Best Knife Sharpener for the Money



The best knife sharpener for the money is one that provides you with the best knife sharpening experiencing. These sharpeners are designed to sharpen any kind of dull/ blunt knives. A dull knife does not necessarily have a blunt edge. Ideally, the real problem is getting the edge sharp. You should consider knife sharpening as a fine art.

This way you will be able to choose knife sharpeners that are worth the money. These sharpeners can be electric powered or manually operated. Each of these sharpeners is equipped with either two or three sharpening slots. The slots provide different sharpening stages, including coarse, fine and medium or first, second and third stages.

Best Knife Sharpener for the Money Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightNumber of Sharpening StagesAbrasives
Chef’s Choice 154.5$$$5 poundsThreeDiamond, flexible stropping disks
Wusthof 3 Stage Electric Knife Sharpener4.5$$$5 poundsThreeDiamond abrasive wheel
Chef’s Choice 3204.5$$1.2 poundsTwo100% diamond abrasive disks, polymer disks
Chef’s Choice Model 15204.5$$$5 poundsThree100% diamond abrasives, patented flexible stropping disks
Priority Chef Knife Sharpene5$4.8 poundsTwoCoarse and fine abrasives

How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpener for the Money

Different knife sharpeners manufacturers provide different models for the money. The best models worth the money are equipped with high-quality features. Among the various manufacturers that you can choose from, the following are known to supply the best knife sharpeners: Chef’s Choice, Wusthof, Kyocera, and Presto.

Chef’s Choice dominates the electric knife sharpener market, with several models for different knife categories, including hunting knives and global knives. Each sharpener has a different combination of angles and abrasives. The prices can help you decide, but you should look for one all-purpose knife sharpener. Wusthof knife sharpeners, on the other hand, supply some of the leading knife sharpeners in the market.

All in all, the best sharpeners worth the money need to have three stages of abrasives or two stages of abrasives, and the angle should change considerably with each sharpening stage; thus creating a durable triple bevel. The sharpening stages of the best knife sharpeners should consist of high-quality abrasives that will provide your knives with the best edge.

The first stage abrasive should be coarse grit diamond or tungsten carbide, meant to grind the bluntest knives. The second stage should be made of finer grit abrasives, including finer grit diamond and ceramic. The third stage also referred to as stropping, is equipped with flexible disks with very fine abrasives. The third stage or fine stage removes the negligible amount of metal.

Important Features to Consider

The best knife sharpeners for the money are made of the latest knife sharpening technologies, including Angle Select technology and Edge Select technology. Knife sharpeners made of Angle Select technology are engineered to provide sharp edges by using precise knife blade guides that position the knife’s blade accordingly. Sharpener made of this technology is normally equipped with multi-stage sharpening system. These advanced knife sharpeners are designed to restore as well as recreate a 15° edge for Asian-style knives and 20° edge for American and European style knives.

An Angle Select knife sharpener will quickly and effortlessly work on your fine edge as well as serrated blades. The other unique technology that is worth the money is Edge Select. Knife sharpeners made of ultra-sharp Edge Select technology are known to provide the best honing as well as knife sharpening. These knife sharpeners are also incorporated into two or three stages. Knife sharpeners that use Edge Select technology are known to be very convenient for Asian style knives as well as Western style knives.

The best knife sharpeners for the money are designed for safety. They are either equipped with easy grip handle or non-slip feet/ base. The non-slip base/ feet ensure that the sharpener stays put at the designated position while you are sharpening. On the other hand, easy grip handle will provide you with an easy time when handling the sharpener. The best sharpener for the money should be incorporated with an assist roller, to prevent excessive sharpening. In addition, the sharpener should be equipped with a safety cover for protecting the user against grinding and dust.


When shopping for the best knife sharpener for the money, you should put into consideration the type of the sharpener you choose, whether electric or manual; and the technology used, whether Edge Select or Angle Select. Most ideal models are incorporated with standard sharpening angle, and others are equipped with adjustable angle. Knife sharpeners with adjustable angles are convenient since they will let you customize the edge accordingly. Conclusively, the best knife sharpener for the money is one that presents you with high-quality features.

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