Best Metal Baby Gates


If you have a baby then you must be aware of the fact that it is exactly impossible to have an eye on your child twenty four hours, day and night. Also, it’s a fact that little children are highly curious about exploring new things and visiting all the places around them and obviously there are several areas in every house where parents don’t want their children to go because going to that part or parts of the house can cause serious harm to their child.

Such areas definitely required to be made baby proof in order to avoid any sort of mishap. Specially, stairs are very dangerous for small babies and they must be restricted from going to stairs when they are alone. Going for the option of buying a suitable baby gate is the best way to restrict babies from accessing various parts of the house.

Best Metal Baby Gates Comparison Table 2017

NameRatingPriceHeightMaterial TypeOrigin
BBQ Fire Gate5$$$30 inchesSteel-
Regalo Walk Thru Gate4$30 inchesMetalUSA
Summer Infant Walk-Thru Gate4.5$$36 inchesBronze metalChina
Easy Step Walk Thru Gate4$-MetalChina
Super Wide Gate4.5$$-SteelChina

Things to Consider

Following is the list of factors that must be considered before buying a metal baby gate.

  • Measure the Spaces

    Once you decided to buy a metal baby gate, the very first thing you need to do is to measure the spaces related to the area where you want to install the baby gate.

    Although, majority of these gates are extendable and their size can be adjusted to fit areas of variable size and shape but obviously this doesn’t mean that every gate can be adjusted to fit all areas of the house. Also, there are such metal baby gates available which are not adjustable in terms of size. Always determine the maximum and minimum sizes that are required to properly secure the area of your choice. You may consider buying BBQ Fire Gate

  • Avoid Old Metal Baby Gates

    Old metal baby gates have some design issues associated with them which can seriously harm your child and it’s very important for you to have information about all these problems or issues related to the design of older gates. Several older baby gates have v-shaped gaps at the top which can easily cause serious injuries to your child. Just imagine, your child gets his/her head trapped in these spaces and started to move abruptly to free the head.

    Such a situation can even lead to the death of the baby. Similarly few old gates incorporate toe-hold spaces which enable the children to climb over the gate which can also be extremely dangerous as far as the safety of the babies is concerned. Due to the presence of all these design problems in older metal baby gates, I would strongly recommend you to go for the option of buying new baby gate because your baby’s safety is much more valuable than few bucks. Super Wide Gate can be the best modern style gate you would love to have.

  • Pressure-Mounted Gates

    These gates are most frequently used across the globe as compared to other types of baby gates. It will be very easy for you to understand the functionality of these gates if you are familiar with the way tension rods are employed for shower curtains.

    All you need to do is to extend such a baby gate to the size of your choice between the walls or the door jam and the pressure will keep it fixed at that particular position. They are often proved to be terrific and often they are marketed at fairly low prices and they are versatile in nature. These gates can easily be deployed at any place which is small enough to be covered by this gate.

    These gates are highly recommended to be deployed at places such as bottom of the stairs or between rooms so that the baby can’t move freely throughout the house. However, these gates are not considered to be well suited for places such as the top of stairs or the places from where your baby can fall. Easy Step Walk Thru Gate is one of the top selling pressure-mounted metal baby gates.

  • Hardware-Mounted Gates

    These gates are much more secure and durable than pressure-mounted baby gates. These gates are deployed by fixing them to the walls of the house using screws and brackets. These work tremendously at places where your baby can possibly fall. These are frequently employed on top of stairs.

    Due to their durability, they are the best choice to be deployed around places which you seriously want to keep out of the range of your babies. However, there is a drawback of incorporating these gates. Whenever you remove these gates, they left permanent and noticeable marks on the wall or the door.


You need to measure the spaces, carefully choose the design to make sure you baby can’t get his head or foot trapped in the spaces of the gate and you must carefully choose the right type of metal baby gate to efficiently restrict access to the particular area. If you want to deploy the gate at places from where you baby may fell, you need to deploy hardware-mounted baby gates. At other places, pressure-mounted baby gates may be the best choice you can made.

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