spaces is designed to fit between tight junctures without breaking. The steel holding the bristles is very strong so you can manipulate it without worrying about splitting it in half.

The brush, on the other hand, is angled and not straight. Its design is great for cleaning the hard-to-reach corners of the teeth, especially the back teeth. You see, most brushes have a tendency to bend when pushed or forced into the back of the mouth, making them hard to keep oriented. And if you push them, they’ll just snap. This particular product isn’t like that.

It’s an ideal choice not just for people with braces but those who have bridges, crowns, and implants, too.

Runner Up: TePe Interdental Brush

TePe Interdental Brush, on the other hand, is plastic coated. It has a soft neck to make it easier for you to maneuver it when removing plaque in between teeth and braces. It has a user-friendly handle that won’t slip while you are using it.

To keep your brush safe from contamination, you can cover it with its plastic cap. Now, the said cap actually doubles as an extension of the handle so you can easily reach the areas at the back of your mouth.

The brushes aren’t too hard or too soft so there’s a very minimal chance that it’ll hurt your gums. Although they can bend, you can simply straighten them out again after use.

Also Great: Plackers Interdental Brush RA, 16 Count

Plackers Interdental Brush RA is an angled brush that’s designed to remove plaque and debris from tight spaces. It features a comfortable grip to allow you to reach you back teeth easily. Plus, with its flexible brush head, you can conveniently maneuver it in between teeth.

One issue you might encounter with this set is the size. It only comes in one size which can be a problem if you have really, really tight spaces in between your teeth. And if you force it to fit, you might end up breaking the brush. That’s the last thing you’d want to happen as one brush is good for 10 days of use.

Budget Pick: DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners

For our budget pick, we chose DenTek Easy Brush Interdental Cleaners. These interdental cleaners have tapered brushes which are great for braces. The wires are flexible and can be bent for better access.

One thing that sets this particular brush apart from the other products on this list is its flavor. It has this minty flavor so you won’t just be cleaning the spaces in between your teeth but you’ll also get a fresher breath.

Additionally, each brush has an advanced fluoride coating, giving your teeth a deeper clean. The brushes also come with their own caps which help keep bacteria and dirt away. At the end of each cap, you’ll find holes which allow the brushes to air dry.

How to Choose the Best Interdental Brush for Braces

When food particles are trapped in between your teeth and gums, bacteria can grow and inflammation can happen. This is why choosing the best interdental brush is critical.

Below, we are sharing with you some of the criteria we used in narrowing down our top picks:

  • Size

    Finding the right size can be difficult, particularly if you’re new to using interdental brushes. If you don’t know where to begin, you can always ask the help of your dentist.

    Another good option is to buy a set of mixed sizes. That way, you’ll be able to test which size is right for you. Now, be careful when doing a trial and error. Using and forcing the wrong brush size can injure your gums and cause more problems.

  • Design

    Angled brushes are more ideal than straight ones since they are easier to maneuver. Apart from orientation, you should also check for the length, particularly if you are intending on using the brush to reach the back part of your mouth. Some products come with caps which can double as extenders.

  • Coating

    Some interdental brushes are coated with antibacterial agents to prevent bacteria from growing. Others are coated with fluoride treatment for additional cleaning properties. Although they aren’t really that necessary, having them in your interdental brushes provides additional benefits.


In this review, PRO-SYS® Interdental Brush Narrow Spaces is the best interdental brush for braces. It is specifically designed to fight tight spaces without the risk of breaking. It’s easy to manipulate since it’s angled. Additionally, it has a cylindrical design which provides a gentle way of cleaning.

Interdental brushes are only great if you know how to use them properly. Without the right knowledge, they’ll just be a waste of money, time, and effort.

In using interdental brushes, remember to never push and find a smaller brush as necessary. Additionally, you should use them as often as your regular brush to make them more effective. Don’t forget to change brushes regularly, particularly if yours is already worn out. Clean the brush after each use and put on its cap to keep bacteria away.

In cleaning the back teeth, bend the brush if possible. Be careful in doing so or it may snap and hurt your gums and teeth.

For additional tips in caring for your braces, find out if it’s safe for you to use an electric toothbrush. And if you are already using one, learn the proper way to store it as well as how to clean its holder.