Best Leather Jacket


A great way to make a statement and look extra fashionable is by sporting a good leather jacket. Leather jackets have become a fashion investment for both men and women who want to look chic and stylish on a regular basis or during special occasions. After careful research and product testing, we are giving the best leather jacket in today’s market based on affordability despite excellent quality.

Our Pick: Wantdo Men’s Faux Leather Jacket

Wantdo Men’s Faux Leather Jacket has a unique, interesting feature. It includes a removable hood for a sudden drizzly weather while the owner is still outdoors or whenever he feels like being cool and mysterious. The hood can even be adjusted through a drawstring to match with the head’s size. Just imagine having a leather jacket and a hoodie in just one buy. Now, that’s a great bargain!

Going further about the features, this leather jacket contains a lot of pockets that can be totally secured with zippers which are perfect for men who always drive a motorcycle. It also means that the owner does not have to carry a bag anymore, especially when he has to go to a party.

Runner Up: Love and Love LL Women’s Hooded Faux Leather Jacket

Love and Love LL Women’s Hooded Faux Leather Jacket emphasizes zipper details for a rugged look. It only has a medium weight, making it easier for women to move around while wearing this. It is the perfect female version of our top pick.

Also Great: The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD Leather Biker Jacket

The Leather Factory Men’s SWORD Leather Biker Jacket is made of true lambskin. It is definitely an authentic piece of leather apparel. It is perfect for the cold or windy weather because of the throat tab collar. This leather jacket ensures that the neck is warm all the time as long as the collar is closed. It can be wrapped even tighter around the body by simply snapping the buttons located at the hem.

Also Great: Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket

Kenneth Cole REACTION Men’s Faux Leather Moto Jacket has snap-flap pockets across the chest for a vintage look. It also has the perfect balance of thickness and breathability. When a thin fabric shirt is worn underneath, this leather jacket does not get too loose. On the other hand, it does not get too tight when there is a thick shirt underneath it.

Also Great: LJYH New Spring Boys’ Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket

LJYH New Spring Boys’ Faux Leather Motorcycle Jacket is a special one for male kids. Who says only adults can wear leather jackets? This product is a must-have for biker parents who want to take their kids out for a spin. It looks so rugged that kids will definitely become more adorable while wearing it.

Budget Pick: Tanming Women’s Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Jacket

Tanming Women’s Faux Leather Moto Biker Short Jacket has a slim form to perfectly capture femininity despite how rugged it is. Its stitching has a meticulous finish despite how affordable this leather jacket is.

How to Select the Best Leather Jacket

There are a few factors to consider in choosing the best leather jacket to suit your style:

  • Masculine vs. Feminine

    Distinguishing a man’s leather jacket from a woman’s can be tricky. It is much harder if you are searching in a store that does not separate items per gender. To identify the jacket’s gender, you may observe its buttons or zippers. Leather jackets for men have their zipper or buttons on the right-hand side while women’s jackets follow the opposite side. But, this is not always the case. So, you have to observe more.

    Most leather jackets for men are also bigger and longer compared to women’s. On the other hand, the waist cut for women’s leather jackets is higher and a little cinched-in for a slimming illusion. The chest area is wider than the waist to fit across when the woman needs to close her jacket.Collars on leather jackets also vary for men and women. Leather jackets for men have wider collars forming a straight line downwards to match with masculine necks. Meanwhile, feminine leather jackets have slanted collars pointing inward.

  • Color

    Jackets are usually worn on top of a shirt. So, choose a color that matches most of your clothes. For instance, get a black leather jacket if most of your clothes are bright in color. Actually, black and brown are the most versatile colors for leather jackets. In fact, they fit with almost anything since they are strong neutral colors.

  • Faux vs. Genuine

    If you are looking for the best leather jacket, then getting the best quality is the top priority. High-quality leather does affect the price but if you really want comfort, aesthetics, and durability, then you have to settle for genuine leather. Real leather comes from the animal skin. The most common animal skins used on jackets are from cows and lambs. Real leather has a soft, oily and uneven texture compared to faux.

    On the other hand, faux leather looks the same as the real one, but you will know the difference once you touch it. It is overly smooth, thin and plastic-like. Faux leather can be harmful to the environment because of the plastic components added to it. However, it is much cheaper than real leather. It is also the only alternative for people who are against animal products but still want to look fashionable in leather jackets.

  • Length

    The length of your leather jacket’s sleeves should not fall past your wrist line. An inch or two above your cuff is good. In terms of the overall length, it should end at your waistline to accentuate your body. Although, there are specific styles that extend below the waist.

  • Fit

    Leather jackets are originally made to fit the body. You should wear it tight but not too much that it starts to trigger discomfort. It should fit like a glove but can still allow you to bend your arms and move freely. Also, choose jackets with higher armholes to give you better movement.


If possible, try wearing the jacket first before purchase to have a better judgment on your part. You need that as the basis for your decision. There are just so many factors to consider when it comes to fit that you cannot just totally rely on a product description. For online shopping, as long as you are using the right site, you do not have to worry much because most sellers accept returns.

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