Best Lightweight Portable Generators of 2018


Lightweight portable generators are easy to transport and position. They have a retro design and they typically weigh fewer pounds. Apart from being compact and lightweight, these generators have the ability to operate for longer durations on one fill. Not only are they fuel-efficient, but they are also quieter than large gen-sets. Lightweight portable generators are known to be fumeless as well as environmentally friendly.

Looks like a lot of benefits, right?

If you’re interested in investing in one, check out our top picks below.

Best Lightweight Portable Generators Comparison Table- 2018

NameRatingPriceProduct Weight Running WattageSurge/Starting Wattage Fuel Tank Capacity Run Time at Half Load Noise Level
Gas Inverter 73540i4.5$$$47.8 pounds1,700 watts2,000 watts1 gallon4.6 hours53 dBA
Yamaha EF2000iS4.5$$$$44.1 pounds1,600 watts2,000 watts1.11 gallons12 hours51.2 dBA
Yamaha EF1000iS4.5$$$27.9 pounds900 watts1,000 watts0.66 gallon12 hours57 dBA
Ryobi RYI2200 4$$51 pounds1,800 watts2,200 watts1 gallon4 hours63 dBA
All Power America APG30144$54 pounds1,400 watts2,000 watts1.3 gallons9.5 hours65 dBA

Choosing the Best Lightweight Portable Generators

The best lightweight portable generators can give you all the power you need for good times in the great outdoors. With a complete line of lightweight portable generators from twenty pounds to sixty pounds, you won’t run out of choices.

So, how do you pick the best one for your needs?

There are a couple of factors you need to consider and below, we’re sharing them with you.


It is extremely important to consider the weight of your portable generator with respect to how you are going to use the unit. Lightweight portable generators are ideal for lighting up a campsite, charging your boat battery, powering your small appliances, and for powering your tailgating appliances. As you can see, the portability of the generator matters a lot.

It will take you less energy to place your Yamaha EF2000iS into the boot of your van while going camping. In fact, a unit of this nature can be handheld, something that is impossible with large portable generators. As far as the usage is concerned, most lightweight portable generators have relatively convenient wattage ratings, both for the surge as well as constant wattage.

Features to Look For

Apart from being compact and lightweight, you need to make certain that the lightweight portable generator you choose fulfils all your appliances’ requirements. You should look for portable generator models that provide fuel-efficient operation, along with quiet power for your recreational as well as household requirements. The best lightweight portable generators you consider should pack as many features as possible into a strong, but lightweight generator design.

The portable generator you choose should be built around innovative systems, which have the capacity of delivering higher quality as well as cleaner electricity. The power produced by the portable generator you choose should be reliable. With higher quality, cleaner power, you will be able to run sensitive appliances without concerns about them getting damaged. You should also ensure that the gen-set you select has overload protection; this helps to protect the generator against unexpected overload.

The best lightweight portable generators should be fuel efficient. Choose a lightweight portable unit with a convenient fuel tank capacity that can keep the generator running for a good number of hours on a single fill. The engine should be air-cooled OHV model, with an effective horsepower and engine displacement. Units that are user-friendly are highly recommended.

Apart from the lightweight features, a good portable generator should have a centralized control panel. A centralized panel provides you with the opportunity of accessing all the generator features easily.

It is also advisable to go for generators with noise reduction capabilities. Therefore, you need to engage lightweight portable generators with super-quiet mufflers, in addition to vibration isolating feet.

Any portable generator with the stated features will definitely have a lower noise level, mostly ranging between fifty and seventy decibels.


As far as the best lightweight portable generators are concerned, you can effectively carry one of them to the campsite, boating activities, and tailgating. These portable generators are ready to provide you with clean and quiet power for any low-powered appliance. You should unquestionably buy one of these generators because they do not consume a lot of space.

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