Best Lip Gloss for Daily Use: 4 Products You Need to Try


Wanna have irresistible glossy lips every single day? Then you should choose a product that’s versatile and, at the same time, safe for your skin.

To help you as a buyer, we’re here to show you the best lip gloss for daily use.

Our Pick: NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss

A lot of lip glosses have a sticky finish, which gives this type of makeup a bad name. Good thing that NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss takes quality to the next level. Instead of being sticky, it has a buttery smooth texture to provide your lips a light or medium coverage without the uncomfortable feeling.

There’s another benefit to the light consistency of this product- it can be applied after you put on lipstick for a creamier look. It will also make your lips softer.

Aside from excellent feel and appearance, this lip gloss also has a sweet scent. That’s why your pouty lips will become more kissable.

Runner Up: Pacifica Beauty Enlightened Lip Gloss

Looking for a 100% vegan option? Pacifica Beauty Enlightened Lip Gloss is guaranteed to be a cruelty-free product. In addition, it doesn’t contain harmful ingredients like phthalates and parabens.

When it comes to the ingredients it actually contains, this lip gloss is coconut-infused while packed with antioxidants for hydration and optimum nourishment. It is technically a mineral lip gloss with a sheer finish.

Speaking of nourishment, your lips will look much healthier with proper exfoliation. That’s why we also recommend using lip scrubs.

Also Great: One Minute Nutrition All-Natural Lip Gloss

If you’re always in a hurry but still particular about your looks, One Minute Nutrition All-Natural Lip Gloss is perfect for you. It can instantly provide you poutier lips without harming your skin. In fact, in just two weeks or so, your lips will get plumper for good.

This lip gloss is one of the best alternatives to artificial means like fillers. Aside from its natural ingredients, it has a delightful strawberry scent no one can resist.

Budget Pick: TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar

Don’t let its appearance fool you; TONYMOLY Petit Bunny Gloss Bar, despite its form, can moisturize your lips and make them glossy. It can last for a long time because of its bar’s firm structure.

And, of course, we shouldn’t ignore how adorable this product is. Other than the fact that you’ll be more confident facing people with your pretty tinted lips, you’ll love to show off the cute bunny design as well.

How to Choose the Right Lip Gloss for You

Buying a lip gloss isn’t just about considering what it’s made of; you should prioritize choosing the right shade and finish, too. All you have to do is observe your skin tone and think carefully about your personal preferences.

Luckily for you, we have some tips that can help you with your decision.

  • Choose a pink lip gloss if you have fair skin.
  • If you have olive skin, settle for something with subtle peach color.
  • For darker skin tones, lip glosses that resemble the color of berries, chocolate, and caramel are ideal.
  • The warm tone of a beige lip gloss with a peachy or golden finish counters the blue tone of highly-pigmented lips.
  • Buy a sheer or full-color lip gloss if you prefer wearing it without lipstick. Sheer lip gloss is slightly tinted while a full one will provide a solid color for a couple of hours.
  • If you always use eyeshadows with bright colors, choose a clear lip gloss to avoid overwhelming your look.
  • Consider your lifestyle when you think about the lip gloss’s container. The brush type spreads the gloss faster on your lips and comes with a lightweight tube, perfect for travel.
  • For outdoor use, your lip gloss should contain at least SPF 15 to protect your skin from dangerous UV rays.

The Ideal Look with the Best Lip Gloss for Daily Use

We’ve mentioned earlier that brightly colored eyeshadows should only be matched with a clear lip gloss. But, what about tinted ones like the best lip gloss for daily use? We believe a colored lip gloss complements smokey eyes, and here’s a proof:

To easily remember the steps from the video, check these out:

  1. Apply light brown eyeshadow along the crease of your eyelids.
  2. Put chocolate brown eyeshadow at the outer corners of your eyelids.
  3. Blend the light and dark eyeshadows.
  4. Use a liquid eyeliner to successfully apply winged eyeliner.
  5. Apply mascara all over your upper eyelashes before gluing fake lashes on.
  6. Massage some parts of your face with a pore minimizer for a more flawless look.
  7. Blend liquid foundation all over your face.
  8. Put concealer under your eyes, along your nose, in the middle of your forehead, and on your chin.
  9. Blend the concealer to match the foundation.
  10. Contour your face with light and dark colors.
  11. Apply light blush on the upper part of your cheeks.
  12. Streak and blend some highlighter on your cheekbones, nose, and Cupid’s bow.
  13. Darken your eyebrows for a more dramatic style.
  14. Add highlighter on your browbones and inner corners of your eyes.
  15. Darken your eyes’ waterlines with black eyeliner.
  16. Apply chocolate brown eyeshadow right under the waterline.
  17. Add and blend light brown eyeshadow beneath the darker one.
  18. Coat your lower eyelashes with mascara.
  19. Finally, apply your go-to lip gloss.

For other makeup tips, learn how to look better here.


After careful consideration, we selected NYX Professional Makeup Butter Gloss as the best lip gloss for daily use. It has the perfect shade, texture, finish, and scent for people who wear lip gloss every day. To be more specific, it has a versatile color, non-sticky consistency, subtle finish, and sweet scent.

If you’re also planning to use lip balm daily, you should learn more about that type of product. Can lip balm darken lips in the long run?

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