The Best Laser Measurer of 2019


There’s nothing wrong with sticking to the basics. If you’re fine with using tape measures, good for you. However, with the best laser measurer, you’ll be able to finish the task faster without compromising accuracy.

To learn more about that high-tech tool, check out the features of this product:

Our Pick: Tacklife 196 Ft Laser Measuring Device

Accuracy should always be your top priority when buying measuring tools or devices. They would obviously lose their purpose if you get inaccurate results all the time. Fortunately, with Tacklife 196 Ft Laser Measuring Device, you have nothing to worry about.

This laser measurer has a really high level of accuracy, specifically up to +/- 1/16 inch. That’s why it’s perfect for classroom demonstrations and, more importantly, professional settings. It can even be used in quiet places like libraries if you mute the beeping sound.

Aside from accuracy, this tool is very efficient, too. It can instantly measure distance up to 196 feet. In fact, it can also automatically calculate volume, area, and length.

To avoid the inconvenience of an empty battery, this device can give a signal when power runs low. Speaking of power, it can also automatically shut down after 150 seconds of inactivity. That way, you’ll be able to save energy so you may use the system for hours.

Additionally, the system can store 20 groups of data for easier monitoring. No slot will be wasted since you have the freedom to delete select data manually.

Regarding durability, the whole structure will always be protected against moisture because of its IP54 waterproof feature. It can even resist dust for easier cleaning.

If you’re worried about accidentally dropping this product, it has a tough body made of rubber to enhance your grip. Not only that, it comes with a strong strap for your wrist, which can also keep the tool steady when you hold it up.

Other extra items you can get from this product are 1.5-volt AAA batteries and a belt clip. Everything is packed in a neat little box for easier wrapping if you buy it as a gift.

Runner Up: URCERI 197Ft Laser Measuring Device

URCERI 197Ft Laser Measuring Device has an accuracy of up to +/- two millimeters. It even works with bubble levels to ensure precision. To be more specific about the laser, it is the 635-nanometer type, level II.

Other technical features include self-calibration, conversion (meter/foot/inch), addition, subtraction, and memory. This product can store up to 30 units of data, which is helpful in case you forget to take notes.

When it comes to convenience, you can take this device anywhere. It has a really compact shape that can easily fit pockets and small bags. Another benefit of its small size is you can easily push any of the five buttons with just one hand.

We should also highlight the easy-to-read screen. It is specifically a big liquid crystal display (LCD) to present data more clearly. It will even let you see the numbers in the dark because of its backlight.

Also Great: Leica DISTO E7400x 265′ Laser Meter

Another option with a type II laser, Leica DISTO E7400x 265′ Laser Meter also works with 1/16-inch accuracy. However, it takes range up a notch with its measuring distance up to 265 feet. It also has better protection, proven by its IP65 waterproof feature and two-meter drop rating.

Aside from being a good height tracker, this device can measure hard-to-reach corners. You don’t have to make an extra effort anymore just to measure an entire room.

Also Great: Morpilot 196ft Laser Measuring Device

To enhance precision, Morpilot 196ft Laser Measuring Device has two level bubbles. The result is an accuracy of +/- two millimeters.

Meanwhile, for the sake of convenience, the keypad of this laser measurer is easy to press. It will feel comfortable underneath your fingertips. In addition, this product comes with an enhancement target card and a pair of glasses to make the laser point and line more visible in bright light.

Also Great: SUAOKI S9 198ft Laser Distance Measure

With its wide measuring range starting from 0.05 foot to 198 feet, SUAOKI S9 198ft Laser Distance Measure can be used in any project. It has a 1/16-inch accuracy while supporting metric and imperial units.

Meanwhile, having a backlit screen isn’t enough sometimes. The data should be crystal-clear as well. Good thing that this product has a four-line display.

Budget Pick: Tuirel T40 131ft/40m Distance Measurer

Being the cheapest one here, Tuirel T40 131ft/40m Distance Measurer has a practical set of features. It has a measuring range of 131 feet and an accuracy of +/- 1/13 inch, enough for a decent laser measurer.

This device is durable, too. It is fastened with screws to withstand heavy use. Even its keypad is guaranteed to stay functional even if you press it 300,000 times.

How to Use the Best Laser Measurer

In order to enjoy all the benefits of the best laser measurer, you have to know the purpose of each button on its keypad. Based on an instruction manual, here are the features you should pay close attention to:

  • Single Distance

    This is the default setting when you turn on the laser measurer. Just press the “MEAS” button after you aim at your target spot to see the outcome in summary line.

  • Continuous

    To set this mode, long-press the MEAS button. Slowly move the laser backward and forward, then upward and downward. Make sure you do that over your target point while you maintain a single measuring point. Press the MEAS button again to stop.

  • Area

    Change the setting to the area measurement by pressing the button with four squares. Simply press MEAS before getting the length. The same thing goes for the width. Thanks to the mode you set, the system automatically calculates the area.

  • Volume

    Simply repeat the steps given for getting the area. The only difference is that you should press MEAS the third time for the height.

  • Pythagoras

    Press the four-square icon and choose the setting for Pythagoras. Next, press MEAS for the first line’s distance. Then, slowly move the device until you hold it horizontally (your position should be fixed). Press MEAS one more time for the second line’s distance.

    If you need the three-point Pythagoras mode, just move the device down to your third target point after you’re done with the horizontal measurement. Don’t forget to press MEAS!


Based on factors like accuracy, efficiency, durability, and convenience, we selected Tacklife 196 Ft Laser Measuring Device as the best laser measurer. It can calculate data automatically, resist moisture and dust, and provide a steady grip.