Best Knife Sharpening Stone Set



Knife sharpening stones are the most reliable traditional tools for sharpening knives. The stones make knife sharpening easy since it is just you, your knife, and your abrasive bar. This method of sharpening knives is relaxing, and the person doing the sharpening is sure of the exact edge he or she is after.

People appreciate having total control over the stone type, the angle, and the finishing. One can actually customize and polish the edge of his or her knife’s blade. Freehand sharpening is quite easy despite the fact that it might take a few stones to get your extremely blunt knife to hairsplitting sharpness.

Best Knife Sharpening Stone Set Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceProduct WeightAbrasivesStored in a Case
Gatco 8T0014.5$1.9 poundsThree-stone Arkansas, coarse silicon carbide stoneNo
Gatco 100035$1.7 poundsThree stone fine and coarse stonesYes
Stone Knife Sharpener 500085$$1.4 poundsThree stone sharpener- fine, medium and coarse stonesNo
Lansky Diamond LKDMD4$1.6 poundsFour stone diamond- extra coarse, coarse, medium and fineYes
Smith’s 500085$$9.6 ouncesCoarse and fine grit diamond stones, natural Arkansas stoneNo
Ceramic Stone Set4.5$13.8 ounces800 grit grey medium, 1800 grit white polishingYes

Choosing the Best Knife Sharpening Stone Set

The best knife sharpening stone set will provide you with the opportunity of experiencing freehand knife sharpening. Therefore, you need to be keen when choosing the best set. A good set is one that will provide you with a sharp edge without going through a series of challenges.

The best set will definitely get you somewhere with fewer strokes, and you will gain the edge and your knife will appear sharper than usual. The best stones never get messy when you lubricate them to get a better sharpening surface. The method of using a stone set may be slower, but the outcome is guaranteed. With the correct combination of stones, you will spend at most fifteen minutes.

The Best Stone Types

In order for you to be able to use less time possible for sharpening your knives with sharpening stones, you will have to settle for a stone set that is made of high-quality abrasives. There are different stones that you can look for, and they include natural abrasives, diamond stones, ceramic stones, and water stones. Natural abrasives constitute of Arkansas stones, which are porous and work effectively with a lubricant, such as honing oil.

Diamond stones are steel plates incorporated with diamond particles. These stones have a good reputation as far as knife sharpening is concerned. They have the capacity of providing a good working edge on a blunt knife, and when finer diamond abrasives are used-the stones will provide razor sharpness. Ceramic stones are among the best fine sharpening stones, given the fact that they give ultrafine polished edge without lubrication. Water stones have a history of creating superfine edges; however, they must be submerged in water for a minimum of ten minutes before use.

Sharpening Stones Grit Level and Important Features

The sharpening quality of sharpening stones is determined by the stone’s coarseness (grit). Sharpening stones coarseness is expressed with a figure that ranges from 100 to 8000. Normally, the lower figure (100) corresponds to a coarser stone. However, the stones are normally labelled coarser and medium. On the other hand, higher grit number corresponds to finer stones. Fine abrasives sharpen gently, but they provide a more refined edge. Basically, you are supposed to choose the grit of your stone set with respect to the condition of your knives’ edge bluntness.

The dullest knives will need you to go for a set that is equipped with coarser grit stones. The best stone set should have an easy stone rotation as well as identification. The set should be incorporated into micro-tool sharpening pad for working out small tools. A reliable set should come with angle camp, honing oil, and a custom caring case, along with the instruction. Your choice of a stone set should include whether or not the stones are mounted on a supporting base or they should be separately located in a box; whether the stones are mounted or not, they are designed to provide maximum performance.


The best knife sharpener stone sets should be packed with high-quality stones. The stone meant for removing extreme bluntness, need to be tougher and very effective, which include coarse diamond stones. Conversely, the stone designed to provide finer sharpening, need to be fine and less aggressive on removing metal from your knife’s blade. The availability of different stones in one setting provides you with the means of developing manual sharpening stages. You can conveniently switch from one sharpening stone to the other in the attempt of creating razor sharpness.

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