Best Makeup Brush


Choosing the right makeup brush can be a confusing ordeal especially since there are various kinds for different types of makeup. We’ve made a list of the best makeup brushes available to guide your way to makeup perfection. Different brushes suit different styles of makeup. There are some that’s best for liquid makeup and others for powder. But of course, you can always find ones that are multipurpose.

Before putting on makeup, make sure that you also do the necessary preparations for your face. This guide will help you on the things you must do before you put on your makeup.

You also need to be careful if you have sensitive skin or if your face has acne. Here is a list of the best acne face wash that you can use.

So how do you pick a makeup brush? Take note of the differences between brushes. Others come in sets so you can use each brush for different parts of your face.

Our Pick: BESTOPE 8 Pieces Makeup Brush Set

Number one on our list is the BESTOPE 8 Pieces Makeup Brush Set. These brushes are made from synthetic hair and are silky soft so it feels nice on your face. The hair doesn’t shed so you don’t get annoying little strands while applying makeup. The set is suitable for all types of makeup including creams and liquids as well as blushes and powder. This makeup brush set’s bush hands are made of high quality alloy and wood material that are durable so it’s a good investment.

It includes an angled brush, a round and a flat tipped brush, and a tapered brush. You can use these for applying liquid or cream products, foundation, as well as powder.

Runner Up: BESTOPE 10 Pieces Oval Makeup Brush Set

Second on our list is the BESTOPE 10 Pieces Oval Makeup Brush Set. These brushes are great for applying foundation, concealer, and eyeliner. They can also be used for contouring with BB cream and for the lips. The brushes are made of premium synthetic fiber. They are delicate and soft so they’re suitable even for sensitive skin. The handles are bendable up to 90 degrees so they’re super easy to use. You can adjust the brushes to do your face contour accurately without breaking the brush.

This is great for different face shapes. It leaves a natural finish on your face so you look and feel fresh after putting on makeup.

Also Great

Another item to consider is the Simply Essentials Kabuki Makeup Brush. This is particularly great for applying foundation on your face. It allows you to quickly and evenly put on face cosmetics. Its flat top is shaped with a perfect angle to do your face contours. The extra dense bristles are high quality so it does not irritate your skin.

This makeup brush is suitable for any type of foundation including liquid, mineral, or powder. It creates a high definition finish and blends makeup well.The ABC 12PCS Make Up Brushes is also a good quality set. The material is nylon hair which is comfortable on the skin. These brushes are best used with powder. You can use this to control your eyeshadow and brow powder application to achieve a more defined eye makeup. These brushes are great for blending makeup. They don’t shed so you don’t get any lose strands on your face while doing your makeup.

Though the handles are plastic, they are of high quality so you don’t need to worry about the heads of the brush popping out of the handle.
You should also consider the Outop Foundation Brush. This uses quality Persian hair and synthetic fiber which make it long lasting so it’s a great investment for your makeup accessories. It has a bamboo handle which is highly durable. The great thing about this brush is that it is very easy to clean. You just need to run the bristles under warm water, you can also apply some gentle shampoo and then put it under running water.

It comes with a nice makeup case that is eco friendly and professional looking so you can store your brush safely when not in use.

Budget Pick

The best and most affordable makeup brush that we’ve selected is the Real Techniques Setting Brush. It has a hand cut hair design makes application even and streak free. The bristles are not prone to breakage so you can use it for a long time. It has a unique shape which is great for your face’s contour. The brush does not trap or absorb product so you can be sure that you won’t be wasting your makeup. It also leaves bacteria out so your face is safe and clean.

How to Choose the Best Makeup Brush

There are certain things you need to know before buying a makeup brush for your face. First, it depends on the type of makeup that you like to use or the makeup that you already have. Your skin type also matters.

  • Liquid Foundation

    If you are fond of using liquid foundation, it’s great to use synthetic brushes because they don’t soak up easily. This is important because if you use a brush that soaks, you won’t be able to apply the liquid properly onto your face. It’s also best if the brush is shaped with a semi-sphere so that it doesn’t waste any product.

  • Contouring

    When you are contouring, it’s best to use an angled brush. The absence of hard edges will make it easy for you to achieve precision when applying your bronzer or contour cream. Use the angled brush to emphasize your cheekbones, your hairline and nose line.

  • Blush and Powder

    When applying blush and other powder products, the ideal brush to use is the round airy brush. This brush allows for even distribution and help you achieve a natural result instead of a blob of product on your face.

  • Creams

    If you’re using a lot of cream products, you can use the flat synthetic brush. This is also great for contouring.

As a final note, make sure to blend your makeup properly when you’re done applying makeup to the different parts of your face.