Best Knife Sharpener under 100 Dollars



The right way to sharpen your knives is to use a reliable as well as an effective knife sharpener. Nevertheless, you may limit your knife sharpening capacity due to the high costs of knife sharpeners. Ideally, you have no reason not to sharpen your knives with high quality knife sharpeners, since there are many models that cost less than $100 in the market.

The best knife sharpeners under $100 dollar are uniquely designed; furthermore, most of them are made up of better features than the ones which cost more than $100. These units feature both three and two sharpening stages.

Best Knife Sharpener under 100 Dollars Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightAbrasivesNumber of Sharpening Stages
Chef’s Choice 3204.5$$1.2 pounds100% diamond, patented stropping/ polishingTwo
Chef’s Choice 3124.5$$5 pounds100% diamond, finer diamondTwo
Kyocera Electric Diamond DS-504$13.4 ouncesDiamond grinding stoneTwo
Presto 088104.5$2.4 poundsDiamond coarse and fineThree
Chef Knife Sharpener KN-015$4.8 ouncesCoarse diamond, fine diamondTwo
Kitchen Knife Sharpener-Serrated Knives4.5$3.2 ouncesDiamond precisionOne

What to Consider When Buying Knife Sharpeners under $100

As much as these knife sharpeners are cheap, you need to be sure of the features before making a purchase. This will make sure that all your knife sharpening requirements are met accordingly. You need to engage knife sharpeners that are packed with high quality features, since sharpeners of this kind will not give you a hard time when sharpening your hunting knives, kitchen knives, fillet knives, and so on.

What About the Type of the Knife Sharpener

There are two types of knife sharpeners under $100, and they include electric knife sharpener and manual knife sharpener. Electric knife sharpener under $100 are fast, convenient, effective and very easy to use. Most of them have fixed sharpening angle as well as adjustable sharpening angle.

The sharpeners are highly versatile and resourceful. On the positive side, they are lightweight than most knife sharpeners over $100. Manual knife sharpeners under $100 are quick to use and they require no special skills. They normally have in-built angle guides for positioning your knife’s blade as you draw it back and forth. These knife sharpeners are very effective for sharpening blunt knives as well as dull knives.

The Performance of the Knife Sharpener

The best knife sharpeners under $100 have great performance regardless of the pricing. You shouldn’t have the idea that these knife sharpeners’ performance is doubtful. You should instead set your knife sharpening expectation, and be sure that all your knives will receive razor sharpness. Knife sharpeners under this category are made of easy to use designs; therefore, they are user friendly for a beginner as well as an expert in knife sharpening.

The best knife sharpener under $100 only requires you to plug in, switch on, and insert your knife in the sharpening slots for precision sharpening. As far as manual knife sharpeners are concerned, all you need to do is hold the sharpener in position and then insert your knife in the sharpening slots, and draw the knife for a few strokes to achieve razor sharpness.

Important Features to Look For

When choosing the best knife sharpener under $100, you need to look for units that have either two stages or three stages. For a two-stage sharpener, you will be provided with a coarse sharpening stage as well as fine sharpening stage. For a three-stage sharpener, you will be provided with a coarse sharpening stage, medium sharpening stage and fine sharpening stage. Choose knife sharpeners that are made of high quality abrasives.

The best coarse abrasives include but are not limited to: 100% diamond abrasives and tungsten carbide. The best fine abrasives include finer diamond, ceramic and steel. The fine abrasives also include patented flexible stropping/ polishing disks. In addition, you need to engage knife sharpeners that are designed for safety. These sharpeners may have easy grip handle for perfect grip when sharpening. Non-slip feet, on the other hand, make certain that the sharpener does not slide when you are sharpening.


You need not to spend your cash on professional knife sharpener experts, since for less than a hundred U.S. dollars, you can actually buy the best knife sharpeners, and they present the best performance. Most of these knife sharpeners have been used by many people, and they have proved to be fast, efficient and convenient. Take your time and choose the best knife sharpener that is worth the money. Knife sharpeners under $100 perform professionally on any knife, from kitchen knives to hunting knives. A feature unique to these knife sharpeners is that they can effectively be operated by people of different experience levels.

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