The 6 Best Kitchen Scales for Baking You’ll Be Proud to Own


Precision is everything when you’re measuring ingredients for baking. One tiny mistake can ruin your expectations. That’s why you have to invest in the best kitchen scale for baking.

This type of equipment is very sensitive in measuring lightweight ingredients. You’ll find it reliable, particularly when it comes to giving accurate numbers.

To feed your excitement, here are the top products that aced our review.

Our Pick: Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale

As expected from our top product here, Etekcity Digital Kitchen Scale has an extremely high accuracy rate. It uses four precision sensors for foolproof results. When it comes to the numbers, this scale has one-gram measurement increments and an 11-pound capacity.

Additionally, this kitchen scale has a platform surface of superior quality. It is made of stainless steel that’s so smooth to touch. Even better, it won’t retain your fingerprints for easier cleaning.

Because of the aforementioned features, this product is not only ideal for baking. It is also great for weighing jewelry and cooking restaurant-quality dishes.

Runner Up: Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale

Other than the fact that Ozeri ZK14-S Pronto Digital Kitchen Scale is really accurate, it has an attractive look as well. Its big platform has a beautiful chrome finish.

You can’t avoid conversions while baking especially if you’re reading recipes from different sources. Fortunately, this product has a special Automatic Unit Button to immediately convert a certain measurement into grams, pounds, ounces or milliliters.

Since readability is also important for kitchen scale users, this product has an LCD screen that’s so easy to read. It is also a breeze to operate because it only has two big buttons. Each button will make a sound every time you press it so you can monitor your actions.

Also Great: NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale

To ensure accuracy and a wide range of measurements, NUTRI FIT Digital Kitchen Scale uses a strain gauge sensor system. In particular, it is good at measuring liquids. It has a special function that focuses on measuring the volume of water and milk.

The stainless steel surface of this product doesn’t only resist fingerprints; it is also dust- and stain-proof with anti-corrosion properties. This feature leads to a longer-lasting scale since you won’t need chemical cleaners to remove fingerprints, dust, and stains. It will ensure that your scale retains its gloss and stays away from blackening and overall damage.

Focusing on its appearance, this kitchen scale is very unique. It has a modern design that can complement any kitchen. As a plus, it is really slim so you can store it anywhere, especially in narrow spaces.

Also Great: Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Scale

Aside from its undeniable precision that’s essential for baking, Accuweight 207 Digital Kitchen Scale is also excellent for weighing meat. This is all because of its unique platform that’s made of tempered glass for easier cleaning.

Tempered glass also ensures that your scale stays intact even if you have to store it in a crowded compartment.

Lastly, for easier readability, this product uses a big LCD display with a blue backlight.

Also Great: TOBOX Digital Kitchen Scale

When it comes to saving energy, TOBOX Digital Kitchen Scale is hard to beat. Aside from touchscreen technology, its LCD display automatically shuts off after two minutes. This lowers your battery consumption.

Additionally, this product has a low battery indicator. This is useful whenever you have sudden plans to bake. You don’t want a dead kitchen scale when you’re about to bake something.

Portability is also a strong suit of this kitchen scale. You may bring it anywhere you want because of its lightweight structure.

Budget Pick: Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale

Despite being a very affordable product, Greater Goods Digital Kitchen Scale can be used every single day because of its precision and durability. If you’re a budget-conscious home baker, don’t hesitate to consider this device.

Just like more expensive options, this product has an 11-pound capacity. It also has a display that’s user-friendly.

How to Select the Best Kitchen Scale for Baking

Of course, we’ve considered several factors before deciding which product is the best kitchen scale for baking. Here they are:

  • Type

    Technically speaking, the two major types of kitchen scales are analog and digital. Analog kitchen scales, also known as mechanical scales, use a certain spring to reflect the measurement on a rotating pin. They don’t need any power source, but they’re still not as convenient as digital scales.

    Digital or electronic kitchen scales require batteries, sure, but they’re really worth your money because of their multiple functions. Most of them are extremely accurate and can even store data so you can see your previous measurements.

    Another great thing about digital kitchen scales is their big automatic display. We have to admit; analog scales can be pretty tricky to read since not all of us can see the lines or markers. That’s definitely not the case with electronic scales since numbers easily flash on the screen.

  • Sensitivity

    A good kitchen scale for baking must have several sensors for the sake of precision. The trend with high-quality scales is to have four sensors to make sure that the numbers are correct. This basically leads to a really sensitive weighing device.

    In addition, sensitivity is a crucial factor since most home bakers only use minimal amounts of ingredients. With low-quality scales, especially analog ones, it would be impossible for you to measure a few grams of sugar or salt.

  • Conversion

    It would be a waste of money to settle for a kitchen scale that doesn’t have an automatic conversion feature. We’ve mentioned earlier that different recipes use different units of measurement. Without automatic conversion, you’re going to spend a lot of time manually converting the measurement of each ingredient from the recipe.

    Usually, kitchen scales with a conversion feature can switch to kilograms, grams, ounces, pounds, and milliliters. These units of measurement are enough since they’re the most common ones used for recipes.

  • Tare Function

    There’s nothing accurate about including the container’s weight if you have to measure the volume of milk, water, and other types of liquid. The solution is to use a kitchen scale with a tare function.

    The tare feature will only display the content’s volume by disregarding the mixing bowl‘s weight. Unbelievable, right? Well, it turns out that you only have to press a certain button at the right timing.

  • Platform

    When it comes to size, it is best to settle for a kitchen scale with a wide platform. This is useful when you have to bake for a lot of people.

    Regarding the surface, stainless steel or tempered glass is an ideal choice. However, we prefer stainless steel more since it is tougher and easier to clean. A lot of stainless steel platforms are resistant to fingerprints, dust, and stains.

  • Storage Convenience

    Having a wide platform is not a storage issue. What you need to prioritize is the height. Slim kitchen scales can easily fit compact spaces.

    It is also useful to have a kitchen scale that’s lightweight. You may bring it anywhere around your kitchen.


Considering that digital weighing devices are much better than analog ones, we ultimately selected Etekcity’s product as the best kitchen scale for baking. Aside from being a multi-functional electronic scale, it is also very precise and convenient.