Best Menstrual Cup


Menstruation, usually called “period,” is one of the most constant things in a woman’s lifetime. With the consistent gushing of blood for a few days every month, menstrual care has become a top priority for ladies. Feminine hygiene has come a long, long way since the medieval option of using rags to prevent blood from leaking. Popular period protections in the modern age have always been your good old sanitary napkins or your ever dependable leak-proof tampons. However, another feminine hygiene product is slowly emerging to level with the long-term popularity of pads and tampons. Menstrual cups are trending nowadays because of their life-changing benefits.

What exactly are menstrual cups? These strange, tiny cups are environment-friendly, cheap, convenient, and comfortable-if-worn-the-right-way feminine hygiene products that are taking women’s world by storm. This type of product is inserted into the vagina during menstruation to collect blood just like tampons. However, one cup is already enough for several months or years which is totally not the case with a single tampon. That’s why it is cost-efficient.

This flexible small cup is usually made of latex, silicone or rubber. Once it is full, it should be removed from the vagina by pulling the cup’s “stem.” Then, you must pinch the base to release the seals, emptying the cup. Lastly, sterilize the menstrual cup by placing it inside a pot of boiling water.

Interesting stuff, right? If you are now curious about using one or just looking for a new brand to use, we are giving the best menstrual cup in today’s market.

Our Pick: Lena Tampon and Pad Alternative Feminine Hygiene Protection Menstrual Cup

Lena Tampon and Pad Alternative Feminine Hygiene Protection Menstrual Cup provides total protection against blood stains. It also offers a type of period that is odorless and free from any distracting or annoying sensation. These features make this product an ideal one for active women. Ladies can still swim, run, and dance while wearing this cup even if they are experiencing heavy flow. In addition, they can sleep soundly with it because of zero discomforts and its amazing max time limit of 12 straight hours.

Despite the common complaint that menstrual cups are too complicated to use, this one is easy enough for insertion and removal. More importantly, it can be safely used by young menstruating girls. In general, it is safer than tampons and pads because it rarely triggers yeast infections, rashes, and abnormal pap smears. It gathers menstrual flow without drying the vagina. It even takes safety up a notch by making the packaging free from chlorine. The printed label amazingly contains vegetable-based ink only.

Runner Up: Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth

Diva Cup 1 Pre Childbirth is guaranteed to be hypoallergenic, perfect for women with sensitive skin. It has the right size to completely collect blood during heavy flow without the risk of an overfull cup – even up to 12 hours. However, this scenario still varies for all women since some have an abnormally heavy menstrual flow. More about the product, this menstrual cup is a little firm for easier removal yet thin enough for folding before insertion. Flimsy cups are difficult to use since you cannot fully control them with your fingers during insertion and removal.

Also Great: Dutchess Economical Feminine Alternative Protection Menstrual Cup

Dutchess Economical Feminine Alternative Protection Menstrual Cup has a stem long enough for easy removal. It contains pure medical-grade silicone that is extremely soft and safe, also used for making pacifiers for babies. It is free from BPA, dioxin, latex, and phthalate. Its body is designed with no ridges for easier cleaning. This menstrual cup is waterproof, making it a quick-drying product.

Also Great: Pixie Comfortable Menstrual Cup

Pixie Comfortable Menstrual Cup is composed of silicone that is FDA-approved. It also contains recyclable materials which help the environment. It has a vivid color, but it only uses dyes that are very safe to use. This menstrual cup is ideal for first-timers since it comes with an extremely comprehensive manual with detailed instructions, clear photos, and graphs.

Also Great: Femmy Cycle Starter Kit Regular & Low Cervix Sizes Menstrual Cup

Femmy Cycle Starter Kit Regular & Low Cervix Sizes Menstrual Cup is claimed to be the only product designed by a physician. Its no-spill design is even patented. This menstrual cup does not have suction holes that can be painful to the vagina and difficult to clean. It is transparent to totally avoid the risk of artificial dyes. It does not contain PVC and chemicals.

Budget Pick: Blossom Menstrual Cup

Blossom Menstrual Cup is more on the softer side for ultimate comfort. It does not trigger discomfort even during an intense workout. It also keeps you focus at work since it does not give any distracting feeling. This menstrual cup is not too messy when removed. It lets you wear tight pants such as skinny jeans unlike pads that form lines through the fabric. It can even prevent period cramps.

How to Select the Best Menstrual Cup

Finally diving into the trend? Well, you should know the factors to consider when choosing the best menstrual cup for your body. Here is a guide to help you select the right cup:

  • Age & Motherhood

    Menstrual cups on the market usually come in two different sizes based on age and/or vaginal birth. For example, women under the age of 30 and have never given birth through their vagina should buy small cups. On the other hand, women who are over 30, regardless of their experience on childbirth, must resort to big cups. Age is actually relative to the size of menstrual cups as women’s hips naturally widen as they grow older.

  • Cervix

    The position of your cervix is important in finding the best menstrual cup for your feminine hygiene needs. You can identify your type of cervix by inserting a clean finger into your vagina. Slowly move your finger at the back of your vagina, past the pelvic bone. Inside, you will feel an empty space; the cervix is the round nub.

    During your period, the cervix should feel like the tip of a nose. The cervix is high if it is hard to reach. A long menstrual cup is needed for this type. Meanwhile, women with an average kind of cervix are quite lucky; they can use any length. Lastly, ladies who have a low cervix need to choose shorter cups.

  • Flow

    The average-sized menstrual cup will obviously be able to catch an average amount of blood flow. If you have a heavy flow, it is always better to opt for a menstrual cup with a higher capacity in collecting blood. In times of doubt, it is better to overestimate your menstrual flow; use a cup that can store more blood for fewer trips to the bathroom.

  • Material

    Menstrual cups are usually made of silicone, latex, and thermoplastic elastomer or TPE. If you want a long-lasting, reusable menstrual cup, the silicone type is the one for you. Latex and TPE break down faster than silicone. These are actually discouraged, so always choose silicone cups.

    To prove even more how safe silicone is, check out its advantages as the top material for baby essentials such as feeding bottles, starting bowls, and soft spoons.

  • Stem

    The stem is like a handle on the base of the menstrual cup. It is built to assist during the insertion and removal of the cup. However, some menstrual cups do not have a stem because some women find it uncomfortable. Still, stems are very essential for anyone.

    There are several types of stems, but the most common are ball, ring, flat, and hollow.  A ball stem is oval or round in nature. Meanwhile, a ring stem forms like an actual ring. Lastly, a flat stem is wide while the hollow one shapes like a tube.

    A stem is actually not necessary for insertion. So, a lot of women remove it by cutting it sharply with a knife. However, stems will always be important for removal. That is why some ladies who cut stems still leave a short portion.

  • Firmness

    A firm menstrual cup is easier to pop open once inserted into the vagina. It also presses tighter into the vaginal wall, preventing leaks. The downside, however, is discomfort. Softer menstrual cups are definitely more comfortable to use. But, they are prone to leakage and tricky to insert. To avoid confusion, use firm menstrual cups outdoors and take advantage of the softer ones at home.

  • Suction Holes

    Some menstrual cups have tiny holes below the rim. These are called suction holes. They allow air flow inside the cup, preventing some sort of a vacuum seal from developing. To help you imagine the strength of vacuum seal, find out how it is utilized for airtight containers. Suction holes clearly make the cup easier to remove. The disadvantage is that they are so difficult to clean. Blood usually gets stuck in suction holes if the cup is not rinsed properly.

  • Color

    Since blood stains everything it touches, it is best to get menstrual cups with vibrant colors. Clear ones tend to get yellowish in the long run. With a colored cup, the color may change over time, but the blood stain will not be too noticeable. Great color options are blue and dark violet.


It is amazing to have this new option for women to wear during their period. Using menstrual cups has so many benefits such as convenience, health safety, cost efficiency, and eco-friendliness. In selecting the best menstrual cup for your monthly feminine needs, consider your age, type of cervix, and an average amount of blood flow. When it comes to the cup itself, evaluate its material, stem, firmness, suction holes, and color before purchase.