Best Laptop Bag


All laptop owners must have the right bag for their device. Not only does a laptop bag keep your device safe, it can also serve as an actual bag for your other belongings. You can even buy one that complements your fashion statement. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best laptop bag in today’s market.

Our Pick: Case Logic VNAI-215 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache

Case Logic VNAI-215 15.6-Inch Laptop Attache has compartments that are securely walled by padding for ultimate protection. Its handles also have padding to prevent your hands from gaining marks in case the bag gets heavy.

This laptop bag has a divider inside to separate important papers from other stuff. Meanwhile, its front panel has a pocket that contains a lot of sections in order for you to organize small objects. There is also another pocket for bigger things.

Going further, the strap has a shoulder pad that does not slip off easily. It can also be removed if you want. With this bag, you can easily remove and store your laptop because of the accessible opening at the top.

Runner Up: Mosiso Quatrefoil Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Bag

Mosiso Quatrefoil Style Canvas Fabric Laptop Bag is actually a sleeve that has its own shoulder strap and handles for a more portable device. It has beautiful Quatrefoil patterns to provide style in contrast to the typical black laptop bag. Aside from aesthetics, this laptop bag ensures that your device will never be scratched or become vulnerable to impacts and bumps. Why? Its lining is composed of fleece while the padding is made of polyester foam. See, dual protection.

The strap can be adjusted easily to adapt with your desired positioning of the bag. If you do not want to use the strap, you can definitely resort to the handles. However, if you feel like going out like a young student, take off the strap and handles then hug your laptop like a book. Just remember to put the handles and strap inside the laptop bag’s pockets in case you change your mind.

Also Great: Tomtoc Protective Spill-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Briefcase

Tomtoc Protective Spill-Resistant Laptop Sleeve Briefcase has several pen-holders which is great if you take down notes while using the device. It is amazing how this bag is so lightweight since it contains a very thick layer of padding to avoid dents on your laptop.

Also Great: Canvaslife White Rose Pattern Laptop Messenger Bag

Canvaslife White Rose Pattern Laptop Messenger Bag is perfect for women who want a more unique and fabulous protection for their device. Even if this laptop bag looks so fragile, it is waterproof which is useful during drizzly weather.

Also Great: Mancro Business Water-Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack

Mancro Business Water-Resistant Polyester Laptop Backpack has a lot of compartments to serve as an overall bag for your work or school. It looks exactly like a typical backpack for high school students. Aside from the laptop, you can also put here your water bottles, clothes, books, wallet, keys, pen, tablet, phone and so much more. This product is composed of an environment-friendly nylon material. More importantly, this laptop bag has a special security feature. It comes with its own lock that requires your secret combination of numbers.

Budget Pick: AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag

AmazonBasics 15.6-Inch Laptop and Tablet Bag is a briefcase yet a compact one for a lighter weight. Unlike other laptop briefcases, this one is definitely not bulky. For an affordable price, you can already give heavy-duty protection for your valuable laptop.

How to Select the Best Laptop Bag

Consider the following points before purchasing the best laptop bag for your device:

  • Size

    The size of the laptop bag you are looking for must always be based on the size of your laptop’s screen. If your sole purpose is to cover your laptop and nothing else, the best laptop bag must have the same measurement as your laptop’s screen. For 14-inch laptops, choose a 14- or 15-inch bag for a stable fit.

    Take note, a 17-inch bag is not advisable for small laptops because this allows too much movement of the device, causing damage during continuous impact. If you are not certain about the size of your laptop, then find a ruler or tape measure to help you out.

  • Compartments

    If you intend to get a bag that can fit your laptop as well as others things like phones, wallets, and notebooks, then choose a laptop bag with extra space and compartments.  This is useful for people who travel frequently because it saves them from bringing extra baggage.

    Just a friendly reminder when you travel: Laptops bags with checkpoint-friendly designs, also known as TSA-compliant bags, are made for frequent travelers who want less hassle at airports. With this kind of bag, you do not have to take out your laptop anymore. You only need to slightly open the bag before it runs through the x-ray machine.

    Laptop bags usually have internal compartments for pens, cards, and phones. Some have an open exterior compartment for frequently used items or flat essentials.

  • Material

    Most laptop bags are made of nylon. This material is considered durable and highly resilient. Its fibers have thick threads but possess lightweight features, perfect for bags.

    Neoprene is another material used for laptop bags with good wear qualities, though it is often used in the interior or sleeves.

    The most expensive material for a laptop bag is leather. It is stronger and more durable than nylon bags. And of course, a leather bag is classier than other types of bags.

  • Style

    There are several types to choose from when it comes to style or design. Laptop sleeves basically cover the laptop without all the compartments and thick padding. They are lighter and useful when you want to place your laptop inside a bag or just simply carry it around. Since laptop sleeves need to have the same size as the device, there are a lot of sleeves right now that are made especially for specific models. For example, MacBook sleeves are available in stores nowadays.

    Meanwhile, briefcase-style laptop bags are meant to be carried by hand because of their handles. However, they also come with a shoulder strap to easily carry them when they get heavy.

    On the other hand, backpack laptop bags are one of the most convenient ones because of their two shoulder straps. The straps give an even distribution of the bag’s weight, causing less pain brought by carrying heavy items such as bulky laptops. This is great for frequent travelers and students.

    Next, messenger bags are usually worn across the body. They allow more movement on your part.

    Lastly, rolling laptop bags are lifesavers for people who do not like to carry heavy things on their shoulder or back while traveling. They are usually bulkier than any other laptop bag, but their size can contain much bigger things. They are best for long-distance travels because of their wheels.


In general, comfort, durability, style, and functionality are the factors you have to consider before shopping for the best laptop bag to meet your daily needs. Never put your laptop in cramped spaces, unless you have purchased the right sleeve or bag. As long as the bag contains padding, your laptop will be less susceptible to damages.