Best Inversion Tables for the Money


Are Inversion Tables Worth the Money

Let us not deny it. Inversion tables are along the lines of expensive products that give no absolute guarantee that it will work. Yes, studies are very positive about its benefits but there are still many who say that they have tried it and it didn’t do anything for them. So is it worth the money?

If you’re going to invest on an inversion table, or at the very least, try one, save yourself the trouble and don’t even think about getting anything less than a hundred dollars. You could buy it just for the sake of saying you have tried the therapy but in the end, you would have just wasted your money because you didn’t really experience what inversion therapy could do for your body.

Best Inversion Tables for the Money Comparison Table 2017

Ironman Gravity 40004.5$$350 pounds
Teeter Hang Ups EP-5504.5$$$$300 pounds
Teeter Hang Ups EP-5504.5$$$300 pounds
Ironman ATIS 40004$$$320 pounds
Body Power IT99104.5$$300 pounds

Inversion Therapy

Before we compare prices and features of inversion tables, let us take a quick look at how it really works. You could also read our general Inversion Tables Buying Guide and Do Inversion Tables Work to get a better idea about this type of equipment.

Basically, an inversion table is apadded table, used as the backrest, on a tabular steel frame. This can invert up to 180 degrees. There is a strap at the bottom for your feet which will be used to hold your weight as you go upside-down. There are more advanced features in other sophisticated models.

While your body is in the inverted position, the pressure or the stress in your muscles, bones and joints caused by gravity is released. This decreases the ache and is said to remove it permanently through regular use.

How to Choose the Best Inversion Table for the Money

Here are some important things to consider when buying an inversion table.

  • Frames

    One of the reasons why inversion tables are expensive is the frames. The have to be very durable so always check what kind of frames the table has. Some are made of PVC, others of stainless steel.

  • Capacity

    Always check the weight capacity of an inversion table. If you are heavier, make sure that the frames and the table itself is durable. Typical inversion tables can hold up to 300 pounds but some models are built for heavier weight, up to 350 pounds like the Ironman Gravity 4000, great for athletes and body builders.

  • Angles

    The best inversion tables allow you to hang and stretch from different angles. This lets you work on the specific parts of your body that may need special attention.

  • Stabilizers

    For added safety it would be nice if the frames of the table have skid ground stabilizers to prevent the table from sliding.

  • Storage

    Check if the table can be folded and how as it is to store, especially if you have limited space in your home.

  • Design

    You might want to steer clear of those with flimsy looking parts as they may not endure the process. It would also be nice if your inversion table is well designed if you expect guests to see it in your home.

Extra Features

Here are some extra features which are actually quite important and if you’re looking at an inversion table as an investment, I’d say, look for these. Your inversion table may cost a little more if it offers these but it will do a lot for you.

  • Foams and Ankle Cushions

    If you have back pains, it is important that your inversion table has a comfortable backrest with foam. Some offer memory foam like the Ironman Gravity 4000 Inversion Table. It also includes ankle cushions so your ankles are protected from the pressure especially at full inverted position.

  • Lumbar Pillow

    A Lumbar pillow will give you extra support for your lower back. If you have predominant lower back pains, this could help.

Comfort, Safety, and Quality First

Remember that an inversion table is an equipment that involves you being hung upside down. So you’re not just buying an ordinary home appliance. You have to be comfortable in it, it has to be durable and safe.

You must be comfortable enough in it otherwise, you might not last more than two minutes. You would be using this often so it should also be hygienic and washable as much as possible.


If you don’t have the serious health risks associated with using an inversion table and you think you could benefit from it, there is no reason why you shouldn’t try one. It promotes good blood circulation and posture. To know about serious restrictions in using an inversion table, you can read Who Should Not Use An Inversion Table. If you don’t have any of those conditions and you want to relieve your back pain and improve your posture, inversion tables could help a lot.

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