The 4 Best Maternity Compression Leggings for Better Circulation


Hoping for a more comfortable pregnancy?

One way to achieve that is by wearing compression leggings. This type of leggings can improve your blood circulation, which relieves swollen feet and tired legs.

Since we want you to enjoy your days as a pregnant woman, we’re here to introduce four of the best maternity compression leggings in the market.

Our Pick: Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings

Made of 92% polyamide and 8% elastane, Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings are excellent for compression yet extremely comfortable to wear. To be more specific, they can support your belly and back really well for better posture. They are also seamless which results in additional comfort.

Another feature that contributes to comfort is the product’s moisture-resistant properties. Let’s face it – sweat is a common issue with leggings. The fabric is also thin enough for breathability during hot weather but not to point that it will subtly show your skin.

Aside from support and comfort during pregnancy, these leggings can also be worn postpartum. You can definitely wear them every single day – as long as you wash them from time to time, of course.

Speaking of washing these leggings, they can maintain that brand-new quality even after thorough cleaning. This is the upside of having a durable fabric.

Lastly, since this product is very affordable, you can buy several pairs so you won’t have to wash them too often. It won’t even matter if you’d wear a pair every day because they look attractive despite the monotonous color.

Runner Up: Preggers Compression Leggings

Just because you aim to apply pressure on your lower extremity doesn’t mean that you have to focus on tightness. Preggers Compression Leggings use light compression to improve circulation and prevent varicose veins without making you uncomfortable. They even have an extremely wide compression band to stay up on your belly for all-day support.

More about all-day use, this product uses a high-quality blend of nylon and Spandex to enhance breathability and resistance to moisture. You can wear a pair for hours without suffering from discomfort.

As a plus, these leggings are ideal for stylish pregnant ladies. Since they’re “footless,” you can effortlessly match them with your heels, ballet flats or sandals.

Also Great: Koral Maternity Lustrous Leggings

Are you looking for something more fashionable? With their 85% percent polyamide and 15% Lycra-Spandex material, Koral Maternity Lustrous Leggings have a leathery look. They’re perfect for fashion-forward pregnant women.

It is already a given that this product is great for putting pressure on your legs and ankles, so let’s focus on what makes it unique.

These leggings are so durable that you can machine-wash them. Not only that – they dry quickly! So, even if you’d only buy a few pairs, you can wash them regularly without any hassle.

Regarding the shirred waistband, it is very wide for a couple of reasons. You can either put it above your entire belly or just fold it whenever you want.

Budget Pick: praguecastle Maternity Leggings

If you’re really particular about comfort, then you might like praguecastle Maternity Leggings the most. Unlike other options here, it is made of pure cotton. That’s why it is the softest choice among the top products.

Now, the possible issue with extreme softness is lack of pressure and support. However, this product is still tight enough to put gentle pressure all over your legs. It even has a built-in belly band to ensure proper support around your waist.

Additionally, the cotton fabric of these leggings has a sufficient amount of elastic material to guarantee the perfect fit for your body. It can even improve your form even while you’re pregnant.

Of course, let’s not forget the fact that the product will completely cover your feet. This can prevent slips, which reduces the possibility of miscarriage due to accidents. On a lighter note, this feature can keep your feet comfy and clean in any kind of footwear.

How to Select the Best Maternity Compression Leggings

To ensure that we’d choose only the best maternity compression leggings, we considered a few things. Learn more about them below:

  • Pressure

    Different health conditions require different levels of tightness. Just because a pair of maternity compression leggings is the tightest option out there doesn’t mean that it is the best.

    In fact, we highly recommend leggings with gentle compression. They’re very common in the market because they’re the safest type. Their goal is to simply reduce discomfort for a more tolerable experience during pregnancy.

    However, if you’re dealing with varicose veins and swollen feet, take the pressure up a notch.

    For the last resort, if you really couldn’t bear the pain, there are medical-grade options. Ask your doctor about it. Don’t choose a pair on your own because extremely tight leggings can put your pregnancy in danger.

  • Comfort

    After making sure that you’ll be okay with a certain compression level, the next factor you have to think about is comfort. We don’t want you to suffer from skin irritation or heat stroke just because you need to wear your leggings the whole day.

    First, the material should be able to resist moisture – not absorb it. This is crucial to minimize the stay of moisture on your skin.

    Your leggings should also be thin enough to enhance breathability. Airflow is necessary so moisture can evaporate quickly.

  • Length

    We prefer footless or ankle-length leggings more than the type that can cover your feet.

    Women with big feet – especially if they suffer from an ingrown toenail – will only suffer from footed leggings. Besides, footless leggings are more stylish since you can pair them with sandals.

    The advantage of footed leggings, however, is less effort when you have to wear sneakers or ballet flats. You need to wear socks with these types of footwear, you know.

  • Waistband

    You can’t wear regular leggings when you’re pregnant because of your belly. Good thing that maternity leggings exist to provide support around your waist without harming your baby.

    Maternity leggings clearly have a much wider waistband. Just make sure that the band can cover your entire belly as much as possible to avoid constant adjustments. It shouldn’t be tight, though. Too much pressure around your belly can lead to serious fetal problems.

    However, you may also fold the waistband below your belly. Remember to keep it tight enough to enhance support.


Out of all the best maternity compression leggings, Mothers Essentials Maternity Leggings landed the top spot. Their fabric is super-durable for regular washing. These leggings also have the right level of thickness to ensure breathability without showing your skin.