Best Manual Staple Gun: 4 Products You Can Use for Your DIY Projects


Manual staple guns are the most commonly used among other types of staple gun because they are easy to use and affordable. However, they require manual power so you have to be extra picky when looking for the best manual staple gun. You want to get something that’s durable, reliable, and easy to use.

Below, we are sharing with you the top products that are worth your time and money.

Our Pick: WolfWill 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit

When you are looking for the best manual staple gun, you need something that’s durable, long lasting and easy to use. That’s exactly what WolfWill 3-in-1 Heavy Duty Staple Gun Kit is.

This particular staple gun has an easy squeeze mechanism that enables you to adjust the force depending on the materials you are working with. It reduces the effort required and minimizes hand fatigue.

Its nail puller, on the other hand, has an ergonomic design that features an anti-slip handle. This is actually a great feature since it minimizes the damage on the stapled surface.

And as a bonus, you’ll get 3 different types of staples. You won’t have to spend separately on your various binding projects.

Runner Up: Bestirtool 3-in-1 Staple Gun

Bestirtool 3-in-1 Staple Gun has adjustable pressure settings, allowing you to set just the right pressure you need for your tasks. You can adjust it based on your materials and their thickness.

For example, you can use the low setting if you are working on really delicate projects. Increase the power if you’ll be working on plastic or plywood.

Another great thing about this tool is that it has an easy load mechanism. With it, you can save time loading it up and put more of your attention on doing your projects.

This staple gun won’t get rusty easily. It’s made of thick carbon steel that’s also spray treated to prevent rust.

And just like the first product, this set also includes different types of staples so you can repair, decorate, and fasten materials easily.

Also Great: Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker

Stanley CT10X Heavy Duty Staple Gun/Cable Tacker is a reliable tool when it comes to fastening low voltage wires measuring 1/4 inch in diameter. It features a comfort grip so you won’t have to deal with painful hands after working on your project. Additionally, it also has a handle lock for your safety.

This particular tool works really well in stapling wood panels, fabric to wood, and wire to wood. It never jams which is a pretty common problem among staple guns. It also gives you the option to choose how deep you want to push the staples.

Another great thing about this product is that it has a smaller tip which makes it easy to use in stapling wires in corners.

Budget Pick: TWorld 3 in 1 Heavy Duty Staple/Brad Nail Gun

For those on a tight budget, TWorld Staple Gun makes an excellent choice. Despite its affordable price, you’ll find this tool reliable.

Made from aluminum steel and chrome-plated steel, this staple is durable and long lasting. At its top, you’ll find a depth adjustment knob which you can use to adjust the force. It also has a humanized staple channel which you can easily pull out in case nails get stuck.

If you are wondering about its compatibility, this staple is designed for T-type, Door-type, and U-type staples.

How to Choose the Best Manual Staple Guns

To find the best manual staple gun, you need to know the most important factors to consider. Below is a list of what we considered when creating this list:

  • Anti-Jamming Mechanisms

    Jamming is a really common problem with staple guns which is why a lot of companies integrate handy anti-jamming mechanisms in their products. Take note, however, that not all anti-jamming mechanisms are created the same way. Some are far more effective and advanced than others.

    While you can’t test out such feature when you’re buying online, you can rely on customer reviews to get a good idea of how good a product’s mechanism is. This approach isn’t the most accurate but it’ll definitely give you a hint on what to expect.

  • Nail Depth Adjustment

    Your tool’s depth penetration is a critical factor to your project’s success. Setting up the right depth can easily make or break your work, particularly if you are working on upholstery.

    While most guns can be adjusted, you need to find something that’s precise. You wouldn’t want to end up with a tool that has a rotating knob you can’t actually use.

  • Nail Size Adjustments

    Find a model that can work with a wide range of sizes. That way, you won’t have to spend additional money on a separate tool.

  • Grip

    Don’t ignore your comfort while working. Remember, manual staple guns require manual power, so find one that offers a comfortable grip. It’ll reduce hand fatigue, particularly when working for long hours. Additionally, find something that won’t easily slip off of your hands for your safety.


In our search for the best manual staple gun, we chose WolfWill 3 in 1 Heavy-Duty Staple Gun Kit as our top pick. This particular tool features an easy squeeze mechanism which is great when working for long hours. It minimizes the effort required as well as the chance of experiencing hand fatigue after work.

It’s comfortable and safe to use which are exactly what you want in a manual staple gun. It even comes with different sizes of nails to help you save extra money.

Just like any staple guns, however, you need to be extra careful even when you’re just working with manual staple guns. Wear your safety equipment at all times and make sure that you are using the right type of nails for the surface you’re working on. Using the wrong type can easily increase the chance of the nails bouncing back and hitting you.

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