Best Knife Sharpener for Wusthof Knives



Wusthof knives are among the best knives across the globe. They have a reputation of serving their purpose effectively. However, they get dull or blunt after a while just like any other knife. Unlike other knives, Wusthof knives can be sharpened efficiently by Wusthof knife sharpeners.

These knife sharpeners are relatively light, with the heaviest weighing approximately five pounds, and the lightest weighing approximately eight ounces. Most of the best knife sharpeners for Wusthof knives are two-stage sharpening systems, while others are three and four-stage knife sharpening systems. These sharpeners are made of firm designs with easy grip handles for convenient holding while sharpening.

Best Knife Sharpener for Wusthof Knives Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceNumber of Sharpening StagesAbrasivesEasy Grip Handle
Wusthof Precision Edge 2 2922-74.5$TwoCarbide bladesYes
Wusth of 2944-74.5$FourHard carbide steel bladesYes
Wusthof 3 Stage Sharpener4.5$$Three100% Diamond, finer grit diamondNo
Wusthof WT43474.5$$$TwoSteels, whetstonesYes
Wusthof Knife 43464$$TwoDiamond rods, ceramic rodsYes
Wusthof Classic Santoku 86425$$TwoDiamond, ceramicYes

How to Choose the Best Knife Sharpener for Wusthof Knives

  • Sharpening Stages and Abrasives Used

    The sharpening stages matter a lot when choosing the best knife sharpeners for Wusthof knives. The least number of stages that you should consider is two and the most being four. The standard and effective knife sharpener should use high-quality abrasives, such as carbide blades, hard carbide steel blades, 100% diamond, finer grit diamond, and ceramic. In most cases, the first stage of the sharpener you choose should feature 100% diamond abrasive wheel or an abrasive of equivalent quality, for sharpening dull as well as blunt knives, and creating the perfect edge on your Wusthof knives.

    The second stage should feature a finer abrasive, such as a finer grit diamond wheel, which will effectively and efficiently refine the edge of your Wusthof knives; thus creating a finer edge. For a two-stage system, the second stage will, as well, polish your knife’s blade for hairsplitting sharpness. Nevertheless, for a three-stage system, the third stage should be made of an advanced stropping material for razor sharpness.

  • Features to Consider

    The best sharpener for Wusthof knives should be able to re-sharpen blunt knives effectively or maintain sharp knives without leaving any scratches on the blade. The best sharpeners should not just be compatible with Wusthof knives, but also other models. It is quite convenient to engage units that have set the optimum angle for German knives; all you will have to do is gently pull your knife through each sharpening stage for precision sharpness.

    Look for the latest Wusthof knife sharpener, since they are made from the newest advanced technology that integrates a new computer-controlled methodology for placing the edge on the blades of classic knives. The incorporation of this new precision ensures that your Wusthof knives receive sharpness to 14° on every side for a sum of 28°; hence, doubling the sharpness retention.

  • Top Class Performance-Works Well

    The most convenient sharpener for Wusthof knives is one that allows you to use the coarse sharpening stage to put a good edge on your knife, and also allows you to use the fine sharpening stage to adjust the edge to razor sharpness. A good unit will provide you with a reasonably sharp edge each time you use the fine sharpening stage to hone your Wusthof knives after every round of use.

    The coarse sharpening stage of the unit you select should only put a convenient coarse edge, one that can be smoothened by the fine sharpening stage. Top class performance knife sharpeners for Wusthof knives should be easy to use. Therefore, they should have a built-in mechanism that holds your knife’s blade in position while you gently draw the blade back and forth for precision sharpness. In addition, a top class performing knife sharpener is one that you can use as many times as possible.


The best knife sharpener for Wusthof knives is high-quality knife sharpeners from Wusthof that can put an exceptionally sharp edge on just about any Wusthof knife in a matter of seconds. These knife sharpeners are not a gimmick like other sharpeners found in the market. They are equipped with a good number of features.

Well, the only challenging part is how to select the best among the various Wusthof knife sharpeners. The content in this guide has provided you with the much-needed information on how to choose the best Wusthof knife sharpener. The price is good for each and every model you will engage; the only thing that you need to be certain of is the performance.

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