6 Best Maternity Bras for Expecting Moms


One common problem for expecting mothers is the terrible back pain due to fuller breasts. If you’re starting to notice changes in your body, it’s normal to feel fearful of that.

Despite being common, however, there’s a way to make the changes in your breasts more tolerable. Luckily for you, we’ve prepared a well-researched list of the best maternity bras to help you endure the challenges of pregnancy.

Here are our top picks:

Our Pick: Bravado! Designs Women’s Maternity Bra

Composed of 91% nylon and 9% Spandex, Bravado! Designs Women’s Maternity Bra is a comfortable yet durable option. It can withstand frequent machine wash despite its overly soft materials. Its guaranteed to be safe from harmful substances.

Aside from softness, this maternity bra promotes comfort with its seamless and wire-free design. It will perfectly support your changing form through its 4-Way stretch fabric. If you want to remove its foam, you can totally do so.

This product is also versatile. Besides being a maternity bra, you may also use it as a nursing bra after giving birth. It is unlike other maternity bras that are impractical to use postpartum.

As a nursing bra, you may simply drop its cups without completely removing them. This enables you to breastfeed in public without struggling underneath the nursing cover. It also promotes skin-to-skin contact.

The awesomeness of this maternity bra doesn’t end there. It even has a DIY conversion kit so you can change the design to a regular bra right in the comforts of your own home.

Runner Up: Kindred Bravely Racerback Maternity Bra

To ensure extreme softness, Kindred Bravely Racerback Maternity Bra uses a special fabric called French terry. Like the previous product, it doesn’t have wires.

However, even if it’s a nursing bra as well, it doesn’t have hooks and clasps, unlike our first item. You just have to pull aside one of its fabric cups. This is one of the reasons why a bra like this can also be super-comfy when you sleep.

Since this racerback bra uses pure fabric, it uses an under-bust band for support. The band is firm enough to support your breasts, but it won’t leave any mark because of its softness. It will also enable you to securely place nursing pads inside.

Lastly, this rayon-Spandex bra can be ideal for yoga sessions and hiking, too. It is also an excellent choice for plus size moms.

Also Great: Caramel Cantina 4-Pack Maternity Bras

For softer yet still-firm cups, Caramel Cantina 4-Pack Maternity Bras use double-layered fabric. Their front part is also in a crisscross style for added support.

Even though it is not the best choice when it comes to supporting your chest, this maternity bra can still be your go-to option if you’re just lounging at home. It even comes in a set of four so you won’t have to frequently go to the laundry room if you’ll need it for daily use.

Also Great: Lataly Pack of 5 Maternity Bralettes

To strengthen their under-bust band’s hold, Lataly Pack of 5 Maternity Bralettes use hook and eye closure. Even though that sounds uncomfortable, the fabric part is soft and wide enough to ensure support without being too tight. Besides, the shoulder straps are adjustable.

This product is also good for breastfeeding. It has removable cups just like the top item on this list with clips that won’t bulge underneath your shirt or blouse.

Also Great: Sayceli Women’s Maternity Bralette

With its U-shaped design at the back, Sayceli Women’s Maternity Bralette promotes comfort by supporting your body without that really tight fit. To securely hold the shoulder straps, there are inner slings for that. Meanwhile, to conceal your nipples when you’re out in public, you may put foam inserts in the cups.

As a breastfeeding bra, the clip can be opened and closed with just one hand. This leads to a faster reaction when your baby suddenly gets hungry in public.

Budget Pick: Multitrust Women’s Maternity Bralette

Because of its flawless blend of Spandex and cotton, Multitrust Women’s Maternity Bralette is extremely breathable and soft. For better support, it has a wide under-bust band and shoulder straps. These features will alleviate pain from your shoulders.

Even though this product is wire-free, it is a beautiful push-up bra that’s perfect if you’ll go to big events. It is the perfect mix of support and comfort despite the low price.

How to Select the Best Maternity Bras

Coming up with our list of the best maternity bras is no joke. We really considered three crucial factors to give you a reliable set of products. Check these out:

  • Support

    A maternity bra can only be effective if it can perfectly support your full breasts. To guarantee excellent support, your maternity bra should have wider features especially the under-bust band and straps. It must also have a deep middle section in the front to fully cup your breasts.

    One reason why fuller breasts take a toll on women’s comfort is painful bouncing during movement. That’s why a maternity bra’s straps should be firm yet elastic to minimize bounce.

    Another factor to guarantee effective support is coverage. A maternity bra should have more fabric than regular bras. The fabric part must cover most of your breasts to prevent the effects of a more sensitive chest.

    To ensure that a maternity bra will really support your form until you reach the final trimester, it must be adjustable as well. Four back hook positions will boost adjustability, enabling you to wear your maternity bra for a long time.

  • Comfort

    Of course, a good support is useless if the result is unbearable tightness. That actually makes a maternity bra unwearable since pregnant women are more sensitive to discomfort.

    One ideal material to ensure comfort despite great support is cotton. Cotton promotes breathability since pregnancy makes you feel hot most of the time. It can also reduce irritation which is a common thing during pregnancy.

    Additionally, going wire-free is the best option. Instead of having an underwire as support, most maternity bras use under-bust bands for a more comfortable fit. Besides, bands can still support your breasts perfectly which is a plus against underwires.

  • Versatility

    If you prefer maternity bras that can still be used postpartum, you have to be more careful in choosing one because not all pregnancy bras are ideal for breastfeeding. A maternity bra can only be practical for nursing a baby if it has removable cups.

    Even though a cup may be considered removable, it shouldn’t detach from your body completely. What some maternity bras have are clips that can be easily unhooked to drop the cups without total detachment. After the breastfeeding session, you’ll just hook the cups again.


Considering the fact that a pregnancy bra should have excellent support, comfortable features, and a versatile design, we selected Bravado! Designs as our top product among the best maternity bras.

If you’re searching for other items that can support your form during pregnancy, we have an awesome list of belly bands. Check out the best postpartum bands as well!