Best Jogger Pants


Jogger pants are quite popular nowadays for both men and women. These tapered cuffed-bottom pants are not only trendy but are also comfortable to wear since they have a soft, lightweight fabric material that allows our legs to breathe.

As a comparison, sweatpants are thicker to keep our legs warmer during exercise or other activities. Before, they were only worn for athletic activities like jogging. Now, sweatpants have evolved to jogger pants, which are taking over the street and casual wear. However, sweatpants still exist in stores for people who prefer them over jogger pants.

After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best jogger pants in today’s market.

Our Pick: Levi’s Men’s Chino Jogger Pants

Levi’s Men’s Chino Jogger Pants are low-maintenance for busy people because they can be safely washed in a washing machine. These cotton pants have elastic cuffs for comfort and fit. They look like sweatpants, but they have a zip fly and a button closure just like regular pants. Men can definitely wear this as part of their casual outfit.

These jogger pants have the right mix of lightness and thickness that they can be used in all seasons. Aside from the fabric blend, the look of these pants is also a mix of youthfulness and maturity. The dark colors of this product are very similar to ordinary jeans. The only difference is comfort – and that’s a plus for joggers. These joggers are perfect for all types of sneakers.

Runner Up: Champion Women’s Jersey Banded Knee Pants

Champion Women’s Jersey Banded Knee Pants have a closure that is unique and secure. They are so lightweight because of their thin cotton fabric, proving their usefulness during summer. They are also easily adjustable due to their drawcord. These jogger pants have secure side pockets for convenient storage of small items, especially valuable ones like modern smartphones. They are perfect for women who want to maintain their style while doing a heavy workout.

Not only are these jogger pants perfect for activities, they are also good for lounging. That’s how comfortable these joggers are.

Also Great: ToBeInStyle Women’s Solid Print French Terry Jogger Pants

ToBeInStyle Women’s Solid Print French Terry Jogger Pants have a closure that can be simply pulled tight for convenience. Their waistband is elastic for any body type. The pockets are so deep to prevent lost keys and money. These jogger pants do not shrink and lose their color after washing.

Also Great: Victorious Men’s Twill Jogger Pants

Victorious Men’s Twill Jogger Pants have two pockets at the back aside from the front ones. That means more storage for essential small items. Also, the pockets make these jogger pants look like regular jeans.

Also Great: SweatyRocks Women Colorblock Casual Tie Waist Yoga Jogger Pants

SweatyRocks Women Colorblock Casual Tie Waist Yoga Jogger Pants have seams that are resistant for an excellent fit. They are firmer than other jogger pants because they are not too lightweight. They might be uncomfortable during summer and extremely hot days, but they are very useful when it gets snowy outside. These jogger pants are perfect when women need to accomplish errands fast since they are a nice blend of comfort and style.

Budget Pick: Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pants

Southpole Men’s Basic Fleece Marled Jogger Pants have a lot of attractive masculine colors to choose from. They are a magnet for compliments because of their cool style.

How to Select the Best Jogger Pants

In selecting the best jogger pants, here are some few things to consider:

  • Material

    In picking trousers, never sacrifice comfort. An ideal quality fabric for jogger pants should be 80% cotton while polyester composes the remaining 20%. This blend is best for sweatpants as well. On the other hand, knitted fabric is softer and more comfortable to wear. It has that slight stretch perfect for jogger pants.

    For men, cotton and knitted fabrics are usually the most popular. For women, however, jogger pants made of satin, chiffon, cotton and even leather are being sold and worn nowadays.

  • Color

    Jogger pants have a wide variety of colors. Choosing the perfect color depends on your personal preference. Neutrals like black, gray, khaki and white are the most common colors since they easily match with other hues. You can wear them with almost anything.

    Stylish and vibrant jogger pants are perfect to pair with neutral-colored tops. Red, blue and green jogger pants are commonly paired with neutral-colored tight shirts. You can also go for neutral-colored jogger pants if you like to wear a bright, colorful top for the day.

    Since the creation of satin and chiffon jogger pants, bright printed joggers have become a trend and are often used by women all around the world.

  • Fit

    Sweatpants are usually loose to give the best comfort while they are being worn. With jogger pants, however, the looseness and fit vary on the look you want to achieve. For the laid-back or casual look, put on a pair of semi-loose jogger pants. These pants should have that obvious looseness with a hint of tightness as if you are about to go to the gym then have a lunch meet-up with a friend. They are paired best with neutral-colored tops and some good sneakers or training shoes with laces for the perfect laid-back feel.

    For smart casual wear, tailored jogger pants that are not too baggy or tight are the best pairs for the job. Getting the right fit can be tricky though. Slightly-fitted jogger pants should not be too loose at the back and not too tight around the crotch. This breaks the laid-back or gym look given by loose joggers. For men, smart casual joggers are best with loafers or even long wings while high-heeled or wedged shoes such as ankle boots and pumps are perfect for women who want classier jogger pants.


Jogger pants, just like any other pants, can pair with almost anything as long as you know how to mix and match. So, go ahead and try something new. Do not be afraid to experiment. Try different colors and styles. Then, maintain the look that best speaks your own personality.