Best Inversion Table: How to Choose the Ideal One


Have you been experiencing back pain for a long time now?

Sure, you may get back massages but you can’t do that yourself.

One popular way to get rid of back pain nowadays is using an inversion table. You can use it even when you’re alone.

If the whole idea is still new to you, learn more about it as we introduce to you the features of the best inversion table:

Our Pick: Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table

With a good balance of foam, steel and PVC materials, Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table is a perfect blend of comfort, durability, and safety. It can support weight up to 350 pounds.

The backrest is made of memory foam and nylon while the ankle cushions are effectively molded to fit most sizes. Meanwhile, the tubular steel frame will give you a sturdy angle. Lastly, the powder-coated finish will prevent steel corrosion.

Since its sturdiness guarantees that you will be safe in an upside down position, this product can stimulate blood circulation which reduces stress in your back.

This inversion table is also innovative. It has a special “Palm Activated” ankle locking system that you can easily reach. When it comes to storage, it can be folded.

Runner Up: Innova Health and Fitness Inversion Table

To ensure comfort, Innova Health and Fitness Inversion Table has a headrest pad you can easily adjust. In addition, its backrest is big with a generous amount of padding.

This product has an adjustable pin system that makes five essential positions possible. To make positioning easier, it has a special protective cover. The cover also guarantees safety.

Tall and short people can definitely use this inversion table. The 4’10” to 6’6” height range is more than enough to accommodate any person.

Also Great: Teeter Inversion Table

Teeter Inversion Table can relieve muscle tension and spasm which leads to overall relief from back pain. It can specifically target a herniated disc with its eight adjustable acupressure nodes.

This product enhances traction and support by having an adjustable arch on its “lumbar bridge.” It also has support cups that you can easily wrap around your ankles.

Rotating is easy with this inversion table. Just move your arms to shift your weight to another direction.

Also Great: Exerpeutic Inversion Table

The steel frame of Exerpeutic Inversion Table is very thick to support weight up to 300 pounds. Another safety feature is the extra-long handlebars with full loops for an easier inversion adjustment.

Aside from cushions, this product also has foam rollers to secure your ankles. To completely release yourself after the session, just pull out the pin.

Also Great: Best Fitness Inversion Therapy Table

Best Fitness Inversion Therapy Table is so convenient because of its simple design called the “two-pin collapse-and-fold.” Additionally, shifting yourself to full inversion is fast yet safe because of its spring-loaded strap.

Just like other inversion tables, this product also has a padded backboard and adjustable ankle supports. People over six feet tall can use it, too.

Budget Pick: Best Choice Products Inversion Table

Like any other equipment, inversion tables also need cleaning from time to time. Good thing that Best Choice Products Inversion Table has nylon pads you can easily remove for cleaning.

Additionally, this product can improve your flexibility and posture. It can also help your nerve roots recover from stress and pressure.

How to Select the Best Inversion Table

Aren’t you curious how we came up with our list of top products? Stay with us as we enlighten you about choosing the best inversion table!

  • Safety

    The first thing you really need to ensure is safety. In fact, before buying an inversion table, it is crucial to consult your doctor first if you can use one. Some health conditions won’t be able to handle rotation and upside down positions.

    Regarding safety features, you need to pay attention to the product’s swivel components, locks, frame, and straps. Your number one priority is to make sure that the inversion table will handle your weight.

    To be more specific about safety features, always double-check the quality of the ankle locks. The straps or cups for your ankles should keep your feet and legs fixed on the board. Not only that, they should also be soft to the skin. See, it’s a matter of security and comfort.

    However, if the ankle locks don’t have enough padding, you can actually provide a solution for this. You may wear thick socks.

    Another safety feature is the frame. Compact, lightweight frames are good for movement but they’re not durable enough to support heavy weight. The best option is to choose heavy-duty steel frames.

    Steel frames are the best when we talk about durability and sturdiness. But, they are better if they have a special finish that won’t let them corrode easily.

    If you’re planning to shop online, check first the product’s weight and height capacity.

  • Comfort

    What really defines an inversion table’s level of comfort is the amount of padding. The ideal type is the nylon pad filled with memory foam.

    Memory foam alone is already known for its health benefits. It is a popular filling for pillows and mattresses. It completely supports your body so your muscles will have a chance to relax.

    Meanwhile, nylon is a common material for inversion tables to avoid absorbing sweat. It simply retains moisture on the surface to let it dry naturally. And of course, this material is extremely durable which is perfect for daily use.

    However, it is interesting to note that some people actually buy inversion tables for physical exercises. For abdominal exercises, a non-padded backrest is recommended.

  • Space

    You shouldn’t choose a compact inversion table just because you have a small home. Never compromise your safety for space.

    Instead, choose an inversion table that can be folded for storage. If the whole room is occupied because of the table, it won’t matter afterward since you can just fold it.


Mainly because of its well-balanced features, we selected Ironman Gravity 4000 as the best inversion table. It is comfortable, durable, and completely safe to use. However, make sure that your height and weight will be compatible with this product.

In your search, try to learn how to correctly use inversion tables and the top mistakes you need to avoid.