Best Knife Sharpener under 50 Dollars



The best knife sharpeners under $50 sharpen dull knives in less than four strokes. These great sharpeners are so effective, and they provide razor sharpness, effortlessly. Most of the knife sharpeners that cost less than 50 dollars are installed with two sharpening stages, which will sharpen the bluntest of your knives. The only important factor that you need to observe closely is whether or not these knife sharpeners meet all your sharpening expectations.

Best Knife Sharpener under 50 Dollars Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightAbrasivesNumber of Sharpening Stages
Premium Knife Sharpener4.5$4.5 ouncesTungsten carbide blades, ceramic rodsTwo
KitchenlQ 500094.5$1 poundCarbide blades, ceramic rodsTwo
Best Knife Sharpener5$5.6 ouncesTungsten carbide bladesOne
Wusthof 29074$0.3 ouncesCoarse carbide, fine ceramic rodsTwo
Kitchen Knife Sharpener Serrated Knives4.5$3.2 ouncesTungsten carbide steelOne
Chef Knife Sharpener KN-014$4.8 ouncesDiamond abrasivesTwo
Presto 08814.5$$2.4 poundsDiamond abrasivesThree
Kyocer DS-504$$13.4 ounces600 grade diamond grinding stoneTwo

Selecting the Best Knife Sharpener under $50

Your choice of the best knife sharpeners that cost less than fifty dollars should put into consideration the abrasives used. You should unquestionably consider buying sharpeners that are made of industrial quality abrasives. Abrasives that are not only durable but they also provide the much-needed grinding.

There are different abrasives materials that you can always make certain that your knife sharpener is made of, and they include diamond, tungsten carbide, ceramic, and steel. Ideally, all these abrasives are very effective as far as coarse and fine grinding are concerned. However, each of these abrasives will provide you with different degrees of sharpness.

Important Knife Sharpener Features

The best knife sharpeners under $50 should provide you with industrial standard knife sharpening. Most of these knife sharpeners are equipped with two to three sharpening stages. These sharpening stages will provide you with coarse and fine knife sharpening. The best sharpener is one that can help you revive old knives, in literally four strokes or less, and they should be designed with safety.

Knife sharpeners in this category have the capacity to sharpen hardened knives, including serrated knives. The sharpeners you choose from this category should be eco-friendly. They should not just remove the bluntness from your knife, but also provide it with hairsplitting sharpness without using additional effort. The sharpeners need to be lightweight as well as portable. The abrasives used in the sharpening stages should only remove the unwanted metal that causes the bluntness.

Get Great Knife Sharpening Consistently

The most reliable knife sharpeners under $50 should be equipped with precision angle control. Most of the reviews on knife sharpeners costing less than fifty dollars talk of how great their sharpening stages are. One of the key advantages of knife sharpeners costing less than fifty dollars is that they require less technical expertise to operate.

For maximum sharpening experience, you need to make sure that the sharpener is equipped with either non-slip feet or easy grip handle. Ergonomically designed sharpener handle with rubber grip provide comfort, and the rubber base makes certain that the knife sharpener does not slip while sharpening.

Why You Should Buy Knife Sharpeners under $50

You should buy knife sharpeners under $50 if you are after razor sharpness without necessarily spending a great deal of money. Your primary goal should be to sharpen a variety of knives, including ceramic knives, serrated knives and straight edge knives.

Well, most of the sharpeners are made of sleek as well as user-friendly designs, which are extremely easy to use. You will rarely need to confirm the step from the user manual. Nevertheless, these sharpeners come with more than enough guidelines to get you started. With these knife sharpeners, you do not need to use a blunt knife anymore.


Knife sharpeners under 50 dollars are worth the money. They are very resourceful for experienced users and highly convenient for first-time users. They are exquisitely designed with attractive packaging. These are the sharpeners that will provide you with additional features, an assist roller, knife guide slot, and a safety cover.

The assist roller is useful in preventing excessive sharpening, the knife guide slot is convenient for keeping your knife’s blade at a fixed angle, and the safety cover protects you from the grinding and dust. With these knife sharpeners, you will effectively, efficiently, conveniently and effortlessly get your knives to razor sharpness.

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