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Why Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

You may be looking for a lightweight vacuum cleaner for your apartment or maybe for your office. Lightweight vacuums are great for quick cleaning and of course, they’re more practical if you’re not really going to do a general cleaning. There are many types of lightweight vacuum cleaners, each designed for different purposes. Some of them are cordless. Handheld vacuums and ultra-light models could be included in this category. So how do you choose the best lightweight vacuum cleaner for you?

How to Choose the Best Lightweight Vacuum Cleaner

If you take a quick look at our general guide in choosing a vacuum cleaner, the Best Vacuum Cleaners Buying Guide, you will see the different types of vacuum cleaners and what they’re best for. But now, we are going to look at the important features that you should check before buying a lightweight vacuum.

  • Suction Power

    Suction is still the most important factor to consider in choosing a vacuum cleaner, no matter what type. Because you want a lightweight model, it is inevitable that the suction is a little less than a full-sized vacuum. But make sure that it is still able to pick up a decent amount of dust for your quick cleaning needs.

    There are powerful lightweight vacuum cleaners out there that can really do the job for although of course, they cost more. If you take a look at our Dyson DC59 Animal Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Review,?this lightweight cordless model has 3 times the suction power other cordless vacuum cleaners have. So if you’re not very restricted in your budget, this is a pretty good choice.

  • Battery

    If you choose a cordless model, it is advisable to get one with lithium ion batteries that are rechargeable and interchangeable for continuous operation. They also have a longer lifespan. Normally, batteries last around three hours and charging takes about the same time.

    They can be charged on a dock or by plugging the machine to an outlet.You also have to watch out for how much power stays on as the battery discharges. Some will lose suction once the battery power gets lower. The Hoover Linx Cordless Stick Vacuum Cleaner, is a good example of a cordless that maintains the same suction power until the battery completely runs out.

  • Canister

    Most lightweight and especially ultra-light models use cyclonic system which means they are bagless. That means, it uses a reusable dust canister that you can empty for the next cleaning. For the ultra-light, the canister is often integrated in the handle like that of the Dyson DC59. So it is not as big as a standard upright vacuum cleaners. Check if that is sufficient for you for your regular or occasional use.

    It is also important that the canister is easily detachable so you can empty it straight to the trash bin. We often refer to the Shark Rocket Ultralight HV302 as one having this rather problematic design flaw. It is an ultra-light but it is not cordless. The dust canister is not detachable from the handle. And the handle is connected to the cord. So you have to unplug it and carry the cord in one hand to empty the dust cup. This could be a big inconvenience. So make sure to check on the dust canister.

  • Maneuverability

    Just because it is lightweight doesn’t mean that it is automatically maneuverable. Make sure that you can steer the machine easily through tight spaces.

  • Brush Roll

    Lightweight models are diverse. Some have brush rolls that can be turned off for cleaning hard floors so they are more versatile. Others just come with a hard floor attachment. If you have a lot of hardwood floors, make sure that you check on this feature. Sticks don’t usually come with attachments so at least make sure that the brush can be turned off or taken out.

  • Other attachments

    Some ultra-light machines still offer a variety of attachments that can be very useful. A crevice tool would be great for cleaning hard to reach areas and furniture. It would also be great to have a mini brush
    attachment for picking up pet hair if you have pets.


You choose a lightweight vacuum cleaner you want an extra tool for light cleaning and not as your regular cleaning equipment. But if you have a small space and have a very busy lifestyle, this model would be perfect for you. It is also great for small offices. Just make sure that you do a general cleaning every once in a while using a more reliable machine. Don’t forget to check out our other guides and reviews so you can make amore detailed comparison of what you want to purchase.

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